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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion review: A missed opportunity to remake the story

THOSE who have played the original Final Fantasy 7 know what grinding looks like.

Walking back and forth for encounters, then waiting through that battle transition that takes a little bit too long, to click your move and one shot the enemy. 

Square Enix

Zack and Cloud before two became one.[/caption]

However, this process doesn’t always feel tedious; when you get swept up in a gripping story, you don’t mind the grind.

Crisis Core is not that. Unlike the original FF7, which had its confusing parts, the story is almost incomprehensible here.

What’s more, it’s drawn out with numerous optional — but not really — missions.

If you take a JRPG like Pokémon, the path may often feel linear, but it’s filled with so many battles, and monsters to catch that with each step you feel a sense of progress.

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Here the progress is all numerical. What chapter are you on? How much of that chapter is left? What percentage of missions have you finished?

It’s not as satisfying when you don’t have the same sense of gains and progress as you do in many other JRPGs.

We’ve long awaited more background to Zack Fair, the member of SOLDIER whose memories got mixed up with Cloud’s.

However, he isn’t given much depth. He’s naive, try-hard, someone who just wants to help out, but there’s no hopes, dreams, or vulnerability.

It’s a prequel to FF7’s main story, so you should know that before diving in, because the whole story here is figuring out why Sephiroth is such a grumpy goose.

Crisis Core clearly wanted to introduce new and interesting monsters to fight, but doesn’t add the context that makes the story make sense.

It’s all well and good to say that the evil Shinra scientist invented these beasts, but why they’re allowed to roam the city without turning public opinion against the company is bizarre.

While we know from FF7 that Zack is Aerith’s boyfriend here, that’s never clearly set out. There’s no intimacy between them, and interactions feel forced.

Many story scenes are hidden behind a slot machine, like the one used in Cait Sith’s Limit Break in the main game.

However, triple-sevens don’t let you one-shot the final boss like Cait Sith’s slots do; instead, you get a single level up.

Fans of FF7’s story won’t get what they’re looking for here. More on Cloud’s background, and who Zack really was.

The fact that the original Crisis Core was on PSP is evident here. Chapters are short, but due to the slot machine rolls, optional missions feel necessary to level up.

Combat has a new twist which makes the battling fun at least. You can Fuse Materia for early powerful attacks, and mix attack slots with stat buffing effects.

Overall, the fighting is more accessible for modern day audiences, and bridges the transition from handheld to home console.

The remaster probably appeals more than the original, as the visuals are right up to date with the modern standards, and the voice acting as well.

However, the old issues aren’t out of date. It’s far from the prequel that fans wanted, but if you’re as immersed in the world of Midgar as Zack is, then you’ll still have some fun.

Written by Dave Aubrey and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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Arsenal Arsene Wenger Bukayo Saka England Football News News Premier League Robert Pires Thierry Henry World Cup

Bukayo Saka reveals support from Arsenal legends & Arsene Wenger regret

The England winger revealed the Arsenal support network he has from ‘legends’ and his one big Wenger regret.

Bukayo Saka has revealed the regular support he gets from Arsenal legends Thierry Henry and Robert Pires.

The 21-year-old, a product of Arsenal’s famed Hale End academy, has been one of England’s standout performers in his first-ever World Cup, scoring three goals in as many games for the Three Lions.

Likewise, Henry and Pires also starred in the World Cup during their respective careers, helping France lift the trophy in 1998 before teaming up to go an entire Premier League season unbeaten with the famous Arsenal ‘Invincibles’ in 2003/04.

“We have so many French players, like Thierry and Robert Pires, that have been around the club and spoken to me and helped me,” Saka said in a press conference on Monday. 

“They still both support me to this day, so I’m grateful to them. Of course, on the pitch, they were magnificent, and they delivered silverware for Arsenal, so they’ll definitely be legends – always.”

Henry’s phone call & the Wenger regret

After Saka’s penalty miss in England’s Euro 2020 final defeat by Italy, Henry contacted the youngster to offer his support.

“It showed a lot of character from him to get my number and reach out to me,” Saka said of the former Gunners striker’s gesture. “After most Arsenal games, he reaches out to me. He’s still so passionate about the club; he’s an amazing person.”

However, while Saka is in regular contact with some of Arsenal’s finest players in history, the academy graduate is yet to meet the club’s legendary former manager Arsene Wenger.

“One of my biggest regrets – things I haven’t been able to do – was to meet Arsene Wenger,” Saka revealed. “I know how much everyone at the club loves him, and I know what he did for the club.”

Saka will hope to continue his fine World Cup form in England’s quarter-final tie against France on Saturday.

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Aldi Fabulous Food Football News Marks & Spencer Money saving News

I’m a food pro, I bought M&S and Aldi’s party food to compare the taste and here’s what I thought

WITH Christmas just around the corner, party season is already in full swing – and with that comes this year’s party food offerings.

One foodie decided to taste test the best on the market, as she bought the same products from M&S and Aldi to see which came out on top. 

A foodie shared her thoughts on the party food products

TikTok user @beccaeatseverything shared her thoughts on social media in a video, as she also revealed the price difference between the two. 

First up, Becca visited her local stores and bought two packets of Tempura prawns.

The M&S prawns cost £5.00 for 180 grams, while Aldi’s 156 grams amounted to £1.99.

Giving her verdict on M&S’ version, Becca said it was a matter of two halves.

She said: “Prawn was nice but the tempura batter was so very bland.”

Becca finished off her review of the product by scoring the savoury bites a disappointing three out of ten.

On the other hand, Becca had nothing but good things to say about Aldi’s similar product. 

After tucking in, she said: “Loads of flavour, really delicious and well seasoned.”

And it was clear from the score she gave them that they were the runaway winner, as she said they were worthy of an eight out of ten.

In the same video, Becca tried M&S panko breadcrumb prawns (140g for £5.50) which scored six out of ten, while Aldi’s (£3.99 for 160g) was slightly lower at five out of ten.

Other items Becca compared included an Indian selection pack and spring rolls. 

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Aldi’s vegetable spring rolls (216g for 99p) came in at four out of ten as the pasty was “really thick” and there wasn’t too much filling inside.

M&S’ offering of the same snack cost £5 for 300g. Becca’s verdict? “Nice pastry and vegetables but it was a bit bland.” 

She also marked them five out of ten.

Meanwhile, M&S’ Indian selection comes in at £5.50 for 420g and got one of the best reviews. 

After giving it an eight, she said: “Samosas were beautiful, so much flavour.

“Onion bhajis were a bit tasteless, pakora was nice but very spicy.”

Aldi’s Indian selection (462g for £3.49) sadly failed to hit the same mark and scored just half marks. 

Becca said: “Samosas were ok, onion bhajis were flavourful. Pakoras a bit on the bland side.”

Becca tucked into lots of savoury snacks from tempura prawns to spring rolls
Football News News Reality Television The Only Way is Essex TV

TOWIE axe two stars in huge shock cast shake-up

TOWIE has axed two stars from the show in a huge cast shake-up.

The Sun can exclusively reveal that the long-running ITVBe favourite has ditched two newcomers, Mia Sully and Hannah Voyen after just one series.


Mia will not be returning to the show after getting axed[/caption]


Hannah will also not be returning[/caption]

The duo only began filming for Towie in the spring and made their debut in the recent series, which began airing in August.

But bosses have decided not to ask them back next year as they didn’t feel they made the impact they were hoping for.

A source revealed: “Producers had high hopes for Mia and Hannah when they signed them and hoped they would shake up the show, but ultimately, they didn’t feel they were the right fit in the end and viewers didn’t connect with them either.

“It happens quite a lot with Towie where newcomers come in and it just doesn’t work out. Bosses decided to cut their losses and start fresh next series.”

Hannah and Mia’s Towie tenure was bumpy from the start.

They originally joined the show with their pal Pia Grace Smith, but Pia was axed from the series after vaping on a plane back from filming scenes in the Dominican Republic.

Pia was never shown on screen and Hannah and Mia’s scenes that were filmed in the Caribbean were also scrapped.

Hannah also attracted controversy off-screen when her lover Kirk Holdrick, 40, went on the run after an altercation with her ex.

Last month, the Essex gangster, who was previously jailed for armed robbery, breached the terms of his license following the supposed altercation with his love rival.

Police appealed to the public for information about his whereabouts but warned the public not to approach him.

It all comes after The Sun revealed Towie would not air a Christmas special this year.

The series has broadcast a Christmas special for eleven out of the last twelve years, only skipping 2018, and it is usually a staple of the ITVBe festive schedule.

A show insider said: “The cast were floored by the news as Towie’s Christmas specials are something of a tradition, so none of them were expecting to not be filming this time around.”

But bosses have confirmed there is no need to worry about the show’s future, with two series airing next year to coincide with the series’ 12th anniversary.

Lime Pictures’ Rebecca Kenny-Smith said “We are so excited to bring The Only Way Is Essex back in 2023.

“Towie is truly an iconic British TV show, which has been embedded into viewers’ screens for over 30 series.

“We look forward to bringing more entertainment from the gossip and glamour capital of the UK next year.”

Instagram/@ hannahvoyan

Hannah, Mia and Pia (left-right) joined the show together but Pia was sacked before the show aired[/caption]

Mia and Hannah enjoy a glam day out
Cosmetic Surgery Fabulous Football News News Real Life TikTok

I got lip filler but it went badly wrong – they’re so swollen I look like a chipmunk and I ended up in hospital

MANY of us will have seen that lip fillers can be pretty hit or miss.

But with more and more people wanting an Instagram worthy pout, it seems that many people are going to extreme lengths to get the lips they desire. 

A woman has revealed that she got lip filler but it went badly wrong, leaving her with seriously swollen lips
Josie Aplin took to TikTok to explain that she ended up being taken to hospital in an ambulance for emergency medication
Josie said that her swollen lips made her look like a “chipmunk”

And one woman got more than she bargained for, after getting her lips plumped with lip filler her lips were so swollen that she had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance to get some emergency medication. 

Not only were Josie Aplin’s lips badly swollen after getting lip filler, she said it made her look like a “chipmunk”.

Josie took to TikTok and said: “POV: You booked in for lip filler”.

Josie shared an image of her lying down waiting to get her lips filled.

Just moments later, she shared a variety of images after having the lip filler done.

Josie admitted that the lip filler had “gone wrong”, leaving her with “swollen” lips that made her look like a “chipmunk”. 

As she showed off her plump pout, she joked: “Looking sexy with my new filler”.

But Josie then revealed that her lips were so badly swollen she had to go to hospital to get medication.

She continued: “Ahahahah in an ambulance right now.

“Can’t believe I look like this”.

The beauty fan confirmed that the hospital gave her medication to reduce the swelling.

She explained: “They [the hospital] just gave me a stronger dose of anti-inflammatory medication”. 

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Josie’s video has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly racked up a whopping 89.2k views.

It has 939 likes, 28 comments and 48 shares.

TikTok users were left stunned at the size of Josie’s lips, with many eager to know if Josie was ok. 

One person said: “I thought that was a filter” to which Josie explained “No filters here, just real juicy lips”. 

Another asked: “Hello just a quick question I just got mine today and it’s very big and pain is horrible is it normal I’m freaking out” to which Josie replied “Yeah swelling is normal as well as pain, usually just get advised to take anti inflammatory meds”. 

A third commented: “Are you okay now?” to which Josie confirmed “Yes!!”

Football Football News News Paddy Power Sport

Portugal vs Switzerland: Ronaldo to score a goal assisted by Fernandes at 8/1 with Paddy Power

IT’S an all-European affair tonight as Portugal and Switzerland meet to battle it out for the last quarter final spot.

Portugal go into battle as the favourites, partly down to their superior attacking threat — of which two are the centre of a Paddy Power price boost.

Ronaldo to score from Fernandes assist | 8/1!

Ronaldo to score from Fernandes assist | 8/1!

It might’ve been a chilly reunion between Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes at the start of this World Cup.

But both players are getting warmed up as we enter the crunch stage of the competition.

Fernandes bagged twice in the win over Uruguay that rounded off the group stage.

Though the opening goal caused quite the stir when Ronaldo wheeled off the celebrate scoring, before the goal was given to his former United team-mate.

Can he rectify that by scoring from a Fernandes assist this time?

Well Paddy Power are offering 8/1 for CR7 to score from a Fernandes assist in the Switzerland encounter.

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Emmerdale Emmerdale spoilers Football News ITV News Soaps Television TV

Emmerdale star admits ‘hated’ storyline leaves them ‘absolutely terrified’ for character’s future

TIME is running out for Chas Dingle and her affair with the late Al Chapman could be exposed at any minute.

Emmerdale actress Lucy Pargeter admitted to Digital Spy that she is “absolutely terrified” for her character’s future.


Chas Dingle has managed to keep her affair a secret[/caption]


But Al’s death could make it come to light[/caption]


Lucy Pargeter admitted she was terrified for her character’s future[/caption]

ITV viewers have held nothing back since they’ve seen the Woolpack bar manager embark on an affair with the businessman.

But much like any other secret in the eponymous village, the illicit romance is bound to come to light as spoilers have teased.

Speaking about the future of Chas and Paddy Kirk’s marriage, the long-standing soap star has shared how she feels.

“I’m absolutely terrified”, Lucy said before underlining that she doesn’t always agree with her on-screen alter ego’s choices.

And while she “would never condone or agree with Chas’ behaviour”, the 45-year-old believes she has an “interesting” role to play on the Yorkshire-based drama.

However, Lucy also recognises she has never had to deal with so much backlash from fans.

“They are absolutely furious with her. In fact with all the storylines I’ve ever played I have never had a response like this”, she continued.

“They are furious and the vigour and the anger they have is strong.”

She then added: “They are cross – she has betrayed her marriage. But I do understand their reaction.”

Lucy has already reacted to the criticism her misunderstood character received from viewers but has remained committed to the storyline all along despite it all.

Chas began her affair earlier in 2022 after finding out her mother Faith was battling cancer.

Although Al once fought with Chas over the fate of The Woolpack, he surprisingly showed her support throughout the ordeal, and this led them to harbour mutual romantic feelings.

The pair snuck around the Dales until Belle Dingle found them but she agreed to stay quiet on the condition they put an end to their romance.


Everything you need to know about Emmerdale

As viewers know, Chas and Al actually carried on with their affair, using burner phones to cover their tracks.

Al had to keep a straight face when his own partner Kerry Wyatt proposed to him and he agreed but he was adamant on leaving the village with Chas.

The love affair ended abruptly once Cain found out about it, shortly after Chas’ son Aaron angrily left Emmerdale, disgusted with his mother’s behaviour.

Cain confronted his long-term foe in a barn but things took a turn when his son Kyle Winchester got involved and shot Al.

The Emmerdale tough man was thrown in prison, accused of murdering the businessman, and pled guilty to protect Kyle.

Could it all come crashing down?

Tune in to ITV to find out.


Chas began her affair with Al after finding out her mother battled cancer[/caption]


Belle caught them red-handed and could be the one to expose them[/caption]

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Celebrity deaths Explainers Football News News Showbiz

What TV shows was Kirstie Alley in and when was she on Celebrity Big Brother?

KIRSTIE Alley’s death has left her army of loyal fans in mourning.

The actress passed away aged 71, leaving behind her incredible legacy on TV.

Kirstie is best known for her role as Rebecca Howe in Cheers
Getty – Contributor

When was Kirstie Alley in Cheers?

Born January 12, 1951, Kirstie Louise Alley was an American actress from Wichita, Kansas.

She is best known for her role as Rebecca Howe in American sitcom Cheers.

The show centred on the staff and regular customers of a bar in Boston called Cheers, that was run by Ted Danson’s character Sam Malone.

Kirstie earned a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award during her run from 1987 to the series finale in 1993

When was Kirstie Alley on Celebrity Big Brother?

In 2018 Kirstie appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, much to her fans delight.

The series kicked off on August 16, 2018 and ended on September 10, 2018, with Kirstie making it to the final.

Presented by Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal, the show’s theme was the Eye of the Storm and the series was the most talked about CBB ever.

From Stormy Daniels not turning up on launch night, to the now infamous “punchgate” accusation by Roxanne Pallet, the show was action packed and full of drama.

Ryan Thomas was eventually voted the viewers’ winner with Kirstie finishing runner-up and Dan Osborne in third.

What other TV shows has Kirstie Alley been in?

From 1997 until 2000 Kirstie played the leading character in sitcom Veronica’s Closet.

In 2005, she played a fictionalised version of herself on Showtime’s Fat Actress.

She later appeared on her own reality TV show, Kirstie Alley’s Big Life (2010), and was a contestant on the 12th season of Dancing with the Stars, finishing in second place.

In 2013, the actress returned to  acting with the title role on the sitcom Kirstie, which was followed by a role in horror-comedy show Scream Queens.

In 2022 Kirstie appeared on the Masked Singer US, where she was unmasked as Baby Mammoth.

Away from TV, Kirstie was best known for appearing alongside John Travolta in 1989’s romantic comedy film Look Who’s Talking.

Football Football News News Premier League Sport

‘These are crap’ – Wayne Rooney’s hilarious verdict on Everton heroes when he broke into team at 16

WAYNE ROONEY has delivered a hilarious verdict on his Everton team-mates from when he broke into the team aged just 16.

The forward grew up a huge Toffees fan and swiftly rose through the ranks at Goodison Park.

PA:Press Association

Wayne Rooney starred for Everton as a teenager[/caption]

Wazza is hugged by David Unsworth
PA:Empics Sport

He made his debut aged just 16 in 2002… and his perception of his heroes swiftly changed when he started seeing them up close.

Chatting to Toffee TV, he said: “It’s mad how quick it changed.

“For me to go in with Duncan (Ferguson), Stubbsy (Alan Stubbs)… all of them I’ve grown up watching…”

The host then added the name “Mark Pembridge”, with Rooney laughing before adding: “To then go and play with them, train with them every day, play with them…

“And then so quickly I remember thinking ‘these are crap’.”

Everton came seventh in Rooney’s first season, the future England captain scoring six times as he adapted to regular Premier League football at such a young age.

The following campaign was a more challenging one, with the Toffees only narrowly avoiding relegation by coming 17th.

Rooney, now 37, managed nine goals and four assists that term – and would leave for Manchester United the following summer.


After 13 glittering years, during which he became the Red Devils’ all-time leading goalscorer – Wazza returned to his beloved Goodison Park in 2017.

He scored 10 times in 31 Prem outings before leaving Everton for a second time – finishing off his career with spells at DC United and Derby County.

Rooney went on to manage the Rams, before leaving last summer and subsequently taking up the head coach position at DC United.

Football Football News News Paddy Power Sport World Cup 2022

Morocco vs Spain – World Cup: Torres & Ziyech 1+ shot on target from outside the box each, NOW 7/1 with Paddy Power

SPAIN are odds-on to beat Morocco this afternoon and book a quarter final spot.

And Paddy Power have a price boost ahead of the crunch meeting later, with Ferran Torres and Hakim Ziyech to have 1+ shot on target from outside the box now available at 7/1!

Torres & Ziyech 1+ shot on target from outside the box each | 7/1!

Torres & Ziyech 1+ shot on target from outside the box each | 7/1!

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Morocco vs Spain

Paddy Power boost

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That’s a potential total of £50 is cash back should your first five punts all lose!

Ziyech has had a shot on target in each of the last two games, including a goal in the win over Canada from outside the area.

While Torres has two goals to his name so far after the group stages.

He was rested for the final group game against Japan and will be desperate to make his mark on his return.

Paddy Power: Up to £50 CASH BACK*


Remember to gamble responsibly

A responsible gambler is someone who:

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