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Was Kirstie Alley married and did she have children?

KIRSTIE Alley’s friends, family and fans have been left devastated at the sad news of her death.

She lived an incredible life, which also included being married and having children, before passing away aged 71.


The late Kirstie Alley seen here with her second husband Parker Stevenson in 1990[/caption]

Was Kirstie Alley married?

Bob Alley

During her life, Kirstie was married twice, with her first husband being her high-school sweetheart, Bob Alley.

The young couple were wed in 1970, and remained together for seven years before divorcing in 1977.

Not much is known about Bob, and the pair didn’t have any children together.

However, in an interview in 2012, Kirstie revealed that she did fall in love with another man during the time they were married.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she said: “I didn’t have sex, but I think it was worse when you fall in love with someone else, when you’re with someone, and you’re plotting and you’re planning.”

Parker Stevenson

Kirstie met her second husband Parker Stevenson in 1981 at a restaurant in Los Angeles, and they went onto wed in 1983.

Sadly, their marriage ended in 1997, with Kirstie telling Entertainment Weekly that they had “different goals in life.”

Parker confirmed this in an interview with People by telling the outlet that they were “exact opposites.”

Did Kirstie Alley have children?

During her life Kirstie adopted two children with her second husband Parker, after suffering a miscarriage.

In 1992, they adopted their son, William True, and then three years later in 1995, daughter Lillie Price joined the family.

While Kirstie and Parker split in 1997, the family remained close.

Kirstie often talked about her children, who appeared on her reality series, Kirstie Alley’s Big Life, in their teens.

In 2010, she told Yahoo: “It’s 100 percent my responsibility to [release] them into the world with as much knowledge and survival tactics as I possibly can.

“Love is also key. No matter what they do, love them but don’t spoil them and make them into brats — that does them a great disservice. [My kids] aren’t going to be entitled or get anything they want in life; they’re going to earn it.”

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Shirley Ballas shares heartbreaking tribute to her late brother as she celebrates his life with his daughter

STRICTLY Come Dancing star Shirley Ballas has shared a heartbreaking tribute to her late brother while celebrating his life with his daughter.

Shirley, 62, revealed her heartache at losing her brother to suicide in 2003 – at the age of 44.


Shirley Ballas shared a heartbreaking tribute to her late brother after his suicide[/caption]


Shirley shared a photo with her brother’s daughter and their mum[/caption]

David and younger sister Shirley grew up together at their family home in Wallasey, Merseyside.

Opening up on her family’s tragic loss in a new post, the star could be seen standing next to her mum with a picture of David in the middle.

In another image, Shirley sat with her niece, David’s daughter, on a set of stairs at home.

Shirley’s heartfelt tribute read: “On the 5 th of December all those years ago. My dear brother decided to take his own life. To this day I’ll never be free of ‘What could I have done more.’

“Dearest David time goes so fast where have the years gone, you are missed on a daily basis. Talked about often and never forgotten.

“We celebrated your life yesterday, your daughter Mary, your mum and me. Still so difficult that you are not here. But I’m sure you would be so proud of Mary in so many ways.

“I’ll continue to work for @calmzone to help others like you a constant reminder to always watch out for those who are feeling low. Love you so much David you are always in our hearts. Continue to R.I.P

“Anyone out there with thoughts of loneliness or any other dark thoughts please reach out #calm to all, let’s be vigilant on checking in on our loved ones and friends this december and always.”

Shirley has previously said that she wished she could share her happiness with David, who suffered from depression, at seeing his daughter Mary grow up into an “amazing woman”.

Shortly after David’s death, the mother of his daughter Mary died of alcoholism.

Shirley’s son Mark has since teamed up with her to set up a charity to raise awareness for mental health issues and suicide.

Shirley took in Mary and raised her as her own.

The dance judge said: “Her mother died of alcoholism a few years after her father so she really had it tough.

“At first she kept picking the wrong men but now she’s got the most wonderful partner.

“She’s a forensic scientist for the NHS. I couldn’t be prouder of her.”


Shirley’s son Mark has since teamed up with her to set up a charity to raise awareness for mental health issues and suicide[/caption]

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Bob McGrath dead at 90: Sesame Street icon dies as ‘peacefully at home surrounded by family’

BOB McGrath, who played one of the original human characters on Sesame Street has passed away at the age of 90.

McGrath’s family shared the tragic news on Sunday in a post on his official Facebook page.


Beloved Sesame Street actor, Bob McGrath, has died at the age of 90[/caption]


McGrath was one of the longest-running human characters on the program, appearing in 47 seasons[/caption]

“Our father Bob McGrath, passed away today. He died peacefully at home, surrounded by his family.”

The actor played a recurring role in the beloved children’s program, making’s first appearance in the 1960s.

He was featured in the first episode in 1969, playing himself and continued to work for 47 more seasons.

His last episode on the show was called Having a Ball in 2017.

On the show, McGrath provided educational sessions for children while interacting with the puppet characters.

However, he was also known for his musical talents in songs such as People in Your Neighborhood, Sing a Song, If You’re Happy And You Know It and even the show’s theme song.

Despite stepping away from his onscreen role in Sesame Street, McGrath continued to work for the Sesame Workshop – the company that runs the franchise.

He continued attending public events and worked as an advocate.

McGrath starred in several Sesame Street productions including standalone films, holiday specials, video games and more.

His last appearance was in the documentary film Sesame Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street in 2021.

He is survived by his wife Ann Logan Sperry, their five children and eight grandchildren.

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Where the cast of Flubber are 25 years on – from legend’s shock death to DUI scandal and bizarre row over BBQ restaurant

IT was critically panned but made millions and earned cult status as a kids’ movie classic way back in 1997.

Sci-fi comedy Flubber centres around an absent-minded professor who risks losing the love of his life after discovering a substance which helps objects to fly.


Robin Williams played Professor Phillip Brainard in the film[/caption]


Robin Williams’ character played a scientist who discovered a substance which makes objects fly[/caption]

The film starred the iconic Robin Williams alongside Marcia Gay Harden, Christopher McDonald, and Edie McClurg.

It was a remake of the 1961 classic The Absent-Minded Professor, which was itself based on a short story by Samuel W. Taylor.

Although the movie did incredibly well at the box office, grossing $178million against a budget of $80million, it was almost universally derided by critics.

Twenty-five years on, take a look at what happened to its stars, from tragic deaths to legal troubles and a bizarre restaurant row.

Robin Williams – Professor Phillip Brainard

Robin Williams tragically killed himself in 2014

Robin played the professor who discovers a new substance and ends up forgetting to turn up to his own wedding.

One of the greatest comedy actors of his generation, his past work included Aladdin, Mrs Doubtfire, and Good Will Hunting, which was also released in 1997 and earned him an Oscar.

After Flubber, he starred in other high-profile releases such as Night at the Museum and Absolutely Anything.

Robin had been married twice before settling down with his third wife, Susan Schneider, in 2011.

In the late 70s and 80s, he had an addiction to cocaine and said the death of his friend John Belushi from a drug overdose helped him get sober.

In 2014, he checked himself into a treatment centre in Minnesota for alcoholism.

That same year in August, it was announced that Robin had been found dead from suicide at 63.

According to an autopsy report, he experienced depression, anxiety, and paranoia in the lead-up to his death.

Marcia Gay Harden – Sara Jean Reynolds

Marcia is still active in the industry and currently stars in the legal drama So Help Me Todd

In the film, Marcia was Susan Reynolds, Professor Brainard’s fiancé, who gets stood up at the altar on multiple occasions.

After Flubber, the actress, 63, appeared in Space Cowboys, Mona Lisa Smile, and the racy Fifty Shades film trilogy.

In 2000, she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Pollock and picked up a Tony Award for the Broadway production God of Carnage.

She’s still active in the entertainment industry and has a main role in the legal drama So Help Me Todd, which premiered this year in September.

In 1996, she married prop master Thaddeus Scheel, after working together on the movie The Spitfire Grill.

They share three children together but divorced in 2012, though Marcia has remained tight-lipped about the reasons.

In 2018, she wrote a book called The Seasons of My Mother, which opened up about her bond with her mum and how they dealt with her Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Christopher McDonald – Wilson Croft

Christopher found himself in trouble with the law but has still enjoyed a successful career

Christopher played Wilson Croft, the professor’s long time rival and the film’s main antagonist.

Christopher went on to have a successful career after Flubber, appearing in 2005’s Rumour Has It and About Last Night, released in 2014.

In 2017, he found himself in hot water with the law when he was arrested for DUI in California.

When he was being arrested, he reportedly asked police if they have seen Happy Gilmore, where he played perhaps his most notable character, Shooter McGavin.

He managed to avoid jail after pleading guilty but was ordered to undergo 35 hours of community service and three years of probation.

Like Marcia, the 67-year-old is still acting and appeared in the HBO Max show Hacks, which earned him an Emmy nomination earlier this year.

He’s been married to Lupe Gidley since 1992 and has four children.

Ted Levine – Wesson

Ted’s family accused him of being a bully in 2014

Ted’s character was Flubber thief Wesson but he is best known for his role as the serial killer Buffalo Bill in 1991’s Silence of the Lambs.

Ted, 65, appeared in the first instalment of the Fast & Furious franchise in 2001 and has since had roles in blockbusters such as American Gangster, Shutter Island, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

In 2014, it was revealed by TMZ that he was embroiled in a legal battle with his family who accused him of being a “sadistic and cruel bully.”

His brothers and sister alleged that he forced them to auction off their family’s BBQ restaurant for a fraction of its actual value and left them in financial ruin.

He is still active in Hollywood and most recently played Horst Kleinsasser in the crime drama Big Sky.

Clancy Brown – Smith

Clancy is known for his villainous roles

His character conspired with Wesson to steal Professor Brainard’s creation in the movie.

Since the 80s, Clancy, 63, has established himself as one of Hollywood’s best go-to actors when it comes to villainous roles.

He’s starred in television shows such as Daredevil, The Punisher and Dexter: New Blood.

He’s also known for his extensive work as a voice actor – some of his credits include Mr Krabs in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and video games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and God of War III.

He married his wife Jeanne Johnson in 1993 and has two children. His father was Bud Brown, a politician who served in the United States House of Representatives.

Wil Wheaton – Bennet Hoenicker

Wil revealed that he’s suffered from mental health issues

Wil played Bennet, the son of a rich businessman who takes a keen interest in acquiring Flubber for himself.

The 50-year-old has been acting since 1981 and has been in a number of television films since the film came out.

He has also courted several controversies during his time in the spotlight.

In 2017, Wil came under fire for comments he made in the aftermath of the Sutherland Springs church shooting when he responded to a tweet calling for prayers for the victims.

He replied to former US House Speaker Paul Ryan’s post saying: “The murdered victims were in a church. If prayers did anything, they’d still be alive, you worthless sack of s*** – he issued an apology shortly afterwards.

In 2018, Wil revealed that he’s been living with complex post-traumatic stress disorder, generalised anxiety disorder and chronic depression.

Writing in a blog, he shared: “My life is, by every objective measurement, very very good.

“And in spite of all of that, I struggle every day with my self-esteem, my self-worth, and my value not only as an actor and writer but as a human being.”

He also claimed in an interview that he never wanted to be a child star and that his parents forced him into the industry.

Elaborating further in a blog post this year, he wrote: “I was thinking about this huge lie my mother tells herself and the world, last night.

“The big lie that she didn’t force me to become a child actor when I was seven, that it was all my idea.

“The last few weeks have been challenging for me, while I promote and talk about Still Just A Geek, surviving abuse and neglect, and constantly revisiting painful, traumatic parts of my life.”

Edie McClurg – Martha George

Edie is battling with dementia, according to court documents filed by her family

Edie has been acting since the mid-70s and was already an established actor when she landed the role of Martha in Flubber.

The 77-year-old has also starred in numerous American adverts throughout her long career and has voice acting credits in Wreck-It Ralph, and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

In 2019, it was reported by TMZ that Edie’s family had filed for a conservatorship order after discovering she had dementia.

In the court documents, they said the actress was no longer to live independently and added she was “especially vulnerable to undue influence given her poor judgment and evident dementia.”

According to her niece, cousin, and friend who filed the document, they were concerned about a male companion called Michael L. Ramos who had lived with Edie for a number of years.

They alleged he had tried to marry her although she was in no state to understand their relationship and had even been verbally abusive to her.

In August this year, it was alleged that Ramos, who was her caregiver, had abused the star sexually and was planning on moving her away from California in order to marry her.

That same month, a judge granted a temporary restraining order which prevented Ramos from contacting Edie – he was also told he must stay at least 100 yards away from her home.

Jodie Benson – Weebo

Jodie Benson was also the voice of Ariel in Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Jodie Benson was the voice behind Weebo, Professor Brainard’s trusted robotic assistant who develops feelings for him.

Like many stars of the movie, Jodie has also had a long career, which began in the 1970s.

In fact, she voiced the role of Ariel in Disney’s 1989 animated film The Little Mermaid.

After playing Weebo in Flubber, she went on to voice Barbie in the Toy Story franchise and appeared in the 2007 fantasy movie Enchanted.

In 2011, she was named a Disney Legend for her many contributions to productions by The Walt Disney Company.

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Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen in mourning after ‘family member’s’ heartbreaking death

OUR Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen has told fans she’s in mourning after the “heartbreaking death” of her beloved dog.

The sheepdog called Kate passed away in her sleep leaving the farming family devastated.


Amanda Owen with her beloved pet dog Kate[/caption]


She’s been left heartbroken[/caption]

The Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda shared sweet pictures of the pup on Instagram.

She wrote: “Then there’s the other kind of mourning. 🙏

“Where you go to get your faithful workmate, companion, colleague & friend from her kennel. Only to find that she has passed away in her sleep. 🐶

“Kate….that’ll do. 😭.”

Read more on Amanda Owen

moving on

Amanda Owen moans ‘more s**t to deal with’ after shock Our Yorkshire Farm news


Amanda Owen to front her own show after Our Yorkshire Farm spin-off snub

It’s been a tough week for the Yorkshire Shepherdess after it was revealed she will not appear in a brand new Our Yorkshire Farm spin-off after splitting from her husband Clive.

She broke her silence on Our Yorkshire Farm being axed by Channel 5 – and her ex Clive landing his very own spin-off series on the network.

The reality TV star shared a post on Instagram announcing the shake-up, saying she had ‘more s**t to deal with’ following the explosive news.

And now the mum-of-nine has said she is “riding out the storm” with her family in a social media post, after launching a foul-mouthed rant after the news broke last week.

Taking to Twitter, Amanda shared a series of snaps of life on the farm, including a snowy quad bike snap and a picture of her son Reuben driving a tractor.

She captioned her photoset: “There’s horsepower [tractor emoji] and there’s horsepower [horse emoji].

“Come rain or shine we ride out storms… resilience and strength comes as standard.”

Later, Amanda shared snaps of her hand caked in mud, along with her and the kids feeding the farm animals on their rounds.

She added: “Today has definitely had its moments! But after each little setback came a small victory. Thank goodness for teamwork.”


The Our Yorkshire Farm star shared a cryptic post on social media[/caption]

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Britain’s Got Talent star Audrey Leybourne dead at 95

BRITAIN’S Got Talent star and veteran entertainer Audrey Leybourne has died aged 95.

The singer and actress, who also appeared in shows including Stella and Doctors, is believed to have passed away on Thursday.


Britain’s Got Talent star Audrey Leybourne has died aged 95[/caption]


The veteran performer starred in series 12 of BGT[/caption]

Her cause of death is currently unclear.

Audrey wowed audiences when she auditioned during series 12 of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent at the age of 90.

The judges were impressed with the pensioner’s rendition of classic song I Wanna Be Loved By You.

But it was her cheeky personality that saw viewers at home fall in love with her.

Asked by show judge Amanda Holden if she was married, Audrey replied: “No, I was in love many, many times… 22 gentleman.”

The singer’s comments saw her labelled a “minx”.

During her career, Audrey starred as a member of veteran dance troupe The Roly Polys, who appeared as regulars on Les Dawson’s BBC show during the 1980s.

The singer and actress also acted in a number of roles.

Her last role was a two episode stint of Carters Get Rich in 2017, before she starred in a York Pantomime.

She made her debut pantomime role – at the age of 90 – as Potty T Potts in Beauty and the Beast.


The pensioner, originally from Wales, impressed the judges with her rendition of classic song I Wanna Be Loved By You[/caption]


Audrey was labelled a ‘minx’ during her time on the show due to her comments on love[/caption]

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Aaron Carter’s fiancée Melanie Martin hits out at ‘enablers’ who ‘secretly sold star street drugs’ before his death

AARON Carter’s fiancée has hit out at ‘enablers’ who the late star allegedly bought street drugs from for thousands of dollars during his addiction battle.

Melanie Martin, who is the mother of the singer’s only child, has broken her silence in a wide-ranging interview with The U.S. Sun about their relationship and his tragic death.

John Chapple for The US Sun

The 35-year-old says she was desperate to get Aaron clean as they welcomed their son[/caption]

John Chapple for The US Sun

The former waitress broke down in tears during the emotional interview[/caption]


Influencer Melanie has been left devastated after losing the love of her life[/caption]

The 34-year-old was found dead in his bathtub at their shared home in Lancaster, California on November 5, just days after they split once again.

Speaking exclusively to The U.S. Sun, Melanie insists she tried in vain to get him to focus on being a partner and father after she suspected he was buying drugs more than a year ago.

His official cause of death is yet to be revealed as toxicology results are still pending, but police say they found prescription pills and cans of compressed air in his home.

Melanie, 35, claims the former child star had been clean for the majority of their three-year on/off relationship until “bad people from his past” started hanging out with him again.

She believes his inner circle grew after he revealed he was going to be a father for the first time, as people felt he would be back in the spotlight after his previous battle with drugs.

The influencer suspected during brief periods of their relationship that he was secretly being sold drugs, but says he only ever admitted to relapsing in his ‘huffing’ addiction just weeks before his death.

Aaron had previously been open about his struggles, claiming he had 100 seizures from huffing some years ago but told The U.S. Sun in September he never took street drugs.

Office or kitchen supplies can be ‘huffed’ or ‘sniffed’, while ‘dusting’ refers to a specific brand of dust cleaner which is inhaled.

An emotional Melanie told The U.S. Sun: “These enablers were people in his past too, so they would come back. I didn’t see them until two years [of me] being with him.

“I saw payments on [his] Zelle, which was connected to me, for $2/3,000. I knew what they were doing.

“We were fighting because he was like, ‘Oh, you’re trying to control what I’m doing’. He goes, ‘I owed him money.’ I’m like, no you didn’t.’”

Although Melanie insists she never saw him take drugs, from text messages she saw she believes he was buying “pain pills” and his pals would ask “Hey, do you want another care package?”

“There were points where I was yelling and screaming and scaring the people off,” she recalls.

“I had to basically like fight them off and tell them, ‘You’re not welcome in this house.’

“This didn’t happen until maybe I was seven months pregnant. Right in the beginning when we first found out [about the baby], everything was good, we were still great. We weren’t really having that many issues.


“It wasn’t until I was like seven, eight months that those people came around.

“That was the start of the worst part of his life, basically.

“That created a lot of friction between me and Aaron because I felt like he thought I was just nagging him and trying to boss him around, but I was only protecting him from these people. He was getting manipulated by them.

“I was right there and they hated me because I was the bad guy trying to make the party stop. Yeah, he’s a father, of course I’m going to try to make the party stop.

“I didn’t want to lose Aaron. Nobody wants to lose their love. Of course, they’re going to try whatever they can do to stop it.”

Melanie, who first connected with Aaron in 2019 through social media, got engaged to the star in June 2020 — and later welcomed their son last November.

The pair lost custody of Prince in March, and he has since been living with Melanie’s mother, but she insists she is close to resolving the legal issue.

Through tears, she said: “Now my son doesn’t have a father because of all these people getting involved and wanting to be his best friend and not looking out for him. Not looking out for his best interests.

“When I would get rid of one person, another person would come and try to do the same exact thing.

“I saw some messages where he said, ‘I want to be a father. I want to be good for my son. I have to clean up my act.’


“They were trying to sell him stuff off the streets and that’s completely illegal.

“I feel like the enablers wanted to get money and also wanted to be associated with his name.

“They knew that there was gonna be media, like ‘Aaron’s having his first baby, let’s be around him’.

“I don’t need recognition. I don’t care about that. I’m depressed over my fiance. I was with him for three years.

“This just wasn’t a little fling. And I wasn’t just his baby mama, I was his fiancee. We had our ups and downs, but that’s because of the struggles of his addiction and possibly his mental health.”

Melanie admits they had split up again a week before his death and she’d left their home to stay with family, but felt he would “cool off” and was planning to return to the house the day he was found dead.

Although she is unsure if his untimely death involved drugs and is waiting for the autopsy results, she said she would be willing to speak to the police about what she knows.


“I’m just trying to warn people that if you see this stuff, try to get the police involved or something, this could have been prevented if I just told the right people,” she admits.

“I think if I got the right help from somebody, somebody would’ve helped me get rid of these people and held them accountable for what they were doing.

“Friends should not be doing that to you. He had a legacy. He was Aaron Carter and they were doing that to him. You don’t think that something’s going to happen to him if you’re allowing that?”

She says she confronted him a number of times, including after being told he was huffing live on Instagram, but he only admitted to slipping once before his death.

Aaron, who gave his final interview to The U.S. Sun, claimed he was on prescription medication after his previous huffing addiction “f***ed up” his brain.

But he insisted he would never overdose on pills or buy illegal drugs, saying: “I go through everything above board. Nothing ever off the streets, ever. I would never do that. 

“I lost my sister to an accidental drug overdose so I would never do that. I would never overtake my medications.”

He had signed up for an outpatient rehab program in a desperate attempt to stay clean and was also trying to quit smoking weed.

The I Want Candy singer maintained he was still on the road to recovery, alleging he was close to being five years sober.

His sister Leslie tragically died back in 2012 after taking too many prescription pills. She was just 25.


Aaron and Melanie were battling to get custody of their son when he died[/caption]

Katy Forrester for The US Sun

The chaotic scene outside the star’s house after he was found dead[/caption]

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Christine McVie death latest: Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks leads tributes to legend after she dies ‘peacefully’ aged 79

FLEETWOOD Mac legend Christine McVie died following a short illness at the age of 79, her family confirmed.

British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac, founded in London in 1967, sold more than 100 million records worldwide, making them one of the most successful groups ever.

A statement from songwriter and key member Christine McVie’s family confirmed she “passed away peacefully at hospital” on Wednesday following a “short illness”.

Meanwhile, heartbroken bandmate Stevie Nicks posted on Instagram: “A few hours ago I was told that my best friend in the whole world since the first day of 1975, had passed away. I didn’t even know she was ill… until late Saturday night. I wanted to be in London, I wanted to get to London – but we were told to wait.

“So, since Saturday, one song has been swirling around my head, over and over and over. I thought I might possibly get to sing it to her, and so I’m singing it to her now. I always knew I would need these words one day…It’s all I can do now.”

Read our Christine McVie blog below for the latest tributes…

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Brad William Henke dead at 56: Orange Is The New Black and Dexter actor’s family reveals details of his unexpected death

ORANGE Is the New Black star Brad William Henke died unexpectedly earlier this week at the age of 56.

The NFL star turned actor’s family confirmed the sad news, revealing details about how and when he passed.

Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan

Brad William Henke died unexpectedly on November 28[/caption]


The Netflix star’s family revealed that he died in his sleep[/caption]

Deadline reported that Brad died on November 28 – just a few days after the Thanksgiving holiday.

His family told the outlet that he died in his sleep.

As of right now, no cause of death has been given.

The star had not been active on social media in the months leading up to his death.

In fact, his final Instagram post came on August 13, and showed him doing “jiujitsu in my garage.”

Months earlier, back in May 2021, he uploaded a video from a hospital bed, revealing a harrowing health scare.

“Hey y’all. How you doing? I just survived a 90 percent blockage of my artery. I could have had a heart attack any day, but I got it fixed,” he said before urging fans to “take care of yourself.”

Brad was best known for starring on Netflix’s OITNB as well as his roles on Justified and Dexter.

The Colorado native played college football at the University of Arizona prior to finding fame as an actor.

He was drafted by the New York Giants in 1989 and went on to play on the defensive line for the Denver Broncos, appearing in Super Bowl XXIV.

He retired in 1994 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career on the big screen.

Brad landed guest spots on ET, Chicago Hope, Silk Stockings, Nash Bridges, and Arli$$, among other shows.

He landed his first recurring role on a show called Nikki, starring Nikki Cox, in 2000.

The show ran for two years.

He also played the lead in Going to California opposite Sam Trammell.

Brad had other small roles, including spots on CSI, Crossing Jordana, and Judging Amy, and made appearances on shows like The Assassination of Richard Nixon, Me and You and Everyone We Know, Must Love Dogs, The Zodiac, North Country, Wold Trade Center, and Hollywood.

His big break came when he was cast as Tony Tucci on Dexter.

Tony was a murder suspect and nearly became a victim.

The character appeared in four episodes of the hit Showtime series.

He was later cast a Bram on Lost, appearing in more than six episodes from 2009 to 2010.

Brad then played Coover Bennett on Justified and made appearances on The Chicago Code in 2011.

From 2016 to 2018 he played Desi Piscatella, a gay corrections officer, on Orange Is the New Black.

He shared a SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series with his co-stars in 2017.


The actor was married and had step-children.

He leaves behind his wife Sonja as well as a stepson called Aaden and a stepdaughter named Leasa.

Brad also had a grandchild name Amirah.

He is survived by his mother Tammy and his sister Annette.

His father Bill proceeded him in death.

Tributes to the late star began pouring in on Twitter shortly after news of his death broke.

On Twitter, one user wrote: “what a talented actor! Thoughts and prayers to his family.”

Branch Out Productions tweeted: “We have no words. Brad was a brilliant performer and a very sweet man.”


The former NFL star was known for his roles on Orange Is The New Black, Dexter, and more[/caption]


The actor had been silent on social media in the months leading up to his death[/caption]

Instagram/Brad William Henke

Back in May 2021, he revealed a scary health issue though it’s unclear if that’s related to his death[/caption]

Celebrity deaths Football News Live Blogs News rock music Showbiz

Christine McVie dead latest: Fleetwood Mac legend dies aged 79 as bandmate Stevie Nicks says she lost ‘her best friend’

FLEETWOOD Mac legend Christine McVie has died following a short illness at the age of 79, her family have confirmed.

British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac, founded in London in 1967, sold more than 100 million records worldwide, making them one of the most successful groups ever.

A statement from songwriter and key member Christine McVie’s family confirmed she “passed away peacefully at hospital” on Wednesday following a “short illness”.

Meanwhile, heartbroken bandmate Stevie Nicks posted on Instagram: “A few hours ago I was told that my best friend in the whole world since the first day of 1975, had passed away. I didn’t even know she was ill… until late Saturday night. I wanted to be in London, I wanted to get to London – but we were told to wait.

“So, since Saturday, one song has been swirling around my head, over and over and over. I thought I might possibly get to sing it to her, and so I’m singing it to her now. I always knew I would need these words one day…It’s all I can do now.”

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