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Home Bargains shoppers rush to buy Christmas day essential for just £4 – but you’ll have to be quick

HOME Bargains shoppers have been raving over this Christmas day essential that costs just under £4.

Christmas fans have been itching to get their hands on the discount store’s festive sleigh and it’s perfect to hold your kids’ presents.

Home Bargains

Shoppers are itching to get their hands on this Christmas sleigh[/caption]

A savvy shopper posted the bargain find to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK.

She wrote: “Loving these sleigh hampers from home bargains £3.99 make great Christmas gifts.”

The woman showed her own sleighs filled with crisps and chocolate hampers, all ready for the big day.

The post was met with thousands and thousands of comments from like-minded parents with their eyes on the sleigh.

So much so, it has been going in and out of stock on the Home Bargains website since it was posted.

That means that if you spot it you’ll have to be quick if you want one.

One Facebook user commented “going to have to get this” with a heart-eyes emoji.

Another said: “I’m gonna see if I can find them next week an do all the kids one.”

One woman said: “What a great idea!!”

The festive sleigh can be bought both online and in store but at the time of writing is out of stock.

But, it does keep going in and out of stock so make sure you keep checking if you’re looking to order.

Do factor in delivery charges though when placing an order online.

Home Bargains describes the cardboard sleigh as “an alternative stocking” ready to be filled with gifts.

It’s relatively small and would likely only fit enough presents for one person at 28 x 52 x 20cm.

The sleigh includes: 2x Side Support, 1x Base, 1x Front Support, 1x Back Support.

It is red and white and has “Christmas delivery” on the side.

If you’re out of luck and can’t seem to grab one of the cardboard sleighs, Home Bargains also sells a metal one and a larger decorated sleigh for £4.99 and £29.99 respectively.

This is the cheapest we could find a cardboard sleigh like this.

We did find a similar one at Hobby Craft for £4 but you have to decorate it yourself as it comes just white.

We also found a red festive one at for £9.99.

Do always keep an eye out for better deals we may have missed – there is never a bad time to bag a bargain.

As we get a few days into December prices might go down as well as shops begin to clear their stock.

It always pays to compare prices so you know you’re getting the best deal.

Prices can also vary day to day what deals are on at the time and remember you might pay for delivery you’re ordering online.

You can compare prices on websites like Google shopping.

Meanwhile, if you’re still looking for a bargain have a read of our full list of cheapest advent calendars.

And, we also found this £2 Reese’s bargain in a little known food store.

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Urgent warning as 300,000 Android owners infected by dangerous app – and it’s bad news if you have Facebook

FACEBOOK users have been warned about a login stealing hack that’s thought to have affected more than 300,000 Android users.

A dodgy trojan called Schoolyard Bully was found lurking in a number of apps available on the Google Play Store as well as third party app stores, according to experts at Zimperium zLabs.


This isn’t any ordinary Facebook login screen…[/caption]

The apps are usually disguised as innocent tools related to education.

But actually they try to get hold of your Facebook login details.

Unsuspecting victims can find their email address, phone number, password, ID and name stolen as a result.

They pull it off by using a Facebook login feature within their apps.

Read More on The Sun


Millions of parents to get a pay rise next year – check how much you’ll get


People are just noticing Ring doorbell trick to avoid major embarrassment

Fortunately, Google has now removed the apps caught doing it.

Most of the victims were located in Vietnam.

That’s because the apps are all in Vietnamese, so you need not worry unless you’ve downloaded an app in the language recently.

Experts believe more than 300,000 devices were caught out from across 71 countries.

“The actual number of countries could be more than what was accounted for because the applications are still being found in third-party app stores,” Zimperium zLabs said.

“To ensure your Android users are protected from the trojan malware, we recommend a quick risk assessment.”

A Google spokesperson told The Sun: “The apps identified have been removed from Google Play.

“We take security and privacy seriously, and when we find apps that violate our policies, we take action.”

It’s worth doing a quick scan with any antivirus protection apps you have.

There’s also Google’s free Google Play Protect which alerts you to any dodgy apps that you’ve downloaded.

Here’s what Google Play protect does…

Read more about Android


Google reveals millions of Android owners are getting huge free upgrade


Best Android app 2022 – Google reveals top pick for the year and it’s free

  • Checks Google Play store apps for safety before download
  • Checks for non-Play store apps that may be harmful
  • Warns you about harmful apps
  • Deactivates or removes harmful apps
  • Warns you about apps that violate policy by hiding or misrepresenting themselves
  • Sends you privacy alerts about apps that can use permissions to access your personal data
  • Reset app permissions to protect your privacy

Of course, Google’s protection feature might not catch all instances of bad behaviour – so you still need to be careful online.

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Diner boss slams ‘abusive’ customers and warns he’ll unleash massive punishment over cruel taunts to his workers

THE boss of a popular diner has hit out at “abusive” customers, warning he’ll dish out a huge punishment after his staff got cruel taunts.

Management of Sam’s Diner in Par near St Austell, Cornwall, took to social media on December 3  to share a heartfelt message urging people not to be abusive to staff and said that anyone who is will be banned from the restaurant.


Sam’s Diner is a hugely popular restaurant in Cornwall[/caption]

The family-run business operated by husband and wife duo Sam and Emma, is one of the county’s most well-loved restaurants.

Sam’s has firmly established itself at the forefront of the Cornwall’s trend-setting eateries since the original business opened in 1987, with a number of restaurants across the county, in Fowey, Polkerris on the beach, the Roseland (Sam’s pop up alfresco dining) Sam’s Diner in Par, and in the City in Truro.

But in recent days, the management at the site in Par have felt the need to defend their staff members online after one of them was verbally abused by a customer.

In a post shared on Facebook, the managers said that they “will not tolerate” their staff being “talked down to” or “made to feel rubbish”, stating that they simply deserve better.

The full post read: “We will not tolerate our staff being verbally abused. It’s sad and disappointing that we have to write a post like this.

“After an excellent service today at The Diner a grown woman thought she would have a go at a member of staff, this isn’t acceptable and won’t be tolerated.

“Most of the staff at The Diner are young, they are hard-working, always with a smile on their face, AND WE ARE PROUD OF EVERY SINGLE STAFF MEMBER!

“We will not tolerate our staff being talked down to, and made to feel rubbish, cursed at, and won’t accept unkind gestures.

“You will be banned as our staff deserve better. Old and new customers make our day, and we now have so many returning visitors or should I say friends, all greeted with the same smile, the warm welcome, the love every time you walk through the door.

“Your Sam’s experience is important to us, and we will not allow one grown up woman to get us down as we are THE SAM’S TEAM.”

The post was met with dozens of comments of support, with many praising the diner for supporting their staff members and highlighting the “excellent” service that is provided.

One person commented: “Thank you for having your staffs back! Working in hospitality is often a thankless job, and unfortunately the amount of times we’re abused by customers seems to have massively increased this last couple of years.

“Keep smiling, and keep supporting your colleagues. Peace and love.”

While another said: “So sad to hear this, well done for looking after your staff so well.

“Staff abuse notices everywhere now – what on earth is wrong with people!”

Someone else wrote: “This is so sad that people have to behave like this. We love coming and having a great atmosphere, great friendly staff and service.”

“This is so sad to read, we’ve always had excellent friendly service at whichever Sam’s we’ve visited- so sorry this has happened to you”, a fourth person said.

Another commented: “We have always had nothing but 1st class service from the staff at Sam’s. They make it the absolute best dining experience.

“Keep up the amazing work you all do. Don’t let one stuffy self-entitled customer get you down.”

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Bob McGrath dead at 90: Sesame Street icon dies as ‘peacefully at home surrounded by family’

BOB McGrath, who played one of the original human characters on Sesame Street has passed away at the age of 90.

McGrath’s family shared the tragic news on Sunday in a post on his official Facebook page.


Beloved Sesame Street actor, Bob McGrath, has died at the age of 90[/caption]


McGrath was one of the longest-running human characters on the program, appearing in 47 seasons[/caption]

“Our father Bob McGrath, passed away today. He died peacefully at home, surrounded by his family.”

The actor played a recurring role in the beloved children’s program, making’s first appearance in the 1960s.

He was featured in the first episode in 1969, playing himself and continued to work for 47 more seasons.

His last episode on the show was called Having a Ball in 2017.

On the show, McGrath provided educational sessions for children while interacting with the puppet characters.

However, he was also known for his musical talents in songs such as People in Your Neighborhood, Sing a Song, If You’re Happy And You Know It and even the show’s theme song.

Despite stepping away from his onscreen role in Sesame Street, McGrath continued to work for the Sesame Workshop – the company that runs the franchise.

He continued attending public events and worked as an advocate.

McGrath starred in several Sesame Street productions including standalone films, holiday specials, video games and more.

His last appearance was in the documentary film Sesame Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street in 2021.

He is survived by his wife Ann Logan Sperry, their five children and eight grandchildren.

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My partner is still grieving his wife and won’t tell anyone about me

DEAR DEIDRE: WILL my partner ever go public with our relationship and stop living in the past with his dead wife?

He’s made it clear he loves me, but his Facebook profile still states he’s married, and he won’t ever post pictures of the two of us together.

We’ve been together for 18 months, which has been serious for the past six. I’m 35 and he’s 42.

His wife died two years ago of breast cancer and I’m the first person he’s been with since.

I realise we met quite quickly after she died, but this isn’t just a ‘rebound’ relationship for him – he’s made that clear.

We’ve talked a lot about the future, even about having kids.

Get in touch with the Dear Deidre team

Every problem gets a personal reply from one of our trained councillors.

Send an email to

You can also send a private message on the DearDeidreOfficial Facebook page.

I’ve been very patient, as I know grieving takes time, and I’d never expect him to forget about his late wife, but I’m starting to feel like he’ll never make our love official.

Her clothes are still in the bedroom wardrobe and he keeps saying he’ll clear them out, but he never does.

There are photos of her everywhere. He hasn’t introduced me to his family or to his friends either.

He’s having counselling so he’s dealing with his feelings. I think he’s worried about what people will think of him.



Nina tries her best to keep the secret of her friends pregnancy


Will I get a criminal record for being on a train without a ticket?

DEIDRE SAYS: You’ve been very understanding, but grief is a long and complex process and can’t be rushed.

Perhaps your partner feels it’s a betrayal of his wife’s memory to be in a new relationship so soon after she died. Or he may worry he’ll be judged for moving on too fast.

Tell him you understand how difficult this is, but you don’t want to be his secret.

Ask if you can meet his family and friends. My support pack, Standing Up For Yourself, should help you to have this talk.

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Warning for Asda shoppers to check balances now as customers report ‘missing’ cash rewards

ASDA shoppers are being warned to check their balances as some have logged in to find their cash rewards are missing.

Some customers signed up to the Asda Rewards loyalty scheme have complained that their rewards have disappeared, and in some cases, even been used.


Asda shoppers have been reporting ‘missing’ cash rewards[/caption]

Shoppers signed up to the scheme can earn vouchers to get them money off their grocery bill.

Your rewards are then put into a “cashpot” in your account.

And last week, Asda announced customers are now able to transfer up to £100 of their cash pot into a voucher.

But some shoppers have taken to social media to say that their rewards were not there once they got to the checkout.

Posting in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook page, one shopper said: “Just a warning about the Asda rewards.

“I used it yesterday – after I used it my £40 rewards disappeared.

“Finally got through to customer service who said it was fraud, the app had been hacked and my vouchers spent and used.

“They are investigating but said it’s happened to lots of people.

“Used in Cardiff and rewards were spent in Manchester.”

Another person said: “I converted £30 in to vouchers and when I came to spend them they have disappeared from the app.

“When I asked at customer services, they said it I had spent them.”

Simon Jobson, from Morpeth, Northumberland told MoneySavingExpert (MSE) that he’d had £20 removed from his cash pot and spent in an around 220 miles from where he lives.

An Asda spokesperson said: “We are really proud of the success of the Asda Rewards app since it’s official launch in August.

“So far there have been over 5 million downloads and there are currently around 3 million active users, all benefitting from the extra rewards they are getting whilst doing their weekly shop with Asda.

“If any customer has an issue whilst using the Asda Rewards app we would ask that they contact us so that we can look into this for them.”

You need to sign up to the Asda Rewards app by downloading it on your phone and uploading details like your name and email address.

Buying certain “star” items unlocks boosted discounts on offer.

There’s a barcode in the app that you can scan at the checkout when paying for your groceries, which then logs these cash rewards.

What to do if you’ve been affected

If you’ve been affected by this problem, the best thing to do is to ask Asda for help.

If you’re shopping in store, someone may be able to help you.

You should contact Asda’s customer service section too. You can find this on their website.

Their phone number is 0800 952 0101.

It could be worth trying to contact the supermarket over social media.

The Sun has spotted Asda’s customer services Twitter account replying to individual customers who have issues.

It isn’t the first time that Asda shoppers have reported problems with the Rewards app.

In August, some customers signed up to the Asda Rewards loyalty scheme complained they were unable to get £5 cashback on their uniform as part of an offer.

Customers took to social media to say that even though they spent over £25 on uniform, they couldn’t get the deal.

Cancer Facebook Football News Health News Scottish News Social Media

Scots mum posts emotional announcement of her own death after cancer battle

A SCOTS mum announced her own death with an emotional social media post after a brave battle with cancer.

Judith Green, 44, was diagnosed with myeloma, which is a rare blood cancer that usually affects men over 60, in April 2019.


Judith tragically passed away after a brave battle with cancer[/caption]


She was told by doctors she had a ‘trapped nerve’[/caption]

The mum-of-two was dismissed by doctors after complaining of ‘sciatica’ pain numerous times over the course of ten years.

Medics put her pain down to a trapped nerve and insisted that it would sort itself out.

But Judith, from West Lothian, was devastated when she was finally diagnosed with the deadly cancer.

She promised her husband, Steven, that she would fight the condition because she wanted to “meet her future grandchildren”.

The following year Judith underwent a stem cell transplant in a bid to cure it, but she was left floored when she discovered that it had returned just seven months later.

Judith tragically passed away at the end of November and announced her own passing on social media.

The brave mum had wrote a pre-planned Facebook post that she set to be published when the time came.

The emotional post was shared on her business page, Getting Crafty, by her brother, Dale.

It read: “Hi all, Judith here, well it was me who wrote this but it will be my Brother Dale posting on my behalf.

“So, this is it. My Time is over. I am no longer alive.

“I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ to every single one of you!

“Thank you for supporting my Getting Crafty Page over the last 8 years. Thanks you for allowing me to create gifts for you and your loved ones.

“Thank you for the kindness you gave when my hubby nearly died.

“Thank you for supporting my Cancer Journey. Thank you for everything!

“All my Love”.

Dale later posted his own tribute to his sister on the business page as he updated friends, family and loved ones about her funeral arrangements, which is set to be held on Monday, December 5.

He said: “I’d like to thank Everyone for their well wishes and memories you’ve shared, it really has been heartwarming to read.

“Once the family have all been informed, I will share details of Judith’s funeral service for anyone local who would like to attend.

“Her wishes are that if you wanted to buy her flowers, that instead you have to buy Yourself a bunch of flowers and bring only one from them for Judith, and you have to wear whatever you want, be comfortable, this is a celebration of life.

“She didn’t want people to be spending money on flowers to be thrown away after the service or new black trousers (if like me the lockdown weight has still not moved) in a time of financial hardship for everyone.

“Thinking of others even beyond her passing. I personally will miss her very much”.

Tributes have poured in for the well-loved mum, with many

One person said: “I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending you and everyone who knew and loved Judith lots of love, light and strength as you move through the days and weeks ahead.”

Another added: ” May you rest in peace Judith, what an incredible lady and mummy who fought so blooming hard.

“Sending my sincere condolences to your hubby, children and the rest of your family and friends. Rest in peace now your pain has ended”.

Someone else posted: “So sad to read this, we used to have such a laugh at work. U were such a beautiful person Judith, hope the next place is better to you. RIP, love and prayers to your family”.

A fourth wrote: “A truly incredible, brave, loving lady, forever thinking of others. Judith and all of her family and especially her ‘little man’ will be in our hearts always.”

A fifth chimed in: “I’m so sorry to read this. Judith, you were such an amazing lady, and I’m sure your family and friends are all so proud of you. Sleep tight beautiful lady”.

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Home Bargains shoppers rushing to buy 49p advent calendar in time for December 1

PEOPLE can finally open the first door of their advent calendars tomorrow – and if you don’t have one yet don’t worry we’ve found one for 49p.

Shoppers have shared the bargain find on Facebook and people are racing to get their hands on one.

Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK

Savvy shopper spots 49p advent calendar at Home Bargains[/caption]

Home Bargains is selling a Milkybar advent calendar for just 49p, perfect for anyone in a dash to grab one before tomorrow.

The white chocolate calendar usually costs around £2 at most retailers.

A bargain hunter on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group shared the find.

She said: “Homebargains yesterday milky bar advent calendar’s 49p each!

“Come in handy for anyone that hasn’t bought theirs yet.”

The calendar is only available in store and while stocks last.

Eager shoppers were quick to comment on the post and tag their pals to show them the absolute steal.

One replied: “That’s bloody good , tag your brother he should be able to get some.”

Another wrote: “Need to get for the girls.”

One woman was keen to get there before tomorrow, she said: “I need to try and find the time to get there before the 1st.”

While others were quick to compare the price at other stores: “Omg that’s so good!! They’re like £2-£3 in Asda!”

The savvy shopper who found this deal did not say which store it was but we’ve asked Home Bargains if it is nationwide and will update this story when we hear back.

This is the cheapest advent calendar we’ve found so far this year, with some being sold at 99p last week.

It weighs 85g and has mini Milkybar chocs behind each door.

Do always keep an eye out for better deals we may have missed – there is never a bad time to bag a bargain.

As we get a few days into December prices might go down as well as shops begin to clear their stock.

The next cheapest price we found for this particular calendar was on Ocado for £1.66.

Sainsbury’s is also selling the same one for £2.

It always pays to compare prices so you know you’re getting the best deal.

Prices can also vary day to day what deals are on at the time and remember you might pay for delivery you’re ordering online.

You can compare prices on websites like Google shopping and – which compares the prices of 130,000 products across 14 major supermarkets.

Meanwhile, if you’re still looking for a bargain have a read of our full list of cheapest advent calendars.

And, we also found this £2 Reese’s bargain in a little known food store.

Christmas 2019 Fabulous Facebook Football News Nails News

Proud woman shows off her new Christmas manicure but there’s a detail which has got everyone talking

WITH December only days away, many of us will be thinking about getting our festive plans in order.

Whether that’s putting the tree up, writing our Christmas dinner food shopping list or wrapping up presents, there’s a lot that needs to be done. 

Facebook / Get Your Gonk On

A woman took to Facebook to show off her new Christmas manicure and everyone was very impressed with the gonk detail[/caption]

But one woman is sharing the festive spirit in another way – through a glamorous Christmas manicure.

Mia Cox took to Facebook to show off her Christmas nails, but there’s one detail which has got everyone talking.

The young woman posted a picture of her stunning nails to a public Facebook page ‘Get your Gonk on!’, which has 43.8k members, to show off her latest nail style. 

She posted her picture just three days ago, showing off her gonk manicure.

While decorating your home with gonks is a way to share your affection for the collectable item, Mia is such a big gonk lover that she decided to get the Scandinavian novelty creature painted onto her fingernail.

Gonks are a mix of a gnome and hobgoblin.

They have long bushy beards and knitted hats.

They are considered to be the Nordic version of Santa Claus and one gonk fan, Mia wanted to show off her love for the creature through her manicure. 

Mia proudly showed off her new gel nails and shared her post with the caption ‘My Christmas gonk nails’.

While three of Mia’s nails have been painted a stunning pink colour, one is a bold glitter and the other a mixture of the two, with an adorable gonk figure painted on with a sparkly hat, white beard and peach nose. 

We think Mia’s nails look fabulous and clearly many others do too, as her post has quickly racked up 789 likes, 128 comments and 16 shares.

Many gonk fans flocked to the comments to express their love for Mia’s nails, with lots of Facebook users tagging their friends too. 

FABULOUS BINGO: Get a £20 bonus & 30 free spins when you spend £10 today

One person said: “Need these nails”. 

Another added: “I want these”.

A third commented: “Love them and the colour”. 

Whilst someone else noted: “Oh my goodness how stunning are those!!!”. 

Meanwhile, one gonk fan asked: “What nail polish brands are these please…they look fab!” to which Mia confirmed “The pink is Opi gel and the glitter is gel bottle”.

But what do you think of these nails?

Exclusives Facebook Football News Health Instagram News News Health NHS Technology The Sun Newspaper UK Politics

How doctors could spy on your wee in bizarre bid to ease pressure on NHS

THE government could spy on our wee with microchips in bogs to ease pressure on the NHS.

The Health Secretary today said monitoring urinals with new tech could help doctors spot diseases early.


A minister wants to spy on our wee using microchips in bogs – in a move that a government minister has likened to sharing information in social media[/caption]

Steve Barclay even compared it to sharing information on Facebook or Instagram, saying: “People trust a company in California with data more than they trust the UK government.”

In a speech at the Spectator Health conference he said: “Put a chip in a urinal and it will tell someone who doesn’t even realise they have a condition.”

And he urged a national “conversation with patients” about “the right opportunities around data”.

Mr Barclay went on to suggest that high tech data collection methods like toilet chips will bust NHS backlogs and boost Britain’s economy.



Rishi Sunak launches plan for vaccine-style taskforce to rescue the NHS

But he insisted it could only be done with the right consent.

“I think if patients want to be able to get early treatment and are therefore willing to lean on their data, providing that can be done in the right way with the right safeguards that is the conversation we should be having,” he said.

“That in turn also creates an opportunity for UK plc around our life sciences and around our future exports because it will build an ecosystem around our universities.”

But last night Labour panned the idea of toilet surveillance, accusing Mr Barclay of “taking the p*ss”.

Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting said: “After 12 years of Conservative mismanagement, NHS waiting times are already down the toilet.

“Instead he should adopt Labour’s plan, abolish non-doms, and train thousands of new doctors and nurses.”

Meanwhile, Tory MPs accused their party of spending too much time flirting with the nanny state.

One Tory MP blasted: “This ridiculous idea should just be flushed down the toilet. The Conservative Party needs to lose its appetite for big nanny state and fast.

“Any policy that invades the right to privacy without explicit consent – including bugging toilets, should be dropped.

“The public deserve to do basic activities like going to the toilet without the state analysing their every move.”