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I’m midsize and tried the viral Uniqlo trousers – they’re perfect if you’ve got a thick waist and wide hips

IT’S often hard to find a pair of trousers that fit just right when you’re midsize. 

But Uniqlo has pulled it out the bag with these stylish trousers that promise not to bulge and sit perfectly on your waist and hips. 


Camilla tried the viral trousers from Uniqlo[/caption]


She was wowed by the garment[/caption]

The garment has left buyers dubbing them the “perfect” trousers for curvy girls after going viral online. 

Looking to give her wardrobe an update, TikTok user Camilla Faris (@camillafaris) decided to pop into Uniqlo to pick up the item – and this turned out to be a success.

She posted a video showing her trying on the stylish trousers which she’d paired with a stone tank top for an elegant look. 

Camilla wrote: “The designer for Uniqlo’s viral trousers should get a raise. Got a thick waist and wide hips – not a bulge in sight.” 

The fashion fan showed her love of the trousers by adding the caption: “Worth all the hype in the world.”

Priced at a very reasonable £34.50, the Uniqlo Wide Pleated Pants come in four different neutral colours.

Camilla’s recommendation went down well with viewers and the video has over 57,000 likes and 937,000 views.

Shoppers can choose from either grey, black, dark brown or beige when purchasing the wide trousers.

Uniqlo’s website promises “effortless elegance” from the clothing item, as well as being wrinkle-resistant and sporting a hidden elastic waistband.

Many other TikTok users shared their own success with the trousers in the comments after Camilla’s glowing review. 

One commented: “The first and only time I didn’t had a hard time buying trousers was in Uniqlo, curvy girl friendly.”

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Someone else wrote: “Completely agree!!!!!!! they fit every single curve on my body. I LOVE Uniqlo.” 

Another added: “Omg I have been eying it last time I went there but still got anxious if it wont fit cause my thighs are big so THANK YOU FOR THIS.”

“They’re legit the BEST EVER I got the black but I want more colours asap,” a Tik Tok user weighed in.

Another impressed customer said: “These are my FAV pants. Got them in beige and black, I wear them almost everyday.”

All four colours currently have at least some sizes in stock, ranging from XXS to XXL.

The TikTok user has a range of midsize fashion recommendations on her other videos.

Her clips feature outfits from the likes of H&M, Monki and more.

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I’m a bottle girl and being pretty is a skill – people are amazed by my transformations with makeup and a push-up bra

A BOTTLE server has shared her experience in an industry centered around jaw-dropping beauty and the high rollers who love them.

The night life vixen dazzled viewers with her beauty and informed them that anyone can do it, too.

Kat is a digital content creator by day and a bottle service girl by night
She teaches other women how to follow in her footsteps

Kat is a digital content creator, bottle girl, and server.

Her TikTok account garnered over 2k followers and counting under the handle @smarthotties.

She took to the social media platform to teach other women how they can follow in her footsteps.

Kat addressed the camera completely fresh-faced, wearing absolutely no makeup.

“I’m not pretty enough to be a bottle girl,” she said, parroting women who don’t believe they can make it in the industry. “Let me show you why you’re wrong.”

“Being pretty is a skill set,” she revealed. “You see how pretty I look whenever I go into my shifts and how I look now?”

“Going from this to this is with fake hair extensions, fake eyelashes, whitening my teeth, spray tan, a push-up bra, and overall just makeup,” she said.

“All very affordable from the drugstore,” she advised.

“If I can do it, you can do this, too,” she added. “Don’t let this myth stop you from your dreams.”

“Don’t forget to paint your nails and wear lipstick too,” she wrote in the caption of the video.

Viewers shared their thoughts in the comment section of Kat’s video.

“Girl, you are out-of-touch,” one skeptic wrote. “You are classically pretty.”

“Thank you,” Kat replied. “But I’m saying anyone can get that ‘bottle girl club look’ with a few modifications and makeup.”

“I think I’m too short do you have coworkers that are 4’11?” one inquired.

“My shortest coworker is 5’1”,” Kat replied. “So you would have to probably learn to walk on slightly higher heels confidently!”

“Agreed it’s more of an aesthetic,” a third wrote.

“Exactly!!” Kat responded. “Anyone can modify their look.”

Kat addressed the camera with a fresh-face before revealing her night life look
She revealed her jaw-dropping glow-up for the workplace
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I’m a hot mom – I won’t stop wearing crop tops and tight clothes, people say I look ‘beautiful’

EVEN after having children, one mom embraces her body and wears clothes that reveal it.

Lifestyle creator Lacey Shelby Shaw dresses in cropped tight-fitting clothes, and people say she’s “beautiful.”

TikTok mom Lacey Shelby Shaw wears crop tops and tight clothes

Giving birth to three children only encourages Lacey to keep dressing in trendy outfits that may be considered a bit risque for a mother.

But you can always count on the hip woman to throw on a cowboy hat or crop top, even for simple occasions.

Some people like to conceal their post-pregnancy bodies, yet that’s not Lacey’s style.

In a recent video, the trendy mom shows off her outfit for the Las Vegas National Finals Rodeo, and viewers thought she looked great.

Lacey’s seen standing in front of her daughter Soph.

The two blondes are both wearing beige cowboy hats and bold belts.

Lacey is in a nude crop top that cuts off well above her belly button.

She pairs the long-sleeve shirt with mid-rise black pants.

The subtle lining of her abdomen is exposed.

Unlike her mom, Soph’s stomach is covered with a brown dress.

Lacey’s caption reads: “Cowboy Christmas, here we come!”

Viewers were obsessed with Lacey’s look and took to the comments to tell her.

“DROP DEAD GORGEOUS,” one excited fan said, while another wrote: “You are so beautiful!!!!!”

Lacey dances with her daughter in a spicy outfit that exposes her abdomen
She steps out in a fire-red dress and matching boots

In a different video, the daring fashion guru steps out in a ruby-red dress and matching booties.

The tight mini hikes up between her legs and has a single train on one hip.

Again, Lacey’s followers were mesmerized.

“O M G,” a commenter said.

Another enamored viewer exclaimed: “You are so freaking gorgeous.”

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Primark fans rave about new winter boots that are perfect for chilly winter nights – and they only cost £22

LOOKING stylish is easier said than done when it’s so cold outside.

But it is possible, especially if you manage to get your hands on these stunning boots from Primark.

The bargain boots are perfect for cold weather
They’d look so chic with any outfit

Keen fashion fans spotted the faux leather style in stores and they’re are scrambling to get a pair for themselves.

One woman showed the boots off in a video on TikTok, which she posted with the caption: “Girls RUN don’t walk to Primark for these boots.”

The 60’s inspired boots are available in black and cream and are perfect for chilly winter nights.

They have a small platform and chunky block heel, which means that you can look stylish without twisting your ankles.

But that’s not even the best part – priced at £22 the boots are a major bargain too.

Izzy Tomassi, who shared the clip on her TikTok account said: “Omg they are gorgeous.”

Fellow fashionistas loved the classic boots and couldn’t wait to get their own pair.

One wrote: “Wait no because these are actually stunning.”

They added: “Everyone would be obsessed if they were from Zara.”

Some people still weren’t so convinced, one person jabbed: “When you say run, you mean in the opposite direction, right?”

“Are we auditioning for Austin Powers,” another joked.

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I tried the TikTok viral dress from Kim Kardashian’s Skims, people say their jaws dropped but I had an issue

KIM Kardashian’s tight-fitting clothing creations snatch and shape your body, but one customer said there was an issue.

A personal trainer tried the TikTok viral Skims dress and thought it looked good except for one part.

Fitness influencer Mads tries on the viral Skims dress
She likes how it looks, but there’s an issue

With over 65,000 followers on her TikTok page @Triple9fit, fitness professional Mads has gained a substantial following.

The gym influencer’s page is filled with motivational videos encouraging viewers to exercise and stay fit.

On occasion, Mads will post a shopping haul reviewing the items she’s purchased recently.

In one video, she tries on the viral item she bought from Kim Kardashian’s Skims.

Mads admits: “I finally caved and got that Skims dress that’s like $90 that everyone talks about.”

The gym lover is referring to the $78 Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress.

Mads puts the dress on in “oxide.”

This faded brown slip hugs her body and highlights her hourglass shape.

Mads is a fan, yet there’s one thing she points out.

“I would say that it was worth the money,” she proclaims.

“But if you’re a part of the flat fat a** community, still flat a**.”

While the skims dress may snatch your waist, Mads argues it doesn’t do much for your behind.

Mads says the dress doesn’t flatter your butt

However, she does note: “Miss Kimberly knows good materials.”

Viewers thought Mads looked great in the dress despite her thoughts.

One viewer wrote: “My jaw just dropped.”

“I screamed out loud,” a fan in awe commented, while another said: “U LOOK AMAZING.”

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I’m a size 16 – I won’t wait until I’m skinny to wear corsets and miniskirts, I don’t care what people think

ONE woman who refuses to squeeze into society’s beauty standards is dressing how she wants to in the body that she has.

Fashion influencer Grace Goris shares outfit inspiration and getting ready videos, offering insight into how she dresses as a plus-size woman.

Grace Goris isn’t waiting until she’s skinny to wear the trendy outfits that she wants to

Grace shifts in between wearing sizes 14 and 16, and is very positive about her body shape.

In one TikTok video, Grace wore a matching fitted brown crop top and leggings as she shared where her head was at about her body.

Text on the screen read: “Me telling everyone I’m gonna work out and eat healthy.

“But then I decide I’m fine being a beautiful plus size girly and I’m still hot and happy so YOLO,” she added.

Content with her body, Grace shares fashion inspiration and outfits that show off her curves and skin. She puts her style first, and doesn’t care what other people think.

In another TikTok video, she wrote a prompt suggesting a thought that she previously had, and a mindset that many self-conscious people have.

“I’ll never be able to dress like that because I’m not skinny,” the text read.

The video then transitioned into a montage of trendy, revealing, and form-fitting outfits that Grace has confidently worn despite not being skinny.

First, she shared a photo of herself smiling in a strapless black leather corset and high-waisted ripped jeans.

Then Grace added a mirror selfie of her wearing a black cropped turtleneck and a plaid miniskirt, which her stomach peeked out of.

Next, she posted a photo of her sitting in a car wearing a white cropped tank top and a matching blue sweatsuit.

She also shared a more vibrant look. She wore a satin sea foam green midi dress with a low-cut neckline and leg slit.

Grace wears form-fitting and skin-baring looks
Her casual outfits are also stylish and trendy

For her final look, Grace looked cozy and festive in a red fitted onesie pajama.

People were enamoured by her beauty, body, style, and confidence.

“STUNNING,” one person commented, as another wrote: “I love your sense of style so much.”

“You are so beautiful. Omg! Wear whatever u want queen,” someone else wrote, and another added: “Those outfits suit you so well.”

People particularly shared their love of the corset and miniskirt looks.

“You’re literally perfection and yes I’m stealing these outfits from you,” one person wrote.


Grace used to want to be skinny but now she embraces her plus-size body
She wears corset tops that accentuate her curves
Grace also puts together pieces that play with proportions and show off some skin
She particularly likes wearing fitted outfits
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M&S fans scramble to get their hands on a budget Oodie dupe saying it’s so warm they don’t need the heating on

WITH the cost-of-living crisis putting a huge strain on many people and their purses, it’s highly likely that the thought of turning the heating on is enough to send shivers down your spine.

But fear not – if you are looking to stay warm this winter without switching the heating on, you’ll want to head down to M&S as quick as you can. 


M&S fans are scrambling to get their hands on a budget Oodie dupe that is not only soft and cosy, but it’s so warm that many are claiming they don’t need to turn their heating on[/caption]

Marks & Spencer

So if you are trying to avoid rising energy bills, this is definitely one to check out[/caption]

Savvy shoppers praised Australian brand Oodie for keeping them warm with its wearable blankets, but now M&S have launched a dupe which costs a fraction of the price. 

Earlier this year, Martin Lewis recommended on Money Saving Expert that investing in a wearable blanket is a simple but smart way to save money on increasing energy bills.

This saw many Brits flock to buy an Oodie, a brand that’s known for its soft and cosy hoodies. 

But now, M&S have launched a dupe for the viral Oodie hoodie, but for a whopping 50 percent cheaper than Oodie’s, which are priced at £64.

Available online now, the M&S Oversized Fleece Hoodie is only £32.

Not only is it a bargain buy, but it has been praised by shoppers for keeping them warm without having to use central heating.

The Oversized Fleece Hoodie is a large hoodie that falls to a knee length and is super soft and warm. 

Soozie Jenkinson, Head of Design at M&S said: “Our oversized fleece hoodie is a great new addition to the M&S dressing gowns range and is incredibly soft, warm and cosy. 

“There is one for all the family too, which makes nights spent together at home extra cosy!” 

FABULOUS BINGO: Get a £20 bonus & 30 free spins when you spend £10 today

This fleece hoodie is the perfect attire to snuggle up in and is perfect for relaxing on the sofa.

M&S shoppers absolutely love the new hoodie, with many giving it a five star rating. 

One woman commented: “Length is down to my ankles as I am five foot. Lovely for evenings by the telly.

“Should also keep my heating bill down.”

Another agreed: “Thought it was too thin when it arrived but since then have worn it loads around the house and heating is still not on. It is very soft and even softer after washing. Love it.”

A third commented: “Perfect for keeping out the chill!

“Bought for my daughter…she’s really pleased with it….warm & comfy!”

Whilst someone else noted: “So soft, warm and comfy.

“Ideal now we can’t put our heating on!” 

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I’m a cleaning fan & you should never spray perfume on clothes to make them smell better – how to get them fresh instead

THE soaring cost-of-living crisis means many are not washing their laundry as of often to help slashing the bills.

But if you’re choosing to simply drown the dirty garments in gallons of perfume to mask the lingering smells of sweat, best keep on reading, as one cleaning fan’s warned people to steer clear of this method.

The whizz explained why using a perfume to mask the lingering odours is not the best of ideas

The TikTok user Alexis Leanne (@alexis___leanne), believed to be from the US, took to the popular social media platform to explain why this cleaning hack is such a bad idea – and what to do instead.

”Don’t do that. Because perfume smell mixed with dirty laundry smell, that’s just going to smell gross regardless.

”What you need to do if you have any type of freshener spray, like Febreze, anything like that – use that,” the 25-year-old said in the video.

Alexis’ personal favourites for this tip are the brand’s Gain and Downy scents, which she reckoned work the best for the purpose.

”I used to use that all the time when I worked at Walmart, and I’m a very sweaty person, so it was wonderful.”

The young woman continued: ”If you have a fabric softener already in your house, mix equal parts of fabric softener and water in a spray bottle and that works wonders.”

Alexis is not the first person to share the hack – recently another woman claimed the DIY spray works like a miracle and it can be used around the house too.

Emily May (@emilymay_interior), from Leicestershire, took to Instagram to share the simple – and inexpensive trick – with her 87k followers.

”It’s basically free and keeps your home smelling incredible for days,” the mum-of-two claimed in her video.

Demonstrating the step-by-step tutorial, Emily first started by filling up a spray bottle with lukewarm water.

FABULOUS BINGO: Get a £20 bonus & 30 free spins when you spend £10 today

Once the bottle’s halfway full, chuck in your favourite fabric softener – this will add that lovely scent.

Then Emily proceeded to add the star of the show – a shot of vodka.

This boozy beverage, she explained, will keep the DIY concoction fresh and will also minimise any residue.

To complete the mixture, the savvy mum poured in a a tablespoon of baking soda.

Sharing the hack, Emily said this kitchen staple does wonders when it comes to absorbing any nasty odours lingering around.

Give the scented spray a ”really, really good shake” and you’re ready to go – spray it on the sofa, carpets, faux plants and faux flowers or any old throws.

The inexpensive spray can also be used on rugs, bedding, in the car, on the curtains and – the best part – even on cuddly Pooh Bears, the mum chuckled.

Impressed social media users flocked to the comments to share their thoughts, with one joking and finding another bonus: ”Ooh, I bet it smells beaut.

”You could have a cheeky vodka shot whilst making it too.”

However, whilst many tagged their pals and thanked Emily for the hack, others pointed out to the potential dangers of this trick.

”The fabric softener is making absolutely everything you’re spraying it on a fire hazard,”a viewer said.

”I used to do this until I found that out, ur [your] house would go up in no time!”

Another agreed, warning: ”Fabric softener is flammable so if you were unfortunate enough to have a fire it would be uncontrollable.”

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I’m a size 16, I tried on an affordable Target winter haul, the faux leather leggings are a curvy girl’s best friend

A TIKTOKER, who is a size 16, tried on an affordable Target winter haul.

The user, Bonnie Wyrick, who has the handle bonniewyrick on the app, noted the faux leather leggings are a curvy girl’s best friend.


Bonnie tried on some affordable winter outfits from Target[/caption]


Wyrick revealed that she is 5’7, a size 16, and 235 pounds[/caption]

Wyrick is a plus-size fashion-content creator, who shares her style tips with fans.

She has nearly 555,000 followers.

Wyrick revealed that she is 5’7, a size 16, and 235 pounds.

The first outfit she has on was a gray, oversized turtle neck sweater with faux leather leggings.

“If you want to be comfy, faux leather leggings are your best friend,” she said.

Wyrick also raved about the sweater, which she said was “cozy” and “so soft.”

” I love this ribbing detail, the mock neck,” she said of the turtle neck design.

“It feels very elevated.”

The fashion blogger also liked the “tunic” length that doesn’t pull across her hips or belly.

She suggested you tuck in the sweater if searching for a different look.

Wyrick then tried on a teal velvet dress, which had a crossed neckline and tied belt.

“This dress is so cute. I love this fabric,” she said.

“It’s like a nice slinky material so it’s a little dressy but still so comfortable. I love the details.

“It’s a faux wrap which is perfect because if you’re curvy like me, those things open up so this is wonderful.”

Then, she tried on a rimmed magenta sweater with a portrait neckline.

Like all of the other items she tried on, she loved it and raved about it.

“A little pop of color. This is gorgeous,” she said.

“I love the neckline detail here and then details on the hand here It feels dressy but so comfortable.”

Finally, she paired the sweater with the faux leather pants.

She appreciated the pants were “more fitted on top.”

The seeming details she said elevated the pants.

Fans commented about how much they loved the outfits and were excited to try them for themselves.

“I watch your videos all the time. All I ever comment is, stunning, gorgeous, beautiful …lol.. sorry for being redundant but I can’t help it,” one said.

“So gorgeous. Dress is my favorite, but I may take the plunge and try the leggings,” said another.

“Green dress is so pretty,” a third said.

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I’m plus-size and did a haul from Kim Kardashian’s Skims for my size-20 body – I’m obsessed with the molded top

A PLUS-size fashionista is “obsessed” with her recent Skims haul and how great it looks on her size-20 figure.

McKayla (@makingitmckayla) tried on three pieces from Kim Kardashian’s clothing and shapewear line, giving fans a clear image of what they look like on a 5′ 7″, 270lb body.

TikTok/ makingitmckayla

A PLUS-size fashionista is ‘obsessed’ with her recent Skims haul and how great it looks on her size-20 figure[/caption]

TikTok/ makingitmckayla

McKayla tried on three pieces from Kim Kardashian’s clothing and shapewear line, giving fans a clear image of what they look like on a 5′ 7″, 270lb body[/caption]

“I’m fat and I ordered Skims’ Fits Everybody line,” McKayla began her video.

She added in the caption that she was “so excited for this plus-size Skims haul.”

The brand recently launched new limited-edition colors, and McKayla snatched up some in-demand styles, all in a size 3X.

First, she modeled the Fits Everybody Boy Short, $22, and Long Sleeve T-shirt, $54, both in the color ruby.

Though the ruby boy shorts are currently sold out, there is still low stock of the top available in that color.

“Look how stretchy this is,” she said, pulling the front of the top forward.

“And then, bam, it just molds to me,” said the fashion fan.

“If you want the look of a bodysuit without having to wear a bodysuit, I love this top because it sucks you in just like a bodysuit would, without having to wear something down here,” she added, gesturing to her crotch.

McKayla does like bodysuits, though, and also bought the Fits Everybody Square Neck Bodysuit, $58, in fuchsia.

She paired it with jeans and revealed what it looks like from behind, noting that “it’s really smoothing down the back, which I love, and it’s also still really stretchy.”

“The quality on all of these is perfect,” she went on, doing a chef’s kiss gesture.

TikTok/ makingitmckayla

‘The quality on all of these is perfect,’ she said[/caption]

“It just molds to your body,” she gushed.

McKayla also really loved the bright hues, writing in a comment: “They’re so freaking bright I’m obsessed!”

The video has earned quite a bit of positive feedback, including a flowing comment from Skims: “Stunning!”

“Looks amazing on you girl,” wrote another commenter, while yet another viewer chimed in: “That first color is INCREDIBLE on you!”

Another Skims fan who spent $1,000 on the brand’s holiday drop loved several of the items she bought, but was “shook” by the “tiniest thong” she’d ever seen.

She liked the fit but was really obsessed with the colors
TikTok/ makingitmckayla