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Passengers rave about ‘perfect’ hand luggage bag that fits most airlines including Ryanair

BUDGET travellers have shared rave reviews for a bag that fits most airlines’ hand luggage size limits, including Ryanair.

Finding a bag that can fit everything needed for a holiday, without adding any excess baggage fees can be difficult, but there are affordable options out there.


The bag is lightweight but also designed to carry heavy loads for passengers[/caption]

The Cuqoo 2022 bag is one such option, and is currently available on Amazon from £11.99.

The bag promises to fit perfectly as an under-seat or cabin bag.

Its measures at 40x20x25cm, compliant with most major airlines including Ryanair, easyJet, British Airways, Etihad, Delta, Flybe, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Jet2, KLM, Quatar, Wizz Air and Virgin Atlantic.

The bag is very spacious and can carry plenty of travel essentials while still being within the limits of under seat cabin bag.

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It has one large compartment for quick access to anything that maybe needed in-flight, such as books, headphones, snacks and electronic devices.

However, the bag is also fitted with a large pocket as well as different compartments to allow passengers to separate items.

It can be carried by hand, worn over the shoulder with the bigger strap, or mounted over the handle of a larger luggage item and used as a smaller personal bag.

The bag has received hundreds of four and five-star reviews, with more than one person describing it as a “perfect” travel bag.

One said: “Perfect for under seat on the plane, got plenty in with no extra costs from the airline.”

A second wrote: “Definitely worth the money, unbelievable how much I managed to get in the bag.”

A third added: “Perfect for those European city breaks. Easy to carry on the shoulder or by hand. Lightweight and meets regulations for under-the-seat cabin luggage.”

The Cuqoo 2022 cabin bag is available in eight different colours and designs, although some vary in price.

The bag is designed to take “as much as weight as physically possibly” without having the strap detach or the zip break.

Meanwhile, these are the airlines with the strictest hand luggage rules.

And this easyJet passenger left people in stitches as he tried to force his bag into the size checker.


The Cuqoo 2022 is currently available on Amazon from £11.99[/caption]

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We want to build a massive 25ft tunnel under our cliffside home so we can get a better view – our neighbours are furious

A COUPLE who want to build a massive 25ft tunnel under their cliffside home to get better views have come up against furious neighbours.

Richard and Karen Dance want to extend an existing tunnel, which leads to a viewing platform with panoramic views, so it runs from their holiday home’s basement.

A couple have come up against furious neighbours over plans to extend a tunnel that leads to their holiday home’s private viewing platform
Richard and Karen Dance say they’re just completing the work, connecting the platform to the house, which was first started 100 years ago

But the pair have been criticised by other Isle of Wight residents, who say they’re treating the village “like a playground”.

The neighbours are also concerned the work could damage the cliff and impact property prices.

The Dances, who are in their 50s, have applied for planning permission to extend the “unique” tunnel from their detached home, and under their front garden.

The couple, who run a string of convenience stores and live in Brockenhurst in Hampshire’s New Forest, bought their Isle of Wight holiday home for £470,000 in 2013.

It is now estimated to be worth £650,000.

The application says “the proposal is essentially a domestic extension” aiming to “complete the walk through as it was originally intended in the 1920s”.

The entrance to the old tunnel is 30ft from the property and is “not visible from any public vantage point”.

The plans say: “One has to know it’s there to be able to see it”.

The proposed tunnel will result in “an unusual feature for occupiers of the house” and there “would be no physical impact above ground apart from the skylight used to provide natural illumination of the tunnel”.

But, the plans have divided opinion in the small seaside village.

Isle of Wight Council, which will decide if the tunnel can be built, received six comments objecting to it and six supporting it, its website showed.


One of the neighbours who objected, Irmgard Keen, said: “Such a project is used as a playground by people who don’t live here permanently and [could cause] damage to the community living here.

“They would do better to spend that money towards supporting the cliff.  It’s a community thing that affects us all and nature is the most important thing.

“Some people do not know what to do with their money.”

The 66-year-old and husband Chris, 65, are trying to sell their home and fear the tunnel could devalue nearby properties.

Chris added: “It just seems like an extravagance. It’s not the sort of thing you would use every day.

“The last thing we want is for the cliff path to be made impassable. It all seems like a bit of a gamble for an unnecessary reason.”


Objecting on the council website, resident Michael Taplin said the plan would “disturb an unstable cliff by tunnelling under a section of highway where cars have been banned for safety reasons”.

He added: “This is a holiday home and there is no reason for the proposed tunnel.”

Island resident Andrew Hayes added: “The cliff path in that area has previously shown to have a friable geology so to go ahead with this application which only has a small benefit to the owners of the holiday home would be extremely dangerous.”

Lake Parish Council says the tunnel could affect the stability of the cliffs and has recommended the application be refused.

Paul Brading, county councillor for Lake South and chair of the parish council, says local residents agree the work could be “dangerous” due to the instability of the cliff.

He said: “I have had several residents contact me expressing concern and I have really grave concerns about any work at all being done.

“There was a cliff fall in 2010, the last time someone tried to do work there. I just feel it’s very risky to do any work due to the cliff being very fragile.”


Tig Outlaw, a fellow county and parish councillor, was also “concerned” about the application, and said residents had contacted him with similar fears.

He explained that although “the integrity of the tunnel is sound”, his “real concern is the integrity of the cliff face”.

Tig continued: “I am absolutely against the application that would only be for one resident’s benefit.”

Shanklin resident Hilary Corr added: “The cliff is fragile, the tunnel is not required.

“Any actions that might destabilise the fragile cliff path are to be avoided at all costs.

“Please do not allow this potentially damaging scheme.”


But, others were in support of the plans.

Resident Sam Connelly, 47, director of an engineering company, said he was “strongly pro” the application.

He said: “I think this is wonderful, the house was always designed to have the home joined to the tunnel in 1911 when it was originally built.

“The cliff has not changed in a hundred years. We have glass negatives as evidence to support this, there is no difference between then and now.

“My personal opinion is that [the negative comments are] speculation and amateur opinion with no backing.

“If you look at the facts, the cliff face is absolutely sound – two independent structural geological reports have been undertaken on the cliff.

“We should be promoting people doing something good for the island and people upgrading their personal assets.


“The home is used as a quality rental where the type of people coming will eat out in the local restaurants and spend money in our shops. It is going to help revitalise tourism.

“It will help stabilise the cliff. These works will protect and lengthen the lifespan of our wonderful cliff path”.

And the Dances’ structural engineering consultants, Such Salinger Peters, argue that the tunnel would improve the stability of the cliff as it is built with steel-reinforced poured concrete, brickwork and waterproof membranes.

Geoff Long, a geologist who lives a few doors down, said: “Why shouldn’t someone want to do something nice on their property?

“Should we all have sterile lawns in front of our houses or can we actually add a bit of unique character to our properties?

“Can we not be a bit more neighbourly about this?”

Mr Dance declined to comment.

Paul Brading, county councillor for Lake South and chair of the parish council, said residents had contacted him expressing concern
Many are concerned further work will damage the cliff
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I’m a travelling mum – all parents make the same mistake on flights

A MUM has revealed a big mistake that parents make when flying with their kids that will make travelling more stressful than it needs to be.

Flying with very young children is not a prospect most parents look forward to, but there are ways to make it a much more bearable experience for you, your kids and fellow passengers.


Boarding first with kids is a big no-no, according to a travelling couple[/caption]

Vanessa and Kelvin Weir from New Zealand learnt some of these methods when they took their two kids travelling through Europe and say other parents shouldn’t be put off taking youngsters on long flights.

During their three-and-a-half-month trip, they visited the UK, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, and travelled through Scandinavia, with their daughters Mackenzie, 3, and Cleo, 1, in tow.

From that, the main thing they swear by is boarding the plane last, even if you’re invited to board first as a family.

Vanessa told “The least amount of time in a small confined space the better.”

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Other parents have backed up the Weirs’ advice, saying that boarding the plane first with kids is always a big mistake.

Travel show host Samantha Brown has a lot of experience of plane journeys and in more recent years has started taking her young children on trips too.

In a recent video on Instagram, she revealed why it’s a good idea to get priority boarding seats when travelling with young children, but only board the plane at the last minute.

She said: “A lot of people like to pre-board with children under two- they think it’s great to get on the plane first. Here’s a better way to use the pre-board.

“Partner number one uses the pre-board to load all the stuff – all the bags and strollers – while partner number two waits in the gate area with the kids, keeps them worn out, walks them around and does not board until the very last zone is called.

“You walk your children on board, you get them settled and the plane leaves hopefully in 10 to 15 minutes.

“Think about this. If you use the pre-board, your child is sitting in the plane for a good 45 minutes more than the flight time. And this is a really stressful time for kids, right?

“There are bags going over their heads, people are really stressed and they can feel it.

“And what happens is once they get to a cruising altitude of 30,000 feet, that’s when the child releases the stress they just felt.

“So use the pre-board only to board stuff. Leave the kids until last.”

Elsewhere, a flight attendant has revealed which seats parents should choose when travelling with young children to make the trip as easy as possible.

Rebecca Love, who has worked for Virgin Atlantic for eight years, explained there are three places that are best for kids – the bulkhead, the window and near the toilets, depending on their age.

She told the Mirror: “If they’re little enough, try and get a bulkhead seat and request a bassinet (one of the cribs that attaches to the front wall of the cabin).”

Meanwhile, this passenger woke up on a flight to find a small child had scribbled all over her socks.

And these are the most child-friendly airlines available.


Boarding last can improve your experience of flying with young children[/caption]

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Inside Celebs Go Dating star Liam Reardon’s holiday to Dubai after revealing he split from ex Millie to ‘love himself’

CELEBS Go Dating star Liam Reardon has jetted off on a lavish holiday to Dubai after his split from Millie Court earlier this year.

The Love Island winner – who revealed he’d gone his separate ways from Millie, 25, just months ago – headed off for some sunshine.


Liam jetted off on holiday to Dubai this weekend[/caption]


The TV star posed for the camera as he took a dip in the ocean[/caption]

Liam, 23, looked to be enjoying himself as he took a dip in the ocean in front of glamorous yachts and skyscraper hotels.

The TV star – who rose to fame on the dating show in 2021 – smiled wide for the camera as he took a dip in the blue waters.

Going topless and showing off his impressive abs, the Celebs Go Dating star fell backward into the water in front of the sunset.

He captioned the post with a sunglasses-wearing emoji, as his fans took to the comments section to wish him a “good trip”.


softer side

Celebs Go Dating’s Liam makes heartbreaking confession about Love Island ex


Celebs Go Dating’s Liam Reardon gets emotional addressing break-up with Millie

Elsewhere, he revealed his trip to a beach bar, where he could be seen posing alongside a beer in a sun hat and a white t-shirt.

He then panned round the restaurant as the sun was going down, revealing he had been joined by a male friend on the trip.

It comes after Liam revealed he was “nervous”  to reveal his softer side on Celebs Go Dating as he opened up about his heartbreak.

In a candid interview with The Sun, Liam confessed he’s still not over his Love Island ex Millie Court.

The couple – who won ITV2’s reality show last year – announced their break-up in July after one year together.

Liam admitted struggling to balance his career and relationship after a “rollercoaster” year before the break up.

He instigated their break-up after being “unable to love himself” but said “never say never” about getting back together


He took to the UAE after splitting from Millie Court[/caption]

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Maisie Smith and Max George cuddle up on a plane as they jet away on another holiday together

MAISIE Smith and Max George have been spotted cuddling up on a plane as they head off on another romantic holiday together.

The couple – who have already jetted off on a number of trips this year – were seen looking sleepy as they settled down for the flight.


Max and Maisie were seen jetting off again[/caption]


The couple snapped a selfie on the airplane[/caption]

Maisie, 21, donned a blue face mask as she kept it make-up free for the flight, tying her red hair back into two French braids.

She looked casual in an oversized grey sweatshirt as she placed her head on Max, 33, who wrapped up in a North Face puffer jacket.

He looked off into the distance as he snapped the selfie of the pair, captioning the post alongside a plane emoji: “Here we go.”

The Wanted singer also shared a snap of himself at the airport as he tucked into a snack before the flight with his girlfriend.


support system

Maisie Smith in hospital for operation with boyfriend Max by her side

age rage

Maisie Smith and Max George hit back at age gap criticism in first TV interview

It comes just a month after Maisie and Max jetted off for another sun soaked holiday as they were joined by their families.

Maisie’s mum Julia shared a photo of the happy couple alongside her other daughter, Scarlett, as they appeared to attend a wedding in Cyprus.

The couple have enjoyed three exotic holidays in the past three months, the latest trip appeared to take their relationship to the next level.

The move is the surest sign yet of how seriously the pair are taking their romance – just three months after their relationship was made public.


not wanted

Max George hits out over ‘controversial’ age-gap relationship with Maisie Smith


Max George calls girlfriend Maisie ‘hottest thing anywhere’ in flirty post

In pictures shared to Instagram captioned “Baecation”, Maisie could be seen sporting bling on her ring finger as the loved up couple posed in the sun.

Fans were quick to point out the new addition to Maisie’s ring finger with one commenting: “Is that an engagement ring?”

However insiders told The Sun that while the Strictly Come Dancing co-stars are not yet engaged, they have moved their relationship to the next level by introducing their parents to each other.

A source said: “Maisie and Max are absolutely smitten and wanted their families to meet properly.

“They have flown out to Cyprus along with both their families for some proper bonding time together.

“Maisie’s schedule is really hectic because of the Strictly tour so they thought taking a holiday as a big group would be a chance for them to all properly get to know one another – rather than just a snatched few hours in the UK.

“Max is head over heels for Maisie and wanted his family to see just why she was the perfect woman for him. It is a sign of how seriously they are both taking this.”


Max was seen relaxing in the airport before the flight[/caption]

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Vicky Pattison stuns in a bikini on romantic holiday to Iceland with fiance Ercan

VICKY Pattison looked sensational as she enjoyed a well-earned break away in beautiful Iceland.

The former Geordie Shore star is an avid holiday-goer and regularly keeps her fans and followers informed of her latest travels and adventures.

Vicky looked stunning in her bikini
Vicky showed off her impressive surroundings

The brunette beauty had fans wowing as she uploaded a sultry bikini snap from the picturesque getaway to Instagram.

Vicky put her toned body on display in the jaw-dropping mirror snap as she donned a purple bikini for the occasion.

The reality star captioned the image: “Morning from Iceland… and my pea head.”

Vicky had her fans going wild in the comments section of the post who showered her with compliments over her enviable figure.

One fan wrote: “Check you out.”

Another added: “Gurl u look killer!”

Whilst a third shared: “You’re a gorgeous soul inside and out. I love following you because u keep it real girl.”

Vicky has been enjoying the luxurious break with her fiance Ercan Ramadan.

The star revealed the pair were off to the capital city of Reykjavik as she shared a clip of her and her partner enjoying a drink before taking in the sights of the city.

Vicky has left her fans jealous with the stunning trip where the pair have been staying at the luxurious The Retreat at Blue Lagoon.

Vicky and Ercan’s room featured their bed placed directly in front of floor-to-ceiling windows with a door opening up onto their own private slice of Iceland.

The lagoon was right on their doorstep as it sat at the edge of the windows with views of Iceland’s iconic greenery the other side of the water.

Vicky and Ercan became engaged earlier this year.

It marks Vicky’s third engagement following her failed romances with John Noble and former Geordie Shore co-star Ricci Guarnaccio.

Vicky kept Ercan’s face hidden in one of the snaps
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Disneyland Paris to cost more for Brits following overnight price hike for food, drinks and merchandise

HOLIDAYMAKERS to Disneyland Paris aren’t strangers to forking out for their food and drink, but guests staying at the resort woke to discover some very hefty price hikes.

According to the DLP Report, a Twitter Account dedicated to providing Disneyland Paris updates, the cost of food and drink prices rose across the park overnight.


The price of food and drink has risen at Disneyland Paris[/caption]

Dining at table service restaurants increased by 7 per cent to 12 per cent.

For example, at the popular character dining spot, Auberge de Cendrillon, prices rose by €16 (£13) per person with a meal setting back diners €95 (£82) a head.

Buffet prices were also hit with the Plaza Gardens, a restaurant decorated like a Victorian dining parlour, increasing meals by €7 (£6) per person from €38 (£32) to €45 (£38).

While other buffet restaurants like Downtown Cape Cod will cost a diner an extra €3 (£2.59) from €42 (£36) to €45 (£38).

The cheapest buffet option at La Cantina and Crockett now costs €35 (£30) – an increase of €1 (£0.86).

It’s believed that customers who’ve already purchased a meal plan will receive their vouchers as planned for the price they paid.

But guests can expect meal plans to increase by at least €1 (£0.86) from April 2023 with full board plans climbing by €11 (£9.51) per person per night.

Fizzy drink prices rose too from €3.80 (£3.29) to €4 (£3.46).

One Twitter one visitor said: “The no warning to people with reservations is to note, it was quite a surprise for many when showing up at Walt’s today.”

Another person wrote: “Guess I’m cancelling some reservations for my trip in 2 weeks.”

From March 2023, Disneyland Paris Guests wishing to use the Disney Express system, a service that transfers luggage directly to the hotel, will be charged an extra $3.

Meanwhile the price of souvenirs at other Disneyland parks has also increased with kids’ jumpers costing parents an extra $5 (£4.29) at $54.99 (£46.14).

The popular Loungefly Mini Backpacks have also gone up by $10 (£8.39) to a whopping $85 (£71.32).

The price hikes in food and drink comes just after Disney World upped its prices for the first time in three years, with tickets increasing by $3 (£2.50) to $15 (£12) per guest per day.


The price hike of food and drinks is another wave of increases tourists face when heading to Disneyland[/caption]

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How I got a free holiday in a Budapest mansion after nightmare hostel stay – it’s so easy anyone can do it

A WOMAN who vowed never to holiday again after staying in a hostel with “no seat on the toilet” has since nabbed a free stay in a villa in Budapest.

Ellen Carter, 22, was studying for a degree in France when she decided to go travelling around Italy, Romania, Poland and Germany before a disastrous trip to Vienna, Austria.

Housesit Match

Ellen Carter vowed to never holiday again after a nightmare hostel stay[/caption]

She said: “I arrived in Vienna after midnight with two friends and we thought we were staying in a normal hostel but it was literally just a spare room in a random guy’s house.”

There was no lock on the bedroom door and the room only had a mattress on the floor where Ellen and her friends slept.

She continued: “The room smelled like mildew, there was no running water in the bathroom and no seat on the toilet.”

But the three friends didn’t have the budget to move elsewhere, and the trip ruined Ellen’s zest for travel.

She added: “I decided I didn’t want to put myself in that position again – but with the cost of living increasing so rapidly I knew that meant I wouldn’t be travelling for the foreseeable future.”

Despite her promise, when Ellen heard about Housesit Match, a global house and pet-sitting network, she secured herself and her boyfriend a 10-night stay in a 5-bedroom villa at no cost.

In exchange for her free accommodation, all Ellen had to do was walk the dog while she stayed at the Budapest mansion with a private garden and a swimming pool.

A 5-bedroom villa in Budapest can cost between £695 to over £1,000 per night.

She said: “It was much nicer than staying in a hostel and wondering if we had to escape at two in the morning.”

Another couple who are professional house and pet sitters in the UK save themselves £1,000 each month by living in other people’s homes for free.

After Claire Goodall and Michael Ashfield ditched the traditional nine to five they travelled the world before returning to the UK and making the most of the free stays.

Another couple Austin Andrews and Jori Kerr have used pet sitting service to fulfil their dreams of travelling the world and have since visited Germany, Gibraltar, Grenada, and the US.

Housesit Match

She ended up staying at a Budapest mansion for free[/caption]

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The big mistakes tourists make when visiting London – and how to avoid them

LONDON is one of the most popular cities in the world for tourists, but a lot of them make big mistakes whenever they visit.

Going to the wrong restaurants, getting caught in tourist traps, or just not doing your research can limit visitors’ enjoyment of the English capital, and can also cost a lot too.


Tourists often end up eating in expensive touristy places instead of finding really good authentic places[/caption]

But if you read up before you visit, you can learn a couple of local tricks that will help you fully enjoy London, without needlessly spending a load of money.

Fish & Chips

No trip to London is complete without a trip to a proper chippy to sample the UK’s finest dish, especially for foreign visitors.

However, there are some places in the more touristy areas of the city, where prices are high, but quality of food is not.

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The best cheap hotels in London on TripAdvisor in December– from £20.50pppn

It’s worth visiting a “local” chippy instead – somewhere slightly off the beaten track. As a rule, if the locals are happy to pay for it, so should you be. If not, go and find somewhere else.

Another error tourists make when not au-fait with the chippy tea is to only try the basic fish and chips, but not venturing into the array of condiments, sauces and sides that enhance the meal.

Saveloys, mushy peas and scampi to name a few, are all more than worth a try, alongside a host of other options.


The number of rickshaws in the centre of London is increasing and are often used by tourists visiting for the first time.

The bicycle-driven carts, often draped in fairy lights and blaring tacky pop music can be found around Soho, as well as loitering near the parks during the summer music festival season.

A Mashable investigation into the issue found one company, London pedicabs, hired around “£5 for a short trip in Zone 1”.

But there have been countless stories about passengers being ripped off for very short journeys.

Two young tourists were once filmed in a fracas with a rickshaw driver who tried to charge them £150 for a half-mile journey.

Listening to the Vengaboys while weaving through the city is fun for a few seconds, but the novelty wears off very quickly and you’ll probably soon realise you’ve wasted your money.

Buses and Tubes

A lot of tourists are fond of the open-top bus tours that you find in almost every single city nowadays.

However, in a city famous for its double-decker buses, it seems a bit silly to pay the best part of £30 for a day ticket, when the public buses are capped at £4.95 per person per day.

Download an app like Citymapper, or even just use Google maps, and you can find out which buses pass the sites you want to see – it’s a much cheaper alternative.

Those apps are vitally important for using public transport anyway, with tourists often getting lost in the labyrinth of the underground.

Like bus tickets, tube tickets are also capped at £8.90 for passengers using Oyster Cards or contactless, but some tourists still buy individual tickets for each journey.

That way, the costs can really add up for people making the most of the underground to explore the city.

Theatre tickets

Buying theatre tickets in advance is a good idea if you’re aiming to see a specific show, on a specific day.

However, if you’re willing to be flexible, you can purchase on the day and save a small fortune.

Any return tickets go back on sale and can be picked up with a considerable discount, so theatre-lovers can see big shows, for small fees.

Restaurant queueing

Visitors will spend ages queuing for popular restaurants, when they really don’t need to.

The Dojo app allows people to queue virtually for a table, so they can do it from a pub or other attraction nearby, meaning they don’t have to waste time standing in line and can still get tables at the best places.

Free samples

One of the best places to visit for food in London is Borough Market, but with so much to choose from, tourists will often end up going home without trying everything there.

However, those who can’t decide what to eat don’t need to pay out for loads of dishes, or miss out on the great food.

Instead, you can ask for a sample – most of the stalls are willing to give one out, hoping customers will then pay for even more.

That way you can try a few things first, before making a decision on what to order.

Meanwhile, you can spend a weekend in London for less than £125pp.

And this tourist went viral after writing a review of London with Tesco among his favourite places to visit.


Tourists can download some apps that will help them make the most of their trip to London[/caption]

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The magic dates for booking Disney holidays that save on money and queue times

A HOLIDAY to Disneyland is incredibly exciting but also extremely expensive.

A travel expert has revealed the best budget-friendly dates to visit a Disneyland Park to save some money after Disney World upped its prices for the first time in three years.


Cheaper tickets are available in January, early May and September[/caption]

Travel in the low months

According to Insider, travel agent Lauren King explained that Disney offers cheaper tickets during January, early May and September.

While these reduced tickets are also available in December, guests will need to travel before the Christmas festivities kick in.

Ordering food to your hotel

On average, a family of four can expect to spend $150 (£125) a day dining out at a Disneyland park, but there are ways to eat without racking up a hefty bill.

Independent travel agent Alison Pringle revealed that holidaymakers are able to order a food shop to their accommodation free-of-charge.

She also recommends bringing drinks and snacks into the park, grabbing food on the go from “quick-service restaurants”, and staying in a room with a kitchenette.

Purchase a package deal

Another travel agent, Shannon Devine, explained that by booking park tickets and a room in one go, with a Disney World Vacation package, could save a bob or two.

Over Christmas a one-room hotel for a three to five-person family for five nights costs $3,500 (£2919), these prices dip by around $1,000 (£834) outside of this period.

To save a couple of hundred dollars a night on accommodation, Alison Pringle recommends booking a value resort.

Other ways to save money including purchasing popular pieces of memorabilia, such as Minnie Mouse ears, before travelling, and using a Disney Visa card to obtain rewards and savings towards souvenirs and meals.

Kari Becker a Disney travel planner recommends buying discounted gift cards in bulk before your strip.

She said: “On our last trip, we saved over $300 (£266) just by buying discounted Disney gift cards.”

Meanwhile the Disney cruise is not only for kids – it has adult-only pools too.

AFP – Getty

Save money on accommodation by booking the family into a value resort[/caption]