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Inside pink £1.5million ‘Disney castle’ that comes with 11 bedrooms and nine bathrooms set in 31 acres

A STUNNING pink property that resembles a Disney Castle has hit the market for £1.5 million.

The Scottish Baronial style castle called Druidsmere House sits on 31 acres and comes with eleven bedrooms and nine bathrooms.


The Druidsmere House is located in Blairgowrie, Scotland[/caption]


The property even comes with its own loch[/caption]


The castle was built in 1885[/caption]


The stunning castle has hit the market for £1.5m[/caption]


It has been described as a “hidden gem”[/caption]

The red sandstone castle which even has its own loch, was designed by a golf fan, neighbouring Blairgowerie Golf Course a hole even being named in his honour.

The property built in 1885, is located near the town of Blairgowrie in Perthshire, Scotland.

The entrance to Druidsmere is hidden, providing privacy and beauty.

The crown jewel of the property is the incredible five-hectare White Loch which is currently leased to the local angling and fishing association.

“The accommodation begins with an impressive oak front door and a reception hall with decorative fireplace and tripartite archway made of the same carved timber,” reads the listing.

“At present, the ground floor also includes a small kitchen and a living/dining room and breakfast room.

“A huge open fireplace inset with polished copper as well as dark timber beams, a circular turret room, half-tiled walls and large panelled windows give the rooms enormous character.

“There is lots of scope, subject to obtaining the relevant consents, to create a fabulous new kitchen in this area.

“Also on the ground floor there is a study, wine cellar, cloakroom, pantry, bathroom and two WCs.”

The property also comes with four additional cottages, three of which are currently to let. These include The Lodge, Stables Cottage, The School House and Gardener’s Cottage.

“Druidsmere is genuinely a hidden gem, being completely screened from the road and having only changed hands a few times in the course of its history,” commented Savills Stephanie Clarke.

“The house has enormous potential, subject to obtaining Listed building consents, to be sympathetically modernised to become a magnificent family home, holiday house, boutique hotel or even individual apartments.

“The three cottages already generate Estate income and The Schoolhouse is ready for renovation.

“The land at Druidsmere is significant but manageable, while the presence of a private loch means all the elements of a classic Scottish country estate are here.”


The Scottish Baronial style castle includes four reception rooms[/caption]


The castle comes with eleven bedrooms and nine bathrooms[/caption]


It also has three cotagges[/caption]

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DIY SOS fans all have same complaint as emotional episode leaves mum in tears

DIY SOS fans all had the same complaint as an emotional episode left a mum in tears.

Fans flocked to Twitter after bed-ridden mother-of-two Mandy sobbed as the community agreed to help makeover her home.

Mandy wept as Nick unveiled her home renovation to her
The mother-of-two had been confined to her bed before because of the old lay-out of her home was not wheelchair accessible

Due to her medical condition that affected her mobility, Mandy was living in one room ‘unable to be a mum,’ as her home was not wheelchair accessible, host Nick Knowles explained to viewers.

Telly fans were left emotional after scenes where Nick unveiled her new home complete with a lift, lower kitchen surfaces, a medical bed and an art room – which was the show’s first ever build in Bangor, Northern Ireland.

Mandy, who lives with her husband, and their two children – both with medical conditions too – was inconsolable when she saw the transformation on the show where the community pitched in to help renovate her home.

She said: “This is like a hotel,” when she saw her glam new bedroom.

Mandy sobbed: “This doesn’t look anything like it did before.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous.”

She later added: “It’s a new beginning for all of us.”

“It changes everything. To be able to get into my house, to be able to move around in my house, it’s important to be a mum and a wife again.”

Fans were in bits too and flocked to Twitter to comment.

One said: “Not seen #DIYSOS in ages because I always end up a blubbering mess! But I’m excited to see the transformation.”

Another said: “Diysos got me proper tonight

A third chimed in: “Caught the end of #DIYSOS.. And yes it got me.”

A fourth said: “Another magnificent #diysos tonight. What an amazing transformation for the McCreight family in Northern Ireland. Programmes like this are a delight to watch, and all involved need all the respect in the world. Pure joy.”


Mandy was so grateful for her new home renovation[/caption]


She was left in tears when she saw the lift[/caption]

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We want to build a massive 25ft tunnel under our cliffside home so we can get a better view – our neighbours are furious

A COUPLE who want to build a massive 25ft tunnel under their cliffside home to get better views have come up against furious neighbours.

Richard and Karen Dance want to extend an existing tunnel, which leads to a viewing platform with panoramic views, so it runs from their holiday home’s basement.

A couple have come up against furious neighbours over plans to extend a tunnel that leads to their holiday home’s private viewing platform
Richard and Karen Dance say they’re just completing the work, connecting the platform to the house, which was first started 100 years ago

But the pair have been criticised by other Isle of Wight residents, who say they’re treating the village “like a playground”.

The neighbours are also concerned the work could damage the cliff and impact property prices.

The Dances, who are in their 50s, have applied for planning permission to extend the “unique” tunnel from their detached home, and under their front garden.

The couple, who run a string of convenience stores and live in Brockenhurst in Hampshire’s New Forest, bought their Isle of Wight holiday home for £470,000 in 2013.

It is now estimated to be worth £650,000.

The application says “the proposal is essentially a domestic extension” aiming to “complete the walk through as it was originally intended in the 1920s”.

The entrance to the old tunnel is 30ft from the property and is “not visible from any public vantage point”.

The plans say: “One has to know it’s there to be able to see it”.

The proposed tunnel will result in “an unusual feature for occupiers of the house” and there “would be no physical impact above ground apart from the skylight used to provide natural illumination of the tunnel”.

But, the plans have divided opinion in the small seaside village.

Isle of Wight Council, which will decide if the tunnel can be built, received six comments objecting to it and six supporting it, its website showed.


One of the neighbours who objected, Irmgard Keen, said: “Such a project is used as a playground by people who don’t live here permanently and [could cause] damage to the community living here.

“They would do better to spend that money towards supporting the cliff.  It’s a community thing that affects us all and nature is the most important thing.

“Some people do not know what to do with their money.”

The 66-year-old and husband Chris, 65, are trying to sell their home and fear the tunnel could devalue nearby properties.

Chris added: “It just seems like an extravagance. It’s not the sort of thing you would use every day.

“The last thing we want is for the cliff path to be made impassable. It all seems like a bit of a gamble for an unnecessary reason.”


Objecting on the council website, resident Michael Taplin said the plan would “disturb an unstable cliff by tunnelling under a section of highway where cars have been banned for safety reasons”.

He added: “This is a holiday home and there is no reason for the proposed tunnel.”

Island resident Andrew Hayes added: “The cliff path in that area has previously shown to have a friable geology so to go ahead with this application which only has a small benefit to the owners of the holiday home would be extremely dangerous.”

Lake Parish Council says the tunnel could affect the stability of the cliffs and has recommended the application be refused.

Paul Brading, county councillor for Lake South and chair of the parish council, says local residents agree the work could be “dangerous” due to the instability of the cliff.

He said: “I have had several residents contact me expressing concern and I have really grave concerns about any work at all being done.

“There was a cliff fall in 2010, the last time someone tried to do work there. I just feel it’s very risky to do any work due to the cliff being very fragile.”


Tig Outlaw, a fellow county and parish councillor, was also “concerned” about the application, and said residents had contacted him with similar fears.

He explained that although “the integrity of the tunnel is sound”, his “real concern is the integrity of the cliff face”.

Tig continued: “I am absolutely against the application that would only be for one resident’s benefit.”

Shanklin resident Hilary Corr added: “The cliff is fragile, the tunnel is not required.

“Any actions that might destabilise the fragile cliff path are to be avoided at all costs.

“Please do not allow this potentially damaging scheme.”


But, others were in support of the plans.

Resident Sam Connelly, 47, director of an engineering company, said he was “strongly pro” the application.

He said: “I think this is wonderful, the house was always designed to have the home joined to the tunnel in 1911 when it was originally built.

“The cliff has not changed in a hundred years. We have glass negatives as evidence to support this, there is no difference between then and now.

“My personal opinion is that [the negative comments are] speculation and amateur opinion with no backing.

“If you look at the facts, the cliff face is absolutely sound – two independent structural geological reports have been undertaken on the cliff.

“We should be promoting people doing something good for the island and people upgrading their personal assets.


“The home is used as a quality rental where the type of people coming will eat out in the local restaurants and spend money in our shops. It is going to help revitalise tourism.

“It will help stabilise the cliff. These works will protect and lengthen the lifespan of our wonderful cliff path”.

And the Dances’ structural engineering consultants, Such Salinger Peters, argue that the tunnel would improve the stability of the cliff as it is built with steel-reinforced poured concrete, brickwork and waterproof membranes.

Geoff Long, a geologist who lives a few doors down, said: “Why shouldn’t someone want to do something nice on their property?

“Should we all have sterile lawns in front of our houses or can we actually add a bit of unique character to our properties?

“Can we not be a bit more neighbourly about this?”

Mr Dance declined to comment.

Paul Brading, county councillor for Lake South and chair of the parish council, said residents had contacted him expressing concern
Many are concerned further work will damage the cliff
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My Christmas decorations are so bright they give trolls a migraine, but I was once part of Mrs Hinch’s grey house gang

A MUM who’s house is so bright it ‘gives people migraines’ has revealed her VERY colourful Christmas decorations – and she can’t keep the neighbours away.

Natasha McBrinn, 31, shares snaps of her home in Ormskirk, West Lancs on Instagram where her original decor has earned her over 70,000 followers.

Natasha McBrinn’s decorations couldn’t be brighter
Natasha McBrinn
At Christmas, Nastasha goes one step further
Natasha McBrinn

And it seems that the maximalist home gets even more cluttered over the festive season with Tasha recently revealing her unique Christmas decorations.

Spending just £30 on Amazon, the mum-of-two has transformed her front door into the entrance of candyland with the help of 80 foil balloons in the shape of sweets and lollies – and it seems the neighbours can’t get enough.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Tasha says: “It is very different from a typical Christmas door.

“I’ve not had anybody say anything negative about them which is surprising as my house usually gets varying feedback.

“It’s the only decoration on our street at the moment. I’ve had all the neighbours around taking pictures and taking selfies, it’s mad.” 

But it’s not just the exterior of the home that’s receiving a Christmas makeover.

“I’m spray painting my Christmas tree black this year – I do a different colour every year – pink splodges this year,” Tasha says.

“I’ve also ordered a bespoke colourful tree, and I am going to repaint my landing black and white especially for it.

“My trees are highly anticipated by my followers because they’re such a spectacle. That’s why I do something different every year.

“I don’t do a traditional Christmas. Mine is covered in rubber ducks and sweets.”

But while Natasha’s Christmas decorations are a huge hit with her neighbours and followers alike, her wacky ‘cluttercore’ interiors have always divided opinion.

“I have people constantly telling me that my home gives them a migraine and claiming it would trigger their anxiety,” she says.

“I suffer with anxiety and I’m absolutely fine!

“Delivery men always have something to say but I don’t mind that, I find it weirder when people come in and don’t say anything because you can tell they’re holding back.”

I don’t do a traditional Christmas. Mine is covered in rubber ducks and sweets

Natasha McBrinn

It has taken Tasha three years to get her home to the colourful state it is currently in with every inch of her home covered in paint, murals and prints.

But the mum admits that previously her home had been a wash of grey and neutral tones, one that Mrs Hinch would be proud of. 

“While my house might be a splash of colour now, believe it or not, I used to be part of the grey house brigade”, she says.

“When we first moved into the home, my oldest son, now 15, is autistic so everything in my home had to be quite neutral.

“The most we could have in the living room was grey with hints of yellow in the wallpaper. 

“I gradually started adding yellow to the rug and he adapted really well and shortly after he was diagnosed with being colourblind.

“Initially I did a really colourful wallpaper and he was fine with it and I’ve gone from there – he barely notices my house.”

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With years of pent-up decorating inside her, Tasha quickly turned her home from monochrome to multicoloured with the mum never waiting long before she embarks on her next decorating project.

“I’m constantly decorating,” Tasha says.

“Nothing is ever permanent, I am always just itching to move things around.

“My husband Christopher, 35, is totally at ease with all the colour and constant change at this stage.

“Having lived in a grey home for so many years I felt like I had all this creativity pent up inside me that I needed to get out.

“The other week I was in a really bad mood and I needed to just chuck some paint so I just stood over my kitchen table and poured some all over my table and it looked amazing.”

Tasha’s incredible makeover has been something of a labour of love, however the transformation is unlikely to be permanent as the family is living in a rental property.

I have people constantly telling me that my home gives them a migraine and claiming it would trigger their anxiety

Natasha McBrinn

“Our landlord is a family friend and I’m very lucky that he lets me do whatever I want,” she says.

“The house is mine as long as I pay rent and he barely bats an eyelid.

“Not everyone is lucky and on my Instagram account I do share rental hacks using vinyl that can easily be removed rather than paint.

“The idea of having to paint over certain walls one day is upsetting.

“I would be most sad about losing my bedroom wall that I spent months achieving using a tiny paintbrush while I was heavily pregnant.”

While her hard work may not be permanent, Tasha says that will never stop her from expressing herself in her home.

“I’m a maximalist and I love clutter-core,” she says.

“It makes me feel safe in my house to have all my items that I love displayed, it’s my safe place.

“Colour is what brings me joy. I’m a very colourful and outgoing person so it makes me feel happy and settled to be surrounded by them.”

Previously, Tasha opted for grey decor
Natasha McBrinn
Natasha McBrinn

Now each room is bursting with colour and personality[/caption]

Natasha McBrinn

Even her kitchen is colourful[/caption]

Natasha McBrinn

Elsewhere, the bedroom is decorated with splashes of different colour[/caption]

Natasha McBrinn

If you thought the stairs would be boring, think again![/caption]

Natasha McBrinn

Despite some people’s comments, Tasha wouldn’t have it any other way[/caption]

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Two-bedroom house could be yours for just £5,000 – but wait until you see inside

THIS two-bedroom home could be yours for just £5,000 – but you may want to look inside first.

Boasting large, spacious and bright rooms, the Victorian-era home could offer the lucky buyer a fantastic investment opportunity.


Boasting large, spacious and bright rooms, the Victorian-era home could offer the lucky buyer a fantastic investment opportunity[/caption]


The scale of the damage is clear in the kitchen, which boasts a whopping crack that runs up the side and along the ceiling[/caption]

The new owner of the ordinary white mid-terrace home – up for auction – will be greeted by a large, fenced off front garden.

Walking through the front door leads into a sizeable entrance hall.

And a large lounge with a posh bay window and radiator offers a great living space at the front of the property.

Carrying on through the home, a dining area will offer the new owner a chance to entertain guests and show off your new home.

But there is a major catch: the vacant home is subject to substantial structural movement and will be sold as seen.

And significant cosmetic damage also plagues the property from top to bottom, HullLive reported.

The scale of the damage is clear in the kitchen, which boasts a whopping crack that runs up the side and along the ceiling.

Despite this, the kitchen comes fitted with base and wall units, surfaces and a sink.

Upstairs the problems persist, with a bathroom, that also has a toilet and basin, that boasts significant cosmetic damage to the wall.

Two reasonably-sized bedrooms are also found upstairs.

Out the back of the house a large, a brick-walled yard offers a blank slate for a landscaping project.

And while the mains services of water, gas and electric are connected, none of the services have been tested at the property.

The home on Lonsdale Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, will go under hammer at an auction held at Hull Ionians RUFC on January 25.


Out the back of the house a large, a brick-walled yard offers a blank slate for a landscaping project[/caption]

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I’m being kicked out of my home by my landlord… I’ll be dead in three days if I live on the streets – I’m terrified

A PENSIONER fears she will be made homeless within days after being kicked out of her home by her private landlord.

Shirley Gray, 68, says she would “never survive on the streets” as she and her sister face being booted out of their home within days.

Sisters Carol Fowler and Shirley Gray fear they could become homeless within days
NCJ Media

The 68-year-old and her sister Carol Fowler, 59, were served Section 21 eviction notices eight weeks ago when their private landlord decided to sell their home.

The pair, who have lived in the home in Stanley, Durham, for three years, have since been desperately bidding for properties in their local area to avoid homelessness.

But despite their efforts, their requests for a new place to live keep being rejected, a struggle that has left Shirley “so distressed”.

And with their notice expiring this weekend, the sisters and their dog Ziggy are urgently searching for a solution.

Shirley told Chronicle Live: “I would be dead within three days if I ended up on the streets. I’ve got COPD so there’s no way I could live outside.

“I’m so distressed, it’s awful, I can’t cope anymore.”

Shirley, who is in Band 2 due to urgent housing needs, says she has submitted around seven bids for a new property over the last two months.

But with each request getting rejected, Shirley says she is left confused and distraught as she receives no details about why her bids are failing.

She added: “I’m putting bids in but they’re just coming back unsuccessful, but I’m not being given the reason. There’s no help.

“There’s houses I bid for weeks ago and was unsuccessful for that are still standing empty. I just don’t understand how it works.”

Shirley, who works in a local care home, has been assigned a housing officer to assist her in finding a property.

But she said potential properties are always too far from her home in Stanley, Durham, leading her to reject them as they can’t fit her needs.

As she can’t drive, the pensioner needs to live locally so she can be close to her job in a care home.

Shirley also needs to live nearby to her niece, who she has been caring for since the passing of her mum in September.

I’m so distressed, it’s awful, I can’t cope anymore – I don’t know why they’re not offering us anything close by

Shirley Gray, 68

Despite being offered several properties, she says they are all well over an hour bus ride away, and the time is now ticking to find a new home before she is left on the streets.

She said: “They’re trying to get me to move miles and miles out of the area.

“I was born here, I work here. I can’t move out of the area and I know there’s properties standing empty for weeks but they’re not renting the properties out.”

Lynn Hall, Durham County Council’s strategic manager for housing, said: “As is the case nationwide, social housing is in extremely high demand and offers are made by priority need, with length of time waiting for a property considered when deciding who is successful with their bids.

“We are closely working with Shirley and Carol and they have an housing officer allocated to help them find new long term accommodation.

“This officer is exploring all options with them, with a view to finding a suitable and affordable property as soon as possible.

“These options include looking at neighbouring villages in the interests of trying to find accommodation as quickly as possible, as widening the geographical search increases the chances of success in accessing high demand social housing.”

NCJ Media

The desperate sisters are facing life on the streets alongside their dog Ziggy[/caption]

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I tested the viral 55p hack to help prevent condensation in your home this winter – the results really surprised me

HOMEOWNERS can experience problems with condensation and mould in the winter months.

Along with causing health issues, it can also be a very pricey problem to resolve.

I tested the viral 55p hack to help prevent condensation and mould in your home this winter & the results really surprised me,

Many people have been seeking quick and cheap solutions – and one woman named Sunny decided to put one of them to the test.

The mum-to-be took to TikTok and explained how she’d noticed condensation on the window in her little one’s nursery, so she decided to give the 55p Fairy liquid hack a go, which is meant to either reduce or stop condensation altogether.

In the clip, she begins: “As you can see, I’m using a microfibre cloth and kitchen roll to make sure it’s all dry, then I went in with Elbow Grease washing up liquid and a dry microfibre cloth.

She adds: “You just need a small amount and you want to smear it all over the window.”

In a second clip, Sunny can be seen going to check on the results first thing the next morning.

“I tried it out in the nursery window and let’s see if it works…and to my surprise it actually did!”

She continues: “So the washing up liquid is meant to form a barrier to stop the water from sticking to the window.

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“Obviously there are other ways that reduce or stop it altogether but this is an easy and cheap way to do it.

“You have to reapply it – I’ll probably do it once or twice a week – but give it a go!”

The videos have since racked up over 200,000 views and been flooded with comments.

“I need to try this it’s so bad in my house,” wrote one.

A second praised: “I also done this last night and window was dry as a bone this morning result.”

A third agreed: “I tried this last night just on my kids room….IT WORKED !!! I’ve just done all windows in house thanks for sharing.”

However, another person warned: “Surely the condensation will go elsewhere in the walls?”

Meanwhile, others suggested the other cheap methods they use to help prevent condensation.

“They sell dumidifier bags in pound shop sweetie there so good I used them in winter and in my dryer room,” advised one.

A second added: “Try normal table salt in a bowl.”

A third wrote: “Shaving foam is the best!”

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We moved into our £400k dream home but found 100 faults with it…walls are crumbling down & I can’t even sleep in our bed

A COUPLE who moved into their £400,000 new-build home are in a “nightmare” after discovering more than 100 faults with it.

Mum-to-be Kate Jackson, 32, from Churchdown, Gloucestershire, said she and her partner, who are expecting a baby in the new year, raised concerns when they went to view the property before moving in but say little is being done to rectify the issues.


The couple who moved into a new-build home claim to have found hundreds of things wrong with their property[/caption]


Bellway Homes say they are committed to rectifying the problems[/caption]

Kate and her partner had hoped moving into their new Bellway Homes property would be a happy occasion but say this has been overshadowed with workmen needing frequent access to the home.

Kate also says she was advised to not put her bed up in her room due to workmen needing access to the room, and so has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor and continues to do so while being 29 weeks pregnant.

Bellway has said they are committed to rectifying the issues Kate has identified.

Kate said: “We had a demo of the house a few days before we moved in.

“I picked up on a few problems, like for example the walls had two different shades of paint and lumps of plaster in the kitchen and the work surfaces were scratched.

“The sales person said because at that time, we did not own the building, we should put these concerns on the snag list. I did my own snag list and I have found nearly 100 faults with the house.”

While Kate said she would have expected some paint work to be done but added her kitchen and appliances were worryingly faulty.

Kate said: “I expected there to be some issues with paintwork however appliances in the home were faulty too.

“Even the washing machine did not work, the gas cooker keeps clicking like it would when you are trying to ignite it.

“The microwave was shooting sparks inside when you switched it on and there have been leaks under the sink and the cupboards are scratched with chunks out of them too.

“Doors are falling off the hinges and when they send someone in to paint walls which need doing, the plaster is crumbling off the walls as they are painting it.”

Kate also discovered an issue with the shower and says she was lucky she tested the temperature of the water beforehand.

She said: “I was about to have a however and tested the water and ended up burning my hand because the water was scalding. I emailed Bellway and they sent someone out to fix it but they had to go in through the spare bedroom wall to fix it.

“We were advised not to put our bed up in our room as they will need access to it to decorate it. I am pregnant and sleeping on a mattress on the floor, so can not even get a decent sleep at night.

“We moved in hoping we could get everything ready for the baby, but it has just been a nightmare. It has been months and the house is still not finished.

“I am constantly chasing them to get the work booked to be done, and the fact they say I have not allowed access is absolute rubbish.

“I am at the end of my tether with this. They do not seem to move to get these things sorted.”

A Bellway Homes spokesman said: “All new Bellway homes come with the benefit of a 10-year NHBC Buildmark Warranty, of which, the first two years are covered by Bellway for any defects within the home.

“Although some defects have been identified within their home, we refute the allegations being made and we have attempted to rectify the issues reported by the customer through post completion customer care.

“Unfortunately our attempts to rectify these have been made more difficult by the customer refusing access to our contractors to complete the scheduled remediation.

“Bellway is fully committed to remediating the issues identified, and have agreed to replace kitchen unit doors due to a design fault but in order to do so we require the co-operation of the customer.”


Cupboard handles aren’t alligned[/caption]


Kate says the plaster is crumbling off the walls[/caption]

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Savvy mum uses two household items to clean her blinds easily – and people can’t believe they didn’t think of it

WITH the family about to descend for Christmas, many of us are trying to get the house looking and smelling great. 

Luckily one savvy mum has shared her quick and easy trick for cleaning her blinds – and you’ve probably got everything you need at home. 

Chrissy regularly shares cleaning and parenting with her 114,000 followers
her hack involved using two socks and a pair of tongs to quickly clean your blinds

Chrissy, known online as @chrissy.j.xx, regularly shares cleaning and parenting tips with her 114,000 followers. 

In one of her recent videos, the cleaning pro shows how she uses a pair of odd socks and some kitchen tongs to remove any dirt and dust. 

“Let me show you something…

“Secure two clean socks with elastics…get your favourite cleaning product…spritz spritz.



Mum shares ‘genius’ way she dries washing – but people saying the same thing


Scrub Daddy fans can’t believe they’ve been using the viral sponge wrong

“I’m embarrassed by the ending.” 

During the 10-second video, Chrissy is seen securing two odd socks to a pair of kitchen tongs using elastic bands. 

She then sprays the socks with the Purdy & Figg Counter Clean. 

To clean her wooden blinds, she places the tongs on either side of each slat and wipes the length of it. 

Fans loved the quick and easy cleaning hack, with the video gaining more than 27,000 views. 

Although another TikTokker thinks she’s found an even easier way to do it – using a mop. 

In a recent video, professional cleaner Allison is seen filling a mop bucket with hot water and seven sprays of Gain power blast. 

Next, she gives the blinds a quick dust and then runs the damp mop over the closed blinds. 

Apparently, the speedy hack has halved the amount of time she usually spends on her windows. 

Her followers loved it, with one writing: “Cleaning the blinds with the mop, my mind is blown. Thank you!”

Cleaning hacks Digital Features Fabulous Fabulous Features Football News Homes Life Hacks News

Mrs Hinch fans share miracle £1 bathroom staple that’ll help prevent condensation and mould this winter

IN the winter months, it’s likely that many homeowners will experience issues with condensation and mould.

Finding a solution can often be pricey, which isn’t ideal at the best of times, let alone when there’s a cost-of-living crisis.


A woman took to a Mrs Hinch-inspired Facebook group and asked for advice on how to get rid of mould this winter. Pictured, stock image[/caption]

But luckily, avid cleaning fans have taken to a Mrs Hinch-inspired Facebook to share several handy hacks that can help banish condensation and prevent mould this winter.

And best of all – they cost as little as £1.

As reported by The Express, the initial post that sparked the conversation read: “I’ve just cleared lots of black mould off my bedroom wall.

“Do I leave my bedroom window open all the time (just a little) or open only in the morning etc?

“Also, can I have my radiator on? Or will the heat make the mould grow back quicker? The mould is on the wall with the radiator (I think we have damp).”

And the woman wasn’t short of answers as cleaning fans flooded to the comments section with suggestions – and one may just surprise you…

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One person recommended using mouth wash, which can be bought for as little as £1.

“Original Listerine mouth wash stops it regrowing – leave window open a little for airflow a few times a week,” they advised.

Elsewhere, a second noted: “We have the same. I bought a fan heater from Amazon that has dried out the walls.

“I make sure I wipe any condensation from the windows every day and leave the window open for about 20 mins a day to air the room.”

A third penned: “I had mould in my smallest bedroom, once cleaned, I kept the door and window closed and just had my timed heating on. It has never come back.”

Meanwhile, a fourth added: “I keep my windows on fresh air vent during the day in winter and only close the windows when heating is on.”