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I’m A Celebrity 2022 was the hardest show in seven years as stars got 11% less stars than Wales series

I’M A Celeb’s stars were given the toughest tasks for nearly ten years, it can be revealed.

The class of 2022 missed out on meals after the likes of Chris Moyles, Charlene White and Babatunde Aleshe crumbled in front of the critters.

The 2022 series of I’m A Celebrity as the hardest series of the show in seven years

Both series in Wales appear to be significantly easier for the celebs[/caption]

This years campmates picked up over 10% less stars than the last series in the Welsh castle

According to The Sun’s calculations, this year’s crop on I’m A Celebrity found won 74.27% of the available stars, the lowest percentage since 2016’s series.

Overall, the list of names – which include 80s music superstar Boy George – managed to keep 153 stars out of the available 206.

Jill Scott and Mike Tindall both fared the best in trials as the camp missed out on no meals when they both competed.

The stars of this year, which also included former Rugby Union star Mike Tindall and Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock missed out on 53 stars in all the trials.


grin and bare it

Charlene White says she and Sue were forced to strip naked in I’m A Celeb


Zara Tindall and I’m a Celeb star share tender embrace as they meet at last

In Wales – where the show had filmed for the previous two years – the roster of names fared much better with seemingly easier challenges away from the jungle.

Celebs in the Gwrych Castle managed to pick up 85 per cent of the stars available in 2021 – 10.99 better than in the jungle in 2022.

Louise Minchin and Snoochie Shy did the best as neither lost out on a single star in any trial they participated in.

The 2021 roster of stars, which also included the likes of GMB’s Richard Madeley and Emmerdale actor Danny Miller, only missed out on 23 stars out of a total 156 available.

In the previous year the celebs didn’t do as well, but still managed to get significantly more of what was available than the likes of Corrie’s Sue Cleaver and Scarlette Douglas this year.

2020’s series included names such as Radio DJ Jordan North, TV presenter Vernon Kay and Strictly’s AJ Pritchard, who managed to to pick up just over 84 pre cent of what was available.

The likes of Victoria Derbyshire and Shane Richie managed to pick up 165 stars out of an available 196.

Meanwhile Mo Farah and Hollie Arnold struggled more in the trials as they missed out on 31 stars.

Earlier series still fared much better than the celebs who have just left the jungle.

The last series in Australia before the pandemic in 2019 saw celebrities such as Nadine Coyle and Jacqueline Jossa pick up 83% of the available meals for camp.

Although Mike Tindall did significantly better than his friend and fellow rugby player James Haskell.

Mike only missed out on one star in the whole series whereas his friend missed out on 12 stars in the trials he participated in.

Chris Moyles fared the worst of this year, only 48% of the stars were won of all the trials he participated in
The cast of 2021 picked up over 85% of the stars available, nearly 11% more than the 2022 series in the jungle
Ant and Dec have been overseen two decades worth of Busktucker Trials
Mike Tindall did significantly better than his friend and fellow rugby player James Haskell
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Diversity’s Perri Kiely reveals Jordan Banjo tells him I’m A Celeb ‘horror stories’ – despite doing All-Star series

HE’S a successful dancer and reality star who’s often linked with I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

But Diversity’s Perri Kiely, 26, admits his close pal Jordan Banjo’s “horror stories” from his time in camp are more than a little off-putting.

instagram/@ ealperrikiely

Jordan Banjo has told Perri Kiely ‘horror stories’ about I’m A Celebrity[/caption]


Perri has teamed up with Trainline for a new sustainable fashion campaign[/caption]

Jordan was fourth to leave the jungle in 2016
Rex Features

The Dancing On Ice runner-up previously said he’d be up for the jungle challenge once it returned to Australia from its temporary home of Gwrych Castle in Wales.

But now the first series down under in two years has wrapped, he’s starting to rue his words.

In an exclusive interview to promote a new Trainline campaign, he says: “I think a part of me was maybe hoping it was going to stay in Wales, but now it’s back in Australia I’ve probably spoken too soon… I’ll just say I’ll go, send me to Australia.

“A lot of people recently have asked me about I’m A Celeb, especially because Jord’s been in the jungle, but all Jord tells me is horror stories. I’ve got people saying ‘you should go in’ and then I’ve got Jord’s telling me ‘no, it’s the worst decision ever’. So I would like the challenge of I’m A Celeb, but if Jord’s talking to me before I go in, I think I might bottle it.”



Zara Tindall and I’m a Celeb star share tender embrace as they meet at last


I’m A Celeb’s Mike Tindall enjoys family day out with wife Zara after show

Jordan, 29, was the fourth celebrity to leave camp back in 2016.

Despite his terror tales, he is returning for a second bite at jungle life in next year’s All-Stars series alongside the likes of Amir Khan and Helen Flanagan.

Meanwhile socially conscious Perri is currently backing a new fashion collaboration between Trainline and sustainable clothing brand RÆBURN to create a bespoke track-suit inspired by the prints found on train seats across the UK.

Perri loved modelling the design – made from deadstock material – on a train carriage, and the print is so accurate he blended in effortlessly with the seats.

It was an easy campaign for him to get on board with, after new research revealed two-thirds of 18-24-year-olds see living sustainably as something to aspire to.

He said: “It feels so many people are talking about saving the planet these days and talking about recycling. This is our future we’re talking about, the future I’m living in that all my friends’ kids are gonna be living in.

“We’ve got to chip in and do our bit, and even doing small campaigns like this, each person getting involved and taking these pledges, trying to change their mode of transport to trains. All these little things as an individual helps. If I can be a small part of it then I’m absolutely here for it.”

Trainline has chosen to donate 100 per cent of the proceeds from the partnership to WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). When purchasing a track-suit, customers will also receive a promotional code to apply for a free digital railcard (up to three-year – RRP £70) to help them to continue to make more sustainable travel choices.

Perri Kiely was the first to model the new track-suit designed by Christopher Raeburn in collaboration with Trainline. The track-suits are part of a campaign to encourage more people to travel by train and are available to buy here, with all proceeds donated to the WWF:


Jordan and Perri have successful media careers[/caption]


Perri believes small individual acts can make a collective impact on the environment[/caption]

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Matt Hancock opens up on I’m A Celeb bullying row and reveals truth behind his relationship with Boy George

MATT Hancock has revealed what he really thought of his fellow I’m a Celeb contestants – and the truth behind his relationship with Boy George.

The former Health Secretary has said he did not feel “bullied” by his campmates on the ITV show after he faced a grilling over his behaviour during the pandemic.

Matt Hancock has revealed what he thought of his fellow contestants
He finished in third place and was greeted by girlfriend Gina Coladangelo

Hanock, 44, was questioned by his fellow contestants on the reality show, including Culture Club frontman Boy George and ITV broadcaster Charlene White, following his arrival in the Australian jungle.

Following his return to the UK, he said the group’s view of him had “softened over time”.

More than 1,000 complaints were made to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom over his participation in the show, while others expressed concerns to the body about how he was being treated by the other contestants.

He told MailOnline: “I didn’t feel bullied at all in the jungle.

“I formed an extraordinary bond with Seann Walsh in a short period of time, and then it took a few days to work through and develop relationships with the rest of the campmates.

“Whatever he says about me, I think Boy George is wonderful and I did not expect to say that about him because we have very different backgrounds, to say the least.

“It took us a few days but we had, what I would call, grown-up, respectful discussions.

“Some of them, I could tell, didn’t take to me straightaway but it -softened over time. Being in the jungle also gives you lots of time to think about what really matters. I thought about how much I care for the people I really love.”

Hancock has faced criticism from opposition politicians and from within his own party for joining the show, with the Tory whip suspended.

He said that each day the public voted for him to remain he was “really pleased” but missed his children “desperately” and felt “guilty” about being away from his partner Gina Coladangelo, with whom he conducted an affair breaking coronavirus social distancing rules.

Hancock also told how he and Gina have endured a “shockingly awful” 18 months since what he branded the “affaire de coeur [love affair]”.

He said: “It’s been absolutely horrific, especially for Gina.

“I’ve had an absolute bucket of s**t poured over my head.”

The Sun published video footage of Hancock and Gina passionately kissing his office as Covid gripped the UK.

He admitted his political judgement was “off” but said he was “deeply in love” with the aide.

They grew close while working on the pandemic together but Hancock said their feelings developed in April last year.

He insists they did not have physical contact until the following month.

Hancock revealed they “wrestled with their consciences” for six weeks before deciding they wanted to “make a life together”.

Since then he has been in a relationship with Gina, who waited for him on the bridge when he left the jungle.

He said it was “wonderful” to see her as it has “not been easy” for him or his family.

The MP claimed he entered the reality show as he wanted the public to look at him as a “human” and not the “face of the pandemic”.

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I’m A Celeb star Owen Warner reveals major moment that was never shown on screen

I’M A Celeb runner-up Owen Warner has revealed there was a major moment with him in the jungle that ITV viewers never saw.

Speaking on today’s Loose Women, the hunky Hollyoaks actor admitted he almost quit the jungle in unseen scenes.


Owen told Loose Women that he almost walked from camp[/caption]

The star revealed he initially struggled with his confidence against more well-known stars

Asked by panellist Nadia Sawalha if there were ever times he wanted to “run” from camp, the reality star admitted: “Yeah, there were a few times when I thought ‘what am i doing here’ with so many amazing people talking about their careers and I didn’t know what I had to offer.”

As well as Nadia, Owen was quizzed by Stacey Solomon, Kaye Adams and Judi Love on today’s episode.

When Stacey commented on how he appeared to have “no agenda” in the jungle, he confirmed there was no game plan.

“I had no agenda, it was a bucket list thing and to meet Ant and Dec,” Owen smiled. “I expected to be one of the first ones out and I was more than happy with that.”

Later in the show there was an emotional moment as Owen was surprised by his camp mate and Loose Women host Charlene White.

While Charlene was not on Friday’s panel, she sneaked out during the interview to surprise her pal and the two exchanged a massive hug.

“She really looked after me [in the jungle].” Owen explained. “I’m so close to my family and to not have anyone but to have someone like Charlene was just amazing.”

He continued: “She wasn’t pushing me or trying to drill what was wrong with me – she was just cheering me up. Having someone like that in the jungle was just beautiful.”

Owen’s appearance on Loose Women comes after winner Jill Scott revealed she broke camp rules to help out Owen with his hunger.

The former Lioness admitted she was more than happy to assist the Hollyoaks actor in camp with extra rations.

Speaking to the Mirror, Jill admitted that the pair were very close in I’m A Celebrity, as she said: “He felt like my little brother in there.

“I was always trying to give him an extra spoonful of rice.”

Nadia asked him if he ever wanted to run from camp
He was surprised by his pal Charlene during the chat

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Chris Moyles reveals I’m A Celebrity moment that was ‘so bad’ it was cut from show and never shown on screen

I’M A Celebrity star Chris Moyles has been busy spilling the camp’s secrets after returning to his radio show.

The DJ, 48, told listeners that there was a trial that went so calamitously that it was never even shown.

Chris Moyles started spilling I’m A Celeb secrets on his Radio X show
He explained some of the goings-on in camp that were never seen on screen

He explained that he and Scarlette Douglas did a Dingo Dollar challenge that producers opted to axe entirely.

Speaking on Radio X today, Chris explained: “We were so bad at winning the treats in the Dingo Dollar Deals on Wheels challenges.

“Scarlette and I did a challenge and they didn’t even show it – that’s how bad we were.”

Chris has proved one of I’m A Celeb’s worst performers, twice returning from trials with one star.

He went on to explain that the campmates even failed to show at the wrap party – with Mike Tindall organising an alternative bash instead.

Chris said: “Yeah, we didn’t go. I’ll tell you why we didn’t go. It’s about a 45/50 minute drive from the hotel.

“It happens on Monday night and bearing in mind with the time difference, the final is Monday morning, right.

“Those three finalists, they get worked really hard all day, and so we were absolutely going to go but Mike then organised two massive tables at the restaurant.

“So what was lovely was every single campmate and their other half or friends and family went to this dinner.

“So it was me and Tiff, it was Matt Hancock and his missus, it was Seann Walsh and his girlfriend Grace.

“It was everybody, so every campmate, and their friends and family went and just us, we just had dinner on our own.”

Chris said his trial with TV host Scarlette never made it to air

I’m A Celebrity 2022 – here’s everything you need to know

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Royal Zara Tindall organised boozy I’m A Celeb party that saw Matt Hancock ‘snubbed’, campmate reveals

THE raucous ‘final meal’ enjoyed by I’m A Celeb’s stars was organised by Mike Tindall with his wife Zara.

I’m A Celeb 2022 wrapped up last weekend after Lioness Jill Scott was crowned queen of the jungle.


I’m A Celeb’s Mike Tindall’s wife Zara organised their boozy party[/caption]

Zara met Mike on the iconic bridge when he was voted out

After three long weeks in camp, the cast let their hair down on a boozy night out.

I’m A Celeb star Charlene White, 42, who was first to be booted off the show, revealed all the finer details of the party.

Speaking on Loose Women, Charlene opened up about what happened to her co-stars Denise Welch, Linda Robson and Carol McGiffin.

And it was one of the star’s partners who organised it all.

She said: “We had a very raucous night out on our last night with both Mike and Zara, who arranged it for us.

“Not the official party but they arranged one separately. They booked the table and 26 of us all went out for dinner.

“And I have to say, Zara is definitely one of us.

“She is definitely one of us! Her feet were really sore when we went out, and she was debating if she should go back to the hotel and get her trainers – but she decided to go barefoot.

“She’s one of us!”

Mike – who placed fourth on the show – has been married to the King‘s niece Zara Phillips since 2011.

But Matt Hancock wasn’t part of the fun.

A feud between the former Health Secretary and the rest of his co-stars has seemingly been confirmed after he was missing from their boozy end-of-series dinner.

Matt Hancock did not join his fellow jungle stars for the outing, which took place on Monday evening in Queensland.

Loose Women star Charlene White shared a snap of the gang enjoying the night out on her social media.

“Last one’s standing. Brilliant final meal to officially mark the end of our crazy @imacelebrity experience. It was a blast,” the 42 year-old ITV newsreader wrote.

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Chris Moyles takes brutal swipe at Matt Hancock on I’m a Celebrity coming out show

CHRIS Moyles took a brutal swipe at Matt Hancock on the I’m a Celebrity coming out show tonight.

The radio presenter, 48, couldn’t help but throw shade at the former Health Secretary after he was booted out of the jungle.

Brian Roberts

Chris Moyles made a cheeky comment about Matt Hancock on the I’m a Celebrity coming out show[/caption]

Universal News & Sport

Chris made his opinion on Matt very clear during his time on the show[/caption]

Chris placed sixth on this year’s series of I’m A Celeb.

After the DJ was greeted on the famous bridge by Tiffany Austin, he headed back to JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort and Spa in Queensland to see the rest of his campmates.

He treated to plenty of cheers when he arrived – however Chris told his former campmates to tone it down.

Chris told them: “Stop! I’m not Matt Hancock.”

The star made it very clear about his opinion on the MP during his stint on the show – both in and out of the jungle.

When he was voted off the show, Chris shared his shock at being less popular than the politician.

He told Ant and Dec: “I’m gutted that Matt Hancock is more popular than me.”

“Why am I out and he’s still in?”, Chris added.

Most recently he opted for radio silence towards one of his I’m A Celeb campmates in a secret sign of a feud.

While he is following many of his co-stars on Instagram, Matt’s account is noticeably absent from his following list.

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I’m A Celeb fans cringe as Matt Hancock and girlfriend Gina’s awkward on-air moment caught on camera

I’M A Celebrity’s Matt Hancock and girlfriend Gina Coladangelo were caught having an awkward on-air conversation after leaving the jungle.

The former Health Secretary, 44, enjoyed a passionate display with his partner Gina on the I’m A Celeb bridge after coming third on the ITV show.

Matt Hancock and girlfriend Gina were caught having a private conversation

The pair whispered to each other while the cameras were still rolling[/caption]


Gina expressed her worries after Matt’s jungle exit[/caption]

On tonight’s Coming Out show, the couple were filmed having an intimate chat while the cameras were still rolling.

While the pair enjoyed a long embrace on the bridge, Matt told his former aide: “You look amazing, I love you so much.

“I’m so sorry it’s been this long,” to which Gina replied: ” It’s been awful.”

Matt reassured her:” It’s going to be great from here on in.”

Gina grunted and said: “You don’t know what lies ahead.”

After the couple excited the bridge, Matt was keen to find out more about the public reaction to his stint in the jungle and asked: “Has it been hard work?”

A deflated Gina sighed, to which Matt said: “We’ll talk about it.”

The mum-of-three remarked: “I’ve got so much to tell you; I can’t even begin.”

Matt confidently replied: “I’m ready.”

Matt was interested to know how he came across in the jungle during a car ride to the production site.

He asked: “Of course I’m curious to how it’s gone, was I authentically me?”

Gina replied: “It took a few days I felt for you to relax.” 

Matt added: “When I was being grilled in the early days, I felt like people were asking me on behalf of the British public. I knew going in it would be controversial, but I also know millions of people have voted for me.”

The self-confessed karaoke fan belts out an Ed Sheeran track later in the journey, much to Gina’s embarrassment.

Keen for more feedback back at the hotel, Matt asked: “Did I look cool doing the Terminator walk?”

Gina diplomatically laughed: “It was special.”

While the reunited couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other, including at the series wrap party, they ended up on separate flights home.

We revealed Matt didn’t return to the UK with Gina because he had a big-money interview to see to first.

However, he ended up being homeward bound just six hours after his other half.

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Sue Cleaver reveals secret sign she used to communicate with her grandchildren on I’m a Celebrity – did you spot it?

SUE Cleaver has revealed the secret sign she used to communicate with her grandchildren while in the jungle.

The Coronation Street star, 59, was the third person to leave I’m a Celebrity this year and made sure that while she was Down Under the kids knew she was thinking of them.


Sue was reunited with husband Brian in the coming out show[/caption]


And revealed her secret signal for her grandkids watching at home[/caption]


The actress would tap her chest to send a message to them[/caption]

During tonight’s Coming Out show actress Sue was reunited with her husband Brian.

As the caught up over tea and cakes, he said: “It was good that you did the secret sign to the grandkids.”

A surprised Sue showed off the signal and patted her chest as she asked: “Did they see it?”

After a montage played of Sue tapping her chest in the jungle, Brian assured her the message had been received.

More on I’m a Celebrity


I’m a Celeb’s Charlene breaks down in tears as she’s reunited with campmate


Here’s what time the I’m A Celebrity coming out show is on tonight

She previously revealed a routine that she performed every night before bed in the jungle.

Sue opened up on the routine while doing a Q&A on social media, and said: “You always had to put your shoes upside down as you never knew what would be in them in the morning.”

After leaving the camp, Sue had a tearful reunion with campmate pal Charlene White.

News anchor Charlene, 42, and Sue grew close during their time slumming it in the Aussie bush.

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Fans all have the same complaint as I’m a Celeb’s Sue Cleaver makes grim admission

I’M A Celeb fans all had the same complaint after Sue Cleaver made a grim admission.

The Corrie star – who placed ninth on this year’s series of the show – made a number of comments about her toilet habits during her stint in the jungle.

I’m A Celeb fans all said the same thing about Sue Cleaver during tonight’s episode
The soap star made the confession during a chat with Charlene White and Scarlette Douglas

During tonight’s instalment of the show, the episode followed each celebrity as they were voted off.

Sue reunited with her son Elliot at the famous bridge, and later with her husband James at their hotel room.

She told her other half that she had never farted so much in her life.

“You fart, but you don’t follow through,” Sue told James.

The next day she reunited with Scarlette Douglas and Charlene White for a cocktail by the pool.

The trio were discussing how much food they had enjoyed since returning to normality.

Sue confessed that she hadn’t had much – and made a shock confession.

She said: “Today though, I forced myself, because I still haven’t been, girls.”

Charlene gasped: “Still? Are you serious? No number twos?”

Fans watching at home couldn’t believe that she shared such information to the rest of the nation.

One said on Twitter: “Should rename this to ‘#ImACeleb: Sue’s Bowl movements’.”

Another wrote: “Sue’s still talking about having a s**t hahaha #ImACeleb.”

“They seem to catch Sue chatting about having a s**t on camera every time lmao #ImACeleb,” a third chimed in.