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I’m a mum-of-nine, my kids eat so much I’ve had to build a supermarket in my cellar

HAVING children will pull at any parents’ purse strings and the more they grow, the more money you’ll spend. 

If you’re a mum or dad, you’ll know how fast kids can hoover up your food, use up household essentials like loo roll and shower gel and fill a wash basket full of laundry. 

YouTube,/Jamerrill Stewart

Jamerrill’s underground grocery store helps feed her nine hungry kids[/caption]

One mum has got it harder than most with an incredible nine children to care for. 

Jamerrill Stewart from the US happily shares how she supports her family-of-11. 

To make food shopping and meal prep less of a stress, she’s built a full-on supermarket underneath her house. 

In a recent YouTube video, she gave her loyal followers a very special tour. 

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She captioned the 40-minute clip: “By long-awaited request. I’m finally getting around to giving you the full tour of the growing grocery store in my basement!

“This is a large family food storage tour. Don’t be scared. I’m a mom of 9. I feed my large family of 11 all day, every day. We work from home, homeschool, and serve up about 84 meals and 60 snacks for 11 people a month (that’s over 920 meal-time servings and over 660 snack servings a month!). 

“I hope you enjoy today’s building a grocery store in my basement tour!”

Jamerrill regularly shares her meal prep and bulk freezer recipes online – as well as her monster shopping trips. 

But what lies beneath her home is astonishing.

“You’re going to see a lot of tomato products,” she warns, standing in front of a refrigerated shelf. “I’ll use 15 to 20 cans for a chilli – I do big stock pots and many other mega-mumma recipes with all this food in here.” 

Jamerrill leads viewers around her impressive cellar, where floor-to-ceiling shelves hold stacks of tinned meat and vegetables, jam, sauce and seasoning. 

She brings the oldest items to the front of the shelf, to make sure nothing goes to waste. 

The mum shows off her tinned shelf, and explains her labelling process along with sandwich-making for a family of 11. 

“We can take a whole stack of bread and make 22 sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly – and they last in the car for hours,” she explains. 

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She also has a whole shelf of bulk-bought apple sauce, and at least 60 cans of chicken chunks ready for mealtime. 

Among multiple cans of hotdogs, mushrooms and soup are towers of baked beans stacked precariously right up to the ceiling. 

“The beans are deep and wide,” she exclaims, zooming in on her collection. “If I’m doing soups or chilli I can use 15 cans easily.”

There’s at least 15 pots of mustard, hundreds of ziplock food bags and over 100 toilet rolls. 

“I have a whole big shelf at the bottom dedicated to baby items and there’s diapers up here in the paper plate section,” she says, holding up endless stacks of paper plates. “But believe me, this is highly, highly organised.”

There’s an easy way for Jamerrill to know if she needs to top up on any items. 

“If the shelf is empty, it’s empty,” she states. “I’ve probably got about 12 bottles of hand soap, and a box of extra toothbrushes and toothpaste.

“I’m also freeze-drying my own food and my leftovers,” she reveals. “I’ve learned some things. We have a good pantry storage amount of fruits and vegetables, soups, salmon, chicken, tuna and spices, coffee, vinegar and peanut butter – we roll through that.”

For anyone with a big family, Jamerrill is certainly an inspiration. 

YouTube,/Jamerrill Stewart

She has shelves full of tinned produce and a surplus of apple sauce[/caption]

YouTube,/Jamerrill Stewart

Jamerrill can use up to 15 tins of baked beans at one time[/caption]

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I’m a parenting expert & sleep pro – the ‘rule of threes’ that tells you when your toddler is REALLY ready for a big bed

YOUR toddler looks like they’re fast outgrowing their cot bed – but how can you be sure they’re ready for a big bed?

Well, according to parenting and sleep expert Lucy Wolfe, there are three boxes you need to check first.


How can you tell if your child is ready to go from their cot or cot bed to a “big bed”?[/caption]

Lucy opened up to Zoe Blaskey on The Motherkind Podcast as part of their Toddler Milestone Series with Baby Annabell.

“For me, if at all possible, I try and avoid the transition to the big bed until perhaps I have the rule of threes,” Lucy said.

“And it is this.

“I love the idea that your child is older than three, because developmentally we know that they are able to process the information and not only process the information but see it through.

“So impulse control – I ask you to do something and maybe you’re able to do it.

“Whereas often before 2.5 or 3, I ask them to do it, they understand what I’ve said but they can’t necessarily see it through.

“For example, stay in the garden, don’t go out the gate, hold my hand, don’t touch the hot surface.

“That skill starts to manifest closer to 2.5/3, so again I’m might then say ‘Stay in your bed, don’t get out’, is more manageable for a slightly older child.

“So I like the idea that they might be over three.”

Next, Lucy likes the idea that the child is nap free.

“So I’ve no more naps so I don’t need to worry about trying to wrestle them into a bed in the middle of the day,” she said.

And her third rule is that the child is nappy free.

“The reason behind that is, now I really know, you’ve got an instruction and you can see it through,” she continued.

“You’ve learned how to wait so if I said, ‘wait, i’m going to go to the bathroom, I’m going to go away and then I’m going to come back and check on you’, I know that they’ve learned that skill because they’re toilet trained as well.

“That’s my ideal setting because then I feel it can be a much smoother transition.”

But that’s not to say that you can’t transition your child before the age of three.

Lucy said she’s had clients’ children around 18 months who were alreayd sleeping in a big bed.

However, if a younger child is becoming “unsafe” around their cot, Lucy finds herself getting “curious” about the reasons why.

And if they aren’t ticking her “rule of threes” checklist, she tries to investigate that.

“I might stay with them and teach them how to be in the cot one more time,” she added.

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Was Kirstie Alley married and did she have children?

KIRSTIE Alley’s friends, family and fans have been left devastated at the sad news of her death.

She lived an incredible life, which also included being married and having children, before passing away aged 71.


The late Kirstie Alley seen here with her second husband Parker Stevenson in 1990[/caption]

Was Kirstie Alley married?

Bob Alley

During her life, Kirstie was married twice, with her first husband being her high-school sweetheart, Bob Alley.

The young couple were wed in 1970, and remained together for seven years before divorcing in 1977.

Not much is known about Bob, and the pair didn’t have any children together.

However, in an interview in 2012, Kirstie revealed that she did fall in love with another man during the time they were married.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she said: “I didn’t have sex, but I think it was worse when you fall in love with someone else, when you’re with someone, and you’re plotting and you’re planning.”

Parker Stevenson

Kirstie met her second husband Parker Stevenson in 1981 at a restaurant in Los Angeles, and they went onto wed in 1983.

Sadly, their marriage ended in 1997, with Kirstie telling Entertainment Weekly that they had “different goals in life.”

Parker confirmed this in an interview with People by telling the outlet that they were “exact opposites.”

Did Kirstie Alley have children?

During her life Kirstie adopted two children with her second husband Parker, after suffering a miscarriage.

In 1992, they adopted their son, William True, and then three years later in 1995, daughter Lillie Price joined the family.

While Kirstie and Parker split in 1997, the family remained close.

Kirstie often talked about her children, who appeared on her reality series, Kirstie Alley’s Big Life, in their teens.

In 2010, she told Yahoo: “It’s 100 percent my responsibility to [release] them into the world with as much knowledge and survival tactics as I possibly can.

“Love is also key. No matter what they do, love them but don’t spoil them and make them into brats — that does them a great disservice. [My kids] aren’t going to be entitled or get anything they want in life; they’re going to earn it.”

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Strictly legend Russell Grant undergoes five-hour surgery to remove brain tumour

STRICTLY legend Russell Grant has undergone five-hour surgery to have a brain tumour removed – and it has saved his eyesight.

The 71-year-old astrologer went under the knife to have a lump taken out of his pituitary gland, and now he isn’t allowed to blow his nose or sneeze for six months to avoid disturbing the area.

Russell Grant has undergone five hour surgery to remove a tumour
Rex Features
PA:Press Association

The star is well-loved for his time on Strictly[/caption]

He also cannot travel for half a year as part of his post-op recovery.

Russell said: “I am now on the road to recovery. There are a few complications to sort out so the post-op stuff has already started.”

The star admitted next on his operation “to do list” is to get his knee done.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “As you know I saw something pretty major coming when giving my lecture in Blackpool on December 1, 2019, so I was prepared.

“I didn’t shout about the growth as I’d been waiting for a knee operation which was due Easter 2020, so many of you would have presumed I was going in for that.

“COVID ruined that. So it’s next on my list of ‘Things to do’.”

Russell finished eighth on the ninth series of ‘Strictly’ in 2011, but his time on the Latin and ballroom show was hampered by a knee issue.

After rumours that Russell might exit the show early because of the injury, it was confirmed he would postpone any surgery until after the show.

A spokeswoman for Strictly Come Dancing said in November 2011: “Russell has decided he wants to postpone his procedure until Strictly has finished.”

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I’ve just found out I’M the neighbour from hell after getting an email from the woman next door – I feel awful

WE often hear about people who are annoyed with their neighbours and the amount of noise they make.

But one woman was left feeling mortified when she found out that SHE was the “neighbour from hell”, after receiving an email from the woman next door.


Michelle was left feeling awful when she received an email from her neighbour complaining about her fire alarm going off[/caption]


As well as being irritated by the noise, the woman was worried about Michelle’s wellbeing as she could see the light was on[/caption]

“I just found out that I am the neighbour from hell and I feel terrible,” Michelle began her TikTok video.

“I was out last night and I woke up to an email from my neighbour that came through at around 9.45, being like ‘Hey Michelle, your fire alarm has been going off for hours now and your light’s on, so I’m concerned that you’re home and that there’s been an accident’.”

Because Michelle doesn’t check her emails at that time, her neighbour ended up having to call the police.

But while they were talking to the police, another neighbour who had a key to her flat opened it up, and they were relieved to discover she wasn’t at home.

“My neighbour literally just took my fire alarm off my ceiling so that it doesn’t keep going off in the middle of the night,” she continued.

“But apparently it was going off for like 5 hours and even the noise is just irritating – I feel terrible.

“And I’m just like, I’m that person that you b**ch to your friends about.”

She concluded by admitting that the final email she received from her neighbour – where she explained why she’d taken the alarm out – made her feel even worse.

“It was just like, ‘I’m so glad you’re okay’,” Michelle recalled.

“She was just genuinely concerned about me!”

People in the comments section were quick to reassure Michelle that the situation didn’t make her the neighbour from hell.

“I mean you would be if you were there and you let it go for hours,” one wrote.

“But you were not there, so you are not the neighbour from hell.”

“This… is not being the neighbour from hell… those would be deliberately making loud noise at 3pm or some ish like that,” another added.

As a third agreed, writing: “You’re only the neighbour from hell if you did it intentionally.”


What made things even worse was the fact that her neighbour was so genuinely concerned about her wellbeing[/caption]

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UK weather: Snow to hit today as ‘Troll from Trondheim’ brings freezing temps & Met Office releases travel chaos warning

BRITS are braced for snow today as the ‘Troll from Trondheim’ looms, with the Met Office issuing a weather warning for travel chaos.

The white stuff is predicted to hit the UK with the cold snap due to a freezing storm known as the ‘Troll of Trondheim’ sweeping in from Norway.

Jordan Crosby

Snow already fell in Cumbria on Sunday[/caption]

Jordan Crosby

A man braves walking through the winter snow in Cumbria[/caption]

MET Office

A yellow weather warning for snow has been put in place by the Met Office[/caption]

And it means snow could even hit parts of the country today with Scotland being the worst affected.

The Met Office said that showers would affect northern and eastern coastal counties and become “increasingly wintry across northern Scotland” with snow beginning to accumulate on hills.

Elsewhere today the forecaster predicted Brits to enjoy sunny spells but warned that the weather would be very chilly.

Tonight’s weather is also expected to bring freezing conditions with more snow expected across the north of Scotland.

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Woman suffers life-changing injuries in stabbing before man knifed in 2nd attack

And a yellow weather warning for snow has been issued for all of tomorrow for northern Scotland.

The Met Office warned that commuters could face increased journey times with roads and railways facing the brunt of the delays.

It comes as the weather service issued an urgent level 3 cold weather warning with temperatures set to plunge as low as -10C in some parts of the nation.

An amber alert warns of wintry weather between 6pm tomorrow and 9am on Monday December 12, with social and healthcare services told to take action to protect high-risk groups.

The forecasters said that air from the Arctic will spread south across the nation, with very cold and frosty nights expected from the middle of the week.

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Rebekah Sherwin, said: “Temperatures will start to dip this week, with daytime temperatures struggling to get above freezing in many places from mid-week onwards.

“However, the cold air from the Arctic will also bring brighter conditions, with some dry, sunny spells in many areas, particularly away from the coast.

“Showers will turn more wintry as the week goes on with a risk of snow at times. A yellow National Severe Weather Warning for snow has been issued for Wednesday covering northern Scotland.

“We can expect to see some snow and wintry showers further south as the week progresses, particularly in coastal areas or over higher ground.

“There will be widespread frosts with temperatures falling to as low as -10°C overnight in isolated spots by the end of the week.”

The Met Office also warned that the weather could “disrupt the delivery of services”.

Wintry showers are likely in coastal areas and very cold nights are expected, with heavy frosts likely.

Daytime temperatures persisting near or just above freezing, with overnight temperatures continuing to trend downwards, said the forecasters.

Snow is even forecast in the coming weeks, sparking hopes of a White Christmas.

The Met’s long range forecast for December 19 to January 2 said that a “transition between the cold and mild conditions” in this period brings the “risk of rain, with sleet and snow”.

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Rangers AGM 2022: Date, time and 6 of the burning issues likely to be raised

RANGERS shareholders will get their chance to air their views on the running of the club the Ibrox board at today’s annual AGM.

The Gers have just gone through some major upheaval on the park, with Michael Beale returning to Ibrox to replace Giovanni van Bronckhorst as manager.


Van Bronckhorst was sacked as Gers boss[/caption]

Willie Vass

Beale is now in charge at the club[/caption]

And following the Light Blues’ shocking Champions League run and poor domestic form, there are plenty of issues being raised from the Gers support ahead of the upcoming AGM.

The managerial situation has been resolved, with Steven Gerrard‘s former right hand man Beale now in place ahead of the Premiership’s resumption.

But sporting director Ross Wilson will be in the spotlight too as fans have voiced their frustration over aspects of recent recruitment.

Former chairman Dave King has been very critical of the board at various times this year too.

He’s revealed he will oppose the re-appointment of Douglas Park at the AGM after admitting he believes the club will “stagnate” for years to come if they don’t change direction.

Other topics sure to come up include American investor Kyle Fox‘s takeover bid and the Hummel court case – with the company suing Rangers for £9.5m in lost sales.

There’s plenty on the agenda that fans will want to discuss when they get their chance to quiz the board next month.

SunSport has all the details you need to know ahead of the event.

When and where is the Rangers AGM?

  • The meeting will take place TODAY – Tuesday, December 6.
  • The meeting will start at 10.30am.
  • It’s being held at the SEC Armadillo in Glasgow.

Can I attend Rangers’ AGM?

  • Rangers shareholders wishing to go were asked to confirm their attendance a few weeks ago.

What are the big issues likely to be?

New manager

The topic of the Ibrox boss has dominated the headlines in recent weeks.

After a dire run of form domestically and the ill-fated Champions League return, Gio van Bronckhorst was axed.

A familiar face has returned to the club with former first team coach Michael Beale installed as the number one.

It will be interesting to see the reaction to Beale’s return and whether it has quelled any unrest.

King vs Park

Dave King hasn’t been quiet in voicing his disappointment at the Rangers board in recent months and has revealed he will vote AGAINST the re-appointment of Douglas Park at the AGM.

King also admitted he will vote against key resolutions favoured by Ibrox directors on the allocation of shares.

He said: “I’ll be voting against three resolutions. The fact is, I was already having concerns about where this regime was headed.

“I felt voting against Graeme Park’s re-election last year would make that point. I had to put my money where my mouth was and use my vote to go along with what my concerns were.”


King will oppose Park at the AGM[/caption]

Recruitment concerns

Ross Wilson was hailed as Rangers’ transfer guru just last year – now questions are being asked of his work at the club.

The Light Blues added several new faces over the summer, but many have failed to make an impact due to both form and a massive injury list.

Van Bronckhorst appeared to take a veiled dig at the ‘unique circumstances’ he worked under at Ibrox, with many feeling it was in reference – in part, at least – to transfer dealings.

Going forward, Wilson has insisted Beale has the final say on any incomings.

Cash for new transfers

There has been a lot of chat around Rangers’ potential January transfer business.

With several key players out with injury, the new boss has a job on their hands to get the squad ready to challenge Celtic in the second half of the season.

Supporters are likely to be looking for further clarity on exactly what funds will be available for the Beale next month.

Fox takeover bid

Kyle Fox, an American businesswoman, has claimed she has agreements in place to buy 25 per cent of Rangers and become the biggest shareholder at the club.

American investor Fox

Light Blues fans are of course wary of an outside takeover after the events that transpired a decade ago, but Fox seems determined to get business done.

On a potential takeover, she said: “I have always been, and will continue to be, open and transparent with Rangers’ board, shareholders, and investors.

“I look forward to putting the lawsuit behind us and continuing to explore opportunities to bring value to the Rangers organisation, its loyal fans, investors, and other stakeholders through KRF Capital’s proposed acquisition of a significant ownership interest in the club.”

It’s been a big talking point among the Gers support and they will hope to get more information on her at the upcoming event.

Hummel court case

Rangers are being sued by Elite Sports Ltd, the company behind Hummel sportswear, for more than £9.5million in lost sales.

It’s a huge figure the club will need to pay and supporters will want to all the details surrounding the case.

The Court of Session in Edinburgh was told how Rangers entered into the contract in September 2018 and a decision by a court in London just six weeks later resulted in the Glasgow club “not performing” in the agreement.

Lawyers representing the company started proceedings at the court to have sales figures released to them.

Court papers show Hummel is seeking £9,517,249 from the Rangers over the dispute and fans will be demanding answers regarding the company’s claims.

What are the resolutions?

1. To approve the Company’s audited Financial Statements, the Directors’ Report, Strategic Report for the financial year ended 30 June 2022 Auditor’s Report be received and adopted.

2. To reappoint Douglas Park as a Director of the Company.

3. To reappoint Julian Wolhardt as a Director of the Company.

4. To reappoint George Taylor as a Director of the Company.

5. To reappoint Azets Audit Services as the Auditors of the Company to hold office until the conclusion of the next AGM.

6. To authorise the Directors to determine the remuneration of its Auditors.

7. To authorise the Directors to allot equity securities on the basis set out in the Notice.

8. To authorise the Directors to dis-apply pre-emption rights in respect of relevant securities allotted pursuant to Resolution 7 on the basis set out in the Notice.

Keep up to date with ALL the latest news and transfers at the Scottish Sun football page 

Football News Livestream News Portugal Switzerland World Cup

How to watch Portugal vs Switzerland worldwide for free

Do you want to know how and when you can watch Portugal and Switzerland on a live stream for free? We have got you covered!

As we continue with the knockout stage of the World Cup, Portugal take on Switzerland in the round of 16 this coming Tuesday.

Portugal enter the match as a small favourite and with lots of confidence after winning Group H. They have no intention of leaving the World Cup before the next round. Switzerland, on the other hand, emerged from a tricky opening round of fixtures to claim second place in Group E. The Swiss may be the underdogs here, but it’s worth remembering that they won the last meeting between these two sides 1-0 in June 2022.

If you want to follow to game live, we tell you how to make sure you don’t miss a minute of it!

How to watch Portugal vs Switzerland online

The upcoming clash between Portugal and Switzerland will start on Tuesday, 6th at 20:00 at Lusail Stadium. Heads up! The stated time is Central European Time (CET), which is the same as UTC+1. A live stream of this World Cup round of 16 action should be available to stream across the world for free. For those of you who can’t catch the game on TV where you are, fear not. We have a few simple ways to make sure you can watch the game online at zero cost!

1. Follow the game using a betting site

Bet365 offers live game coverage

If you want a cheap and quick solution, as well as a little fun on the side, Bet365 has you covered. The betting company has match coverage for you to keep up with the game between Portugal and Switzerland. So what’s the catch? You only need to register a funded account to follow the match online!

What’s so great about Bet365 game coverage

  • Low-cost: It doesn’t matter how much money is in your account!
  • Ad-free: There are not any annoying commercials or pop-ups during the game.
  • No lags: You can follow the match without any lags as long as you have a stable internet connection.
  • Multiple devices: You can access Bet365’s live stream on any phone, laptop, computer or tablet.
  • In-Play betting: Improve your chances of a winning bet and get an edge over the bookmakers by watching the match live before deciding on any bet.

Click here to sign up for Bet365’s match coverage.

2. Watch World Cup matches through an online streaming platform

Try FuboTV for free

This service offers a 7-day free trial that allows you to watch the entire World Cup tournament. You can cancel online at anytime.

Why we recommend FuboTV

  • Watch top leagues from all over the world
  • Stream on your phone, TV or other devices
  • Use your free trial (you will get a notification before it expires)
  • No contracts, no hidden fees and 50% cheaper than similar cable TV deals
  • Record games for free (up to 250 hours)

Sign up for FuboTV here.

3. Stream Portugal vs Switzerland through online TV

If you want to watch Portugal vs Switzerland via online television, we have a complete list of online TV channels that broadcast this game this coming Tuesday. Below are channels that show World Cup matches regularly:

  • ITV
  • BBC

Both TV channels will broadcast all 64 World Cup games. While ITV have the first pick of the last 16 and quarter-finals, the BBC will show the semi-finals. The World Cup final will be broadcast across both services.

Watch any football stream using Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access (PIA) is one of the world’s leading VPNs. One big draw for us is that it offers a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee for a trial period and an all-access pass for FuboTV, BBC iPlayer, ITV and more! They even have a guide and instructions about how you can watch the World Cup games live. The guide can be accessed here at PIA.

Get a great offer from PIA right here.

Follow these 3 steps to watch Portugal vs Switzerland with a VPN

1. Download and install a VPN to your device

Sign up for a VPN service with ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or Surfshark and then download and install their apps.

2. Connect to a server

Open the VPN application and select the location of the service or channel that you want to access.

3. Choose a TV channel or stream to watch the match

In this last step, you visit the broadcast provider from the country of the chosen server location. Now, you can truly enjoy the World Cup clash between Portugal and Switzerland from anywhere you want.

Do you want to make watching Portugal against Switzerland a bit more interesting?

If you like some betting tips on Portugal vs Switzerland, our betting partners have listed probable outcomes that might inspire you.

Portugal scored the first goal in seven out of their last ten games. Switzerland scored the opening goal in five of a possible ten games.

Portugal witnessed over 2.5 goals in five of their previous ten matches across all tournaments in which they averaged 2.1 goals a game. Over 2.5 goals appeared in five of the last ten matches that Switzerland played across all tournaments. They scored one time on average in the process.

The post How to watch Portugal vs Switzerland worldwide for free appeared first on Ace Football.

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Man Utd news LIVE: Cristiano Ronaldo ‘agrees to join Al Nassr’ as United OUT of Jude Bellingham race

FORMER Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo has already found his next club if reports in Spain are to be believed.

Marca say Ronaldo will is set to join Saudi side Al-Nassr from the start of January once he is done at the World Cup with Portugal.

However, SunSport understands a deal is yet to be sealed.

Elsewhere, it has been reported that England ace Jude Bellingham will NOT be going to Old Trafford.

United are out of the race for the 19-year-old, with Liverpool, Man City and Real Madrid believed to be the frontrunners for his signature.

How to get free bets on football – the 17 best bookies to claim rewards and bonuses

Get all the latest news and gossip coming out of Old Trafford…

Football News News Sport

Tyson Fury’s undisputed super-fight against Oleksandr Usyk to be confirmed in ‘a couple of weeks’, reveals Bob Arum

TYSON FURY and Oleskandr Usyk’s undisputed super-fight could be confirmed in “a couple of weeks”.

Usyk watched from ringside as Fury dominated Derek Chisora over ten rounds of their trilogy fight at Tottenham’s stadium.

Oleksandr Usyk facing off with Tyson Fury

It leaves nothing in the way of a historic, first ever four-belt heavyweight unification bout next year.

Fury’s promoters Bob Arum and Frank Warren told The Telegraph a deal could be wrapped up “in a couple of weeks”.

The Gypsy King, 34, put on a clinic against Chisora, 38, the man he already recorded wins against in 2011 and 2014.

And afterwards, he had only one thing on his mind as he called out Usyk, 35, with the pair in line to fight in Saudi Arabia in 2023.

Fury said: “Let’s talk about Usyk because now I can.

“I’m ready and willing to take on Usyk next whether it’s in Saudi Arabia or here in the UK.

“Both places would be fantastic, so let’s give the fans one champion, one name, one face.

“Usyk’s up for the challenge, he came over tonight so fair play to him.

“He’s not an easy boxer to figure out, he’s a slick southpaw mover with very good skills, an Olympic gold medallist and he’s shown some good form.

“I’m really looking forward to the challenge.”

Joe Joyce, 37, was also in attendance and joined Usyk in facing off against Fury.

He is in line to get a well-deserved crack at the world heavyweight title next year too.

Fury added: “We’re going to see the biggest year of hopefully my career in 2023 and we’re going to get those big fights.”

Joe Joyce and Oleksandr Usyk face off against Tyson Fury
Jamie McPhilimey