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I’m a mum-of-nine, my kids eat so much I’ve had to build a supermarket in my cellar

HAVING children will pull at any parents’ purse strings and the more they grow, the more money you’ll spend. 

If you’re a mum or dad, you’ll know how fast kids can hoover up your food, use up household essentials like loo roll and shower gel and fill a wash basket full of laundry. 

YouTube,/Jamerrill Stewart

Jamerrill’s underground grocery store helps feed her nine hungry kids[/caption]

One mum has got it harder than most with an incredible nine children to care for. 

Jamerrill Stewart from the US happily shares how she supports her family-of-11. 

To make food shopping and meal prep less of a stress, she’s built a full-on supermarket underneath her house. 

In a recent YouTube video, she gave her loyal followers a very special tour. 

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I’m a mum-of-7 and people always ask how I afford such a big family…here’s how

She captioned the 40-minute clip: “By long-awaited request. I’m finally getting around to giving you the full tour of the growing grocery store in my basement!

“This is a large family food storage tour. Don’t be scared. I’m a mom of 9. I feed my large family of 11 all day, every day. We work from home, homeschool, and serve up about 84 meals and 60 snacks for 11 people a month (that’s over 920 meal-time servings and over 660 snack servings a month!). 

“I hope you enjoy today’s building a grocery store in my basement tour!”

Jamerrill regularly shares her meal prep and bulk freezer recipes online – as well as her monster shopping trips. 

But what lies beneath her home is astonishing.

“You’re going to see a lot of tomato products,” she warns, standing in front of a refrigerated shelf. “I’ll use 15 to 20 cans for a chilli – I do big stock pots and many other mega-mumma recipes with all this food in here.” 

Jamerrill leads viewers around her impressive cellar, where floor-to-ceiling shelves hold stacks of tinned meat and vegetables, jam, sauce and seasoning. 

She brings the oldest items to the front of the shelf, to make sure nothing goes to waste. 

The mum shows off her tinned shelf, and explains her labelling process along with sandwich-making for a family of 11. 

“We can take a whole stack of bread and make 22 sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly – and they last in the car for hours,” she explains. 

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She also has a whole shelf of bulk-bought apple sauce, and at least 60 cans of chicken chunks ready for mealtime. 

Among multiple cans of hotdogs, mushrooms and soup are towers of baked beans stacked precariously right up to the ceiling. 

“The beans are deep and wide,” she exclaims, zooming in on her collection. “If I’m doing soups or chilli I can use 15 cans easily.”

There’s at least 15 pots of mustard, hundreds of ziplock food bags and over 100 toilet rolls. 

“I have a whole big shelf at the bottom dedicated to baby items and there’s diapers up here in the paper plate section,” she says, holding up endless stacks of paper plates. “But believe me, this is highly, highly organised.”

There’s an easy way for Jamerrill to know if she needs to top up on any items. 

“If the shelf is empty, it’s empty,” she states. “I’ve probably got about 12 bottles of hand soap, and a box of extra toothbrushes and toothpaste.

“I’m also freeze-drying my own food and my leftovers,” she reveals. “I’ve learned some things. We have a good pantry storage amount of fruits and vegetables, soups, salmon, chicken, tuna and spices, coffee, vinegar and peanut butter – we roll through that.”

For anyone with a big family, Jamerrill is certainly an inspiration. 

YouTube,/Jamerrill Stewart

She has shelves full of tinned produce and a surplus of apple sauce[/caption]

YouTube,/Jamerrill Stewart

Jamerrill can use up to 15 tins of baked beans at one time[/caption]

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I’m a parenting expert & sleep pro – the ‘rule of threes’ that tells you when your toddler is REALLY ready for a big bed

YOUR toddler looks like they’re fast outgrowing their cot bed – but how can you be sure they’re ready for a big bed?

Well, according to parenting and sleep expert Lucy Wolfe, there are three boxes you need to check first.


How can you tell if your child is ready to go from their cot or cot bed to a “big bed”?[/caption]

Lucy opened up to Zoe Blaskey on The Motherkind Podcast as part of their Toddler Milestone Series with Baby Annabell.

“For me, if at all possible, I try and avoid the transition to the big bed until perhaps I have the rule of threes,” Lucy said.

“And it is this.

“I love the idea that your child is older than three, because developmentally we know that they are able to process the information and not only process the information but see it through.

“So impulse control – I ask you to do something and maybe you’re able to do it.

“Whereas often before 2.5 or 3, I ask them to do it, they understand what I’ve said but they can’t necessarily see it through.

“For example, stay in the garden, don’t go out the gate, hold my hand, don’t touch the hot surface.

“That skill starts to manifest closer to 2.5/3, so again I’m might then say ‘Stay in your bed, don’t get out’, is more manageable for a slightly older child.

“So I like the idea that they might be over three.”

Next, Lucy likes the idea that the child is nap free.

“So I’ve no more naps so I don’t need to worry about trying to wrestle them into a bed in the middle of the day,” she said.

And her third rule is that the child is nappy free.

“The reason behind that is, now I really know, you’ve got an instruction and you can see it through,” she continued.

“You’ve learned how to wait so if I said, ‘wait, i’m going to go to the bathroom, I’m going to go away and then I’m going to come back and check on you’, I know that they’ve learned that skill because they’re toilet trained as well.

“That’s my ideal setting because then I feel it can be a much smoother transition.”

But that’s not to say that you can’t transition your child before the age of three.

Lucy said she’s had clients’ children around 18 months who were alreayd sleeping in a big bed.

However, if a younger child is becoming “unsafe” around their cot, Lucy finds herself getting “curious” about the reasons why.

And if they aren’t ticking her “rule of threes” checklist, she tries to investigate that.

“I might stay with them and teach them how to be in the cot one more time,” she added.

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My son only ate beige food for eight years – but he’s now tucking into fruit after we tried something drastic

A BOY who only ate beige foods for eight years is now tucking into fruit thanks to hypnosis.

Noah Young, nine, even suffered stunted growth due to his restrictive diet.


Noah Young, pictured with mum Caroline, only ate beige foods but is now tucking into fruit thanks to hypnosis[/caption]

His breakfast consisted of dry cereal, toast or pancakes, while lunch and dinners were mainly plain pasta, chips, chicken nuggets or pizza.

Eating something new or different made him gag.

Mum Caroline said: “He was sent home from school for being sick after they made him eat carrots.

“He used to have pasta with sauce but then just wanted it plain. Everything was plain.

“Trying to get him to eat anything good was a challenge, he would be crying and gagging.

“When it started getting bad, we noticed he wasn’t growing.

“We were trying to find someone to deal with it.

“I was worried he wasn’t going to develop.”

Noah’s eating habits began to change at 18 months.

Doctors had dismissed him as a fussy eater, so Caroline sought help from hypnotherapist David Kilmurry.

He diagnosed avoidant restrictive food intake disorder and within one session had Noah trying new foods.

David said: “We did some footballing-focused hypnotism where he saw himself with his team-mates enjoying a hearty pre-match meal.”

Mum-of-three Caroline, from Derby, who works in social media, is delighted.

She added: “Noah’s tried 22 types of food now.

“It’s mainly fruit, but it’s really good progress.

“He hasn’t been sick since.

“He realises these foods are not going to hurt him.”


Caroline recalled how on one occasion Noah was sent home from school for being sick after they made him eat carrots[/caption]


Doctors dismissed Noah as a fussy eater, so Caroline sought help from hypnotherapist David Kilmurry[/caption]


Mum-of-three Caroline, who works in social media, is delighted at Noah’s new diet[/caption]

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Mum sets up a cosy Christmas sleepover for her kids with cushions and fairy lights but everyone’s saying the same thing

THE days are getting shorter and colder, which means only one thing – cosy Christmas movie marathons and sleepovers for your kids.

Ahead of the festive season, one mum decided to make the ultimate bed set-up for her children full of fairy lights and fluffy cushions – but despite the efforts, the sleepover layout wasn’t a hit amongst the viewers.

Many reckoned the set-up, though cute, was dangerous
Smilla completed the sleepover with loads of cushions and fairy lights for the ultimate eveninh

The cosy bed was shared on TikTok by Smilla and Dagmar (@smil_dams) and sees the mum lifting the bed up and using the empty bottom section as a bed.

In the video, she then chucked in a few duvets, loads of pillows, soft toys, blankets and hung a string of fairy lights, before covering the whole section with a massive sheet to prevent any light from coming in.

But whilst Smilla and her kids may go wild over the cosy set-up, people on social media were less than impressed.

Here, they all seemed to agree on one thing – as much as children may love it, the DIY bed was unsafe and posed a huge risk.

”It’s all fun and games until it closes,” one petrified TikTok fan penned.

A second agreed, warning Smilla: ”please tell me u got the hook to keep it open? some kid died under the bed bc it closed on him.”

”My claustrophobia could NEVER,” someone else thought.

”imagine getting locked in,” another was mortified by the dangerous set-up.

Since being uploaded, the clip has taken the internet by storm, racking up a whopping 3million views and more than 5k comments, the majority of which were full of concerns.

But perhaps Smilla needs some inspiration from a mum who built an incredible sleepover room for her kids – and she did it on a budget too.

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The mum shared before and after pictures to the Facebook group DIY Home Projects (Remodeling, Renovation & Construction), and has been highly praised. 

She said: “What we started with October 7th… vs today. 

“We built that. I still can’t believe it!  Largest project to date! 

“We have three girls who used to share a room.  As they got older they wanted their own rooms, but always came together on the family room couch for weekend sleepovers.  

“They also have cousins who sleep over.  So we built them a hang out room. 

“We just finished the bunk beds.  And today I decorated it for Christmas!  They have already slept in it haha!”

The mum showed how they constructed a wooden frame supporting four beds, and then added a sofa, a TV and some storage in the room for toys. 

And perfect for the festive season approaching, the room has two Christmas trees, themed cushions and hanging ornaments.

Many people were highly impressed with the fun-looking room. 

One said: “This space is a dream!! You guys totally nailed it!!”

Another added: “You all need to quit your day job and go into business!”

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I gave my baby girl a really spooky name – people always say she’ll struggle when she’s older but I had my reasons

SHE couldn’t believe her luck when she gave birth to her daughter on Halloween, as she had a spooky name ready in her back pocket.

But when Katie Adams announced that she’d called her newborn Wednesdaigh Adams, the response was unsurprisingly mixed.

Katie Adams

Katie Adams (top right), her husband David (top left) and their children (left to right) Ma’Kynnleigh, Wednesdaigh, Emma’Leigh and Jaxx’syn[/caption]

Katie Adams

Baby Wednesdaigh Adams was born on Halloween, so Katie was thrilled to be able to give her the spooky name she loved[/caption]

She was even trolled on Facebook for the moniker, with lots of people insisting the tot won’t be able to spell her name when she grows up because it’s so long.

And even Katie’s family often struggle to spell Wednesdaigh’s name – as well as the names of her other children, Ma’Kynnleigh, Emma’Leigh and Jaxx’syn.

“Some people don’t know who the Addams Family are and have never watched them,” Katie told us.

“My friends love all their names and my family can’t spell them.

“Some people are like ‘well they won’t know how to spell their name because they are too long!’

“Or ‘why did you spell it that way?’

“So I do get a lot of questions about their names but it’s kind of just whatever, and I don’t really pay attention to most negative things.”

Katie also revealed that she’d been wanting to call one of her children Wednesdaigh for years.

So when she found out that her fourth baby was due on Halloween, she and her husband agreed on the unusual moniker.

“We have always been Addams Family fans and all my kids love watching it,” she smiled.

“With my 2021 baby she was born a couple days after Halloween but if she would have been born on Halloween her name would have been Wednesday.

“When I found out my 2022 baby was going to be born on Halloween me and my husband agreed we would do Wednesdaigh.”

Among the critical comments from people were lots of suggestions that the name will lead to her being bullied when she’s older.

And that’s a prospect Katie is prepared for – but she’s determined to ensure her daughter is strong enough to stand up for herself.

“As far as bullying, she might because who doesn’t in this day and age,” Katie said.

“It’s really common in the schools around here and the principal doesn’t do anything so it wouldn’t surprise me.

“We will just have to teach them to be strong, independent kids and not to take anyone’s bullying.”


The name Wednesday is likely to become more popular thanks to Tim Burton’s Netflix series, starring Jenna Ortega in the title role[/caption]

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I was a mum-of-nine at 28 – people say I look younger than my oldest kids so they always want a proper timeline

BECOMING a parent can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. 

There is no greater bond than that between mother and child. 

Mz Kora was a mum of nine at 28 years old
Mz Kora’s eldest son is 21 years old
Ms Kora has her last child in 2012

Many women dream of becoming mothers one day with most of us looking to have two, three, four maybe even five kids someday.

But could you ever see yourself as a mum of nine?

One mum has revealed she had her first child at 17 and was a mum of nine by the age of 28. 

Mz Kora revealed online that she was a mum of nine at just 28 years old.

In a video on Tiktok Mz Kora explained to her viewers how she had had nine children by 28.

She had her first son in 2001 when she was 17. 

At 19 in 2002 she had her first daughter .

In 2004, at 20 she had her second son.

At 21 years old she had her third son, in 2005.

In 2006 Mz Kora was 22 and had her fourth son.

Ms Kora was 24 years old in 2008 and had her second daughter.

In 2009 Mz Kora had another son and was 25 years old.

In 2010 she was 26 years old and she had her third daughter.

At 28 years old Mz Kora has another son in 2012.

The mom of nine revealed there is just 11 years between her eldest son who is 21 and her youngest who is 10 years old.

Mz Kora’s video now has over 8.2 million views with viewers in shock not only with how many children Mz Kora had but at how young she looked.

The mum revealed she is 39 but some viewers believed she looked younger than some of her kids.

One commenter said: “Nahh [wh]y does she look younger than her first three children”.

A second commenter said: “The math is not mathing”

Another commenter said: “This lady is living my worst nightmare”

Mz Kora replied: “It’s not that horrible. Having 4 teens at a time is trying, I’ll admit.

The mum of nine is now 39 years old
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Mum shares Elf on a Shelf trick to get her ‘naughty’ kid to stop misbehaving – people say her idea is genius

A MUM has been hailed a genius for her Elf on a Shelf trick to stop her kid from misbehaving.

We all know kids are usually on their best behaviour for Santa and his elves, but sometimes they totally forget who is watching.


The mum went to extreme measures to stop her kid from misbehaving[/caption]

The elves kidnapper left a rather stern note for her children

So one mum decided to take things into her own hands and shared her plan on TikTok.

Amanda Butler, from the US, decided the only way to stop her kid from misbehaving was to have the Grinch intervene.

In a TikTok video, she said: “I feel so mean, I’m desperate.”

Amanda added: “When your child has been very naught lately.”

So she decided to get her Grinch doll to lock up the elves inside two mason jars, and ducktape their mouths with a rather strict note.

The note read: “Hi, my name is Grinchy. I’m one of the Grinches elves.

“I was sent here to steal your Christmas, we heard you haven’t been very good this year.

“I kidnapped your elf MUHAHAHAHA.

“No elf means no Christmas. I get my power from being bad so the only way to get your elf back is to be good!

“But for now, it looks like you are stuck with me! maybe if you start behaving, listen to your parents and do your chores, your elf will be free and you’ll get your Christmas back.

“Good luck, with hate, Grinchy.”

The video has since gone viral with over 700k views and 55k likes.

Plenty of people took to the comments section to hail the mum a ‘genius’ for her trick and were in hysterics over the note.


A second person added: “TikTok be giving me the best ideas!”

A third commented: “I love this! my son isn’t horrible, but lately he’s got an attitude on him. thank you for sharing this!”

Meanwhile, a fourth added: “Brilliant idea.”

““with hate” that was personal,” said a fifth, while another agreed: ““With hate” sent me.”

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Mum praised for her simple hack to get kids to wash their hands – but not everyone’s sold on the idea

PARENTS and those who work in childcare will know it’s almost impossible to get your kids to wash their hands.

But one mum has claimed to have come up with a genius solution, one that has since taken the internet by storm.

Struggle to get your kids to wash their hands? Chrissy claims to have the solution
Many thanked the mum, but others reckoned the kids would simply pour out all the soap in one go

The mum, better known to her 116k fans as Chrissy J. (@chrissy.j.xx) on TikTok, explained that it’s all about motivating the kid.

And if the old ‘You’ll get worms in your tummy’ no longer does the trick, Chrissy has the answer – chucking their favourite toy inside a bottle of liquid soap.

Chrissy, believed to be from the UK, added that once the liquid hand wash is finished, they’ll get the toy out.

”Cleanest fairy alive,” the savvy mum chuckled in the caption of her video.

But despite claiming this works like magic, Chrissy’s parenting hack received a mixture of responses – some praised her, others were not so sold on the idea.

For the most part, the 175k viewers reckoned their kid would find a way around the system and get their toy without having to wash their hands every day.

One mum laughed: ”my kid would pump all the soap down the drain.”

Another commented: ”Imagine they start wasting it in the sink.”

Others, meanwhile, thanked Chrissy and shared their top tips, like this mum: ”this is so smart! my step son HATES washing his hands for some reason.

”Def trying this!!”

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Someone else reckoned: ”People saying they will pour it out super gule it shut.”

If you’re on the lookout for more parenting hacks, then look no further, as one mum reckons she’s found the answer to using less baby wipes.

Mum-of-two Victoria, who goes by the name of nottoriyav on TikTok, has shared a top tip for parents. 

She claimed it means you can ditch the baby wipes. 

Every parent will be familiar with having to fork out lots of money on packets of baby wipes. 

But Victoria has revealed a ‘mumhack’ and it will last up to a week. 

In the video, which has been liked over 19k times, she wrote: “Things I wish I knew as a second time mum. 

“Make your own baby wipes.”

Victoria first started off by cutting a roll of paper towels in half. 

She then added one half into a bowl, before adding two cups of water, two tablespoons of baby soap and two tablespoons of baby oil. 

Victoria says that you can “store in a plastic container” and it’s “good for up to one week.”

Many people quickly rushed to the comment section to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: “Good idea, thanks for letting us know.” 

Another added: “You can do the same with cloths if you’re okay with washing them, my nanny used baby soap and water on my mum and uncles. No worse than washing.”

A third asked: “Don’t they get mouldy.” 

To which Victoria replied: “They are good for up to a week.” 

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I worked in a passport office and these are the worst baby names I ever encountered

IT’S one of the first decisions you make as a parent – and one of the most significant.

What to call your little one.


The woman was stunned by what the parents had called the siblings[/caption]

Of course, there are popular choices like Olivia, Mohamed, Ava and Oliver and more unusual but still pretty options.

And then there are frankly bizarre choices

Now one Mumsnetter, who used to work in a passport office, has revealed what she deems the worst names she ever encountered.

And wait for them…

Siblings called Florence-Jolly and Lionheart.

No, we aren’t teasing.

The woman wrote: “Me and my Dh (dear husband) were talking about awful baby names, and I thought I’d share.

“I used to work in a passport office – and we had an application for a brother and sister….

“She was called Florence-Jolly (yes, with the hyphen) and he was called Lionheart! LIONHEART! 

“Still makes me laugh… poor love!

“Who’s heard of worse?”

Of course her question opened up a whole can of worms…

“Kid at my DS’s old nursery called Blade,” laughed one mum.

“Six week old twin girls at softplay once called Dolce and Gabbana,” added another parent.

“Boy/girl twins – Pele and Cartier,” a third added.

“God Rocket is a friend of a friend,” someone said.

“The two worst I have come across are a brother and sister called Glint and Toulouse,” someone said.

And one woman claimed she was in Tesco and heard a woman call for her son… called Asda.

Have you heard worse?

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Mum reveals she’s furious after her vegetarian son ate meat at a friend’s birthday party

BEING vegetarian is a choice people make for a variety of different reasons including health, religion, climate change, and their own personal beliefs.

And one mum was left reeling after she found out her vegetarian son ate a meat pie at a friend’s birthday party.


She was furious when she found out her son had eaten meat at a birthday party[/caption]

Once she had heard about her son tucking into the meat pie, she called up the mother of the birthday book seeking answers.

That mother, 39, took to Reddit to ask if she was in the wrong for letting the boy have the meat pie.

She explained that prior to the party she asked parents if their children had any food allergies.

Only one mum got back to her, saying her son Alex was vegetarian.

So for the party, the mum provided plenty of vegetarian options for Alex to eat.

But while she was taking more food out to the table she spotted Alex tucking into the meat pie.

She explained: “I didn’t want to embarrass the boy in front of his friends by taking it off him so I just let him eat. He didn’t seem to mind or notice that it was meat.

“Anyway he must’ve told his mum what he had eaten as she called me up the following day and got angry that I served meat options at the party.

“I said my son loves pies so I wasn’t going to omit them from the menu just because her son was attending. And I presumed her son knew what he could and couldn’t eat. A few more choice words and she hung up.

“I spoke to my son about Alex’s vegetarianism to see how strict his diet is but my son didn’t even realise Alex was vegetarian so I’m wondering if Alex knows he is vegetarian?”

In the Reddit post, the anonymous mum later added in the post: “yes I announced what each food was when I put it on the table.

“And I said ‘meat pies’. I had 4 other dishes which were all vegetarian! I honestly thought this would have been sufficient.

“The boys have been on school camps and all so I assumed Alex was equipped with the necessary knowledge about his diet.”

The mum said she discussed the situation with her sister who thought she was in the wrong to let Alex eat the pie.

However, plenty of people on Reddit disagreed with her sister.

One person wrote: “He’s old enough to know what he wants to eat. His mother can rack off. Don’t worry about it.”

A second commented: “Alex isn’t vegetarian, his mother is just withholding meat from him.”

And a third penned: “She may want him to be a vegetarian but he may feel the opposite.”