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We got dress-coded for wearing bikinis at a rec center but many people agree we had every right to wear them

TWO women have claimed they got dress-coded for wearing bikinis, but they have insisted they were in the right.

In a TikTok that has since gone semi-viral, the pair of friends yelled at an employee of a recreation center after appearing to be dress-coded by the pool for wearing two-pieces.

TikTok/ ayreslawfirm

A worker tried to explain the dress code to the women[/caption]

TikTok/ ayreslawfirm

They asked the man for the policy[/caption]

“Wow, you’re a pool man. Wow,” one of the women sarcastically said at the start of the video.

As the man who appeared to be the supervisor left the room, another worker attempted to talk with them about the issue.

The worker calmly said he “understood” why the women were “frustrated.”

“Why do you think we’re frustrated?” one of the women shot back.

The man went on to say that from his understanding, another employee told them to “cover up.”

One of the women said they were told they needed to put on “some shorts.”

The other women said she had worn the same bathing suit at the same place “at least ten times” and never had a problem.

The first woman was wearing a burnt orange bikini, and the other a black patterned bikini.

” I don’t need some Mormon mom jealous of my body to tell me to cover up,” the woman said.

“This is not a church facility, it’s a public place.”

She said she shouldn’t be told to cover up when she is with her black friends, who were not pictured in the video, when she has never been told that when she is there with her white friends.

The woman went on to complain the dress code ended in”f****** high-school.”

“If there’s a dress code everywhere we go, that’s not America.”

The worker then thanked the woman for explaining, but said that “unfortunately that is policy.”

They then asked to see the policy.

The women in the orange bikini said she works in government and writes policy, so the facility should have it.

The man offered to have the women come to the front desk while he looks for the policy.

The women responded that he should not have come up to them, if they did not have a policy.

In the comments of the video, which was posted by the ayreslawfirm account that asked fans who was in the wrong, many people appeared to defend the facility.

“Literally everywhere has a dress code, it’s kind of implied,” one commenter said.

“I love how great he kept his composure,” said another.

“Very embarrassing on their part. I literally go to this gym and it’s very well known there’s rules about dress code (sic),” said a third.

However, others backed the women up.

“I would ask for the Manager ( his boss),” one said.

“What was wrong with what they had on?” a different person said.

The encounter appears to have taken place at the Provo, Utah. Recreation.

A manager told The U.S Sun they could not comment on the matter, as it “might be a legal case.”

However, their website does note certain rules about the dress code.

The recreational center says on its website that “proper swim attire” is “required.”

They don’t allow “denim or street clothing” in the pool, but do allow a”fitted cover-up shirt or swim shorts.”

The facility asks patrons to “observe posted rules.”

“The lifeguard has the final responsibility to inform patrons of any other rules,” the website reads.

“All rules are for the safety of our patrons.”

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I’m a bottle girl and being pretty is a skill – people are amazed by my transformations with makeup and a push-up bra

A BOTTLE server has shared her experience in an industry centered around jaw-dropping beauty and the high rollers who love them.

The night life vixen dazzled viewers with her beauty and informed them that anyone can do it, too.

Kat is a digital content creator by day and a bottle service girl by night
She teaches other women how to follow in her footsteps

Kat is a digital content creator, bottle girl, and server.

Her TikTok account garnered over 2k followers and counting under the handle @smarthotties.

She took to the social media platform to teach other women how they can follow in her footsteps.

Kat addressed the camera completely fresh-faced, wearing absolutely no makeup.

“I’m not pretty enough to be a bottle girl,” she said, parroting women who don’t believe they can make it in the industry. “Let me show you why you’re wrong.”

“Being pretty is a skill set,” she revealed. “You see how pretty I look whenever I go into my shifts and how I look now?”

“Going from this to this is with fake hair extensions, fake eyelashes, whitening my teeth, spray tan, a push-up bra, and overall just makeup,” she said.

“All very affordable from the drugstore,” she advised.

“If I can do it, you can do this, too,” she added. “Don’t let this myth stop you from your dreams.”

“Don’t forget to paint your nails and wear lipstick too,” she wrote in the caption of the video.

Viewers shared their thoughts in the comment section of Kat’s video.

“Girl, you are out-of-touch,” one skeptic wrote. “You are classically pretty.”

“Thank you,” Kat replied. “But I’m saying anyone can get that ‘bottle girl club look’ with a few modifications and makeup.”

“I think I’m too short do you have coworkers that are 4’11?” one inquired.

“My shortest coworker is 5’1”,” Kat replied. “So you would have to probably learn to walk on slightly higher heels confidently!”

“Agreed it’s more of an aesthetic,” a third wrote.

“Exactly!!” Kat responded. “Anyone can modify their look.”

Kat addressed the camera with a fresh-face before revealing her night life look
She revealed her jaw-dropping glow-up for the workplace
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I’m a hot mom – I won’t stop wearing crop tops and tight clothes, people say I look ‘beautiful’

EVEN after having children, one mom embraces her body and wears clothes that reveal it.

Lifestyle creator Lacey Shelby Shaw dresses in cropped tight-fitting clothes, and people say she’s “beautiful.”

TikTok mom Lacey Shelby Shaw wears crop tops and tight clothes

Giving birth to three children only encourages Lacey to keep dressing in trendy outfits that may be considered a bit risque for a mother.

But you can always count on the hip woman to throw on a cowboy hat or crop top, even for simple occasions.

Some people like to conceal their post-pregnancy bodies, yet that’s not Lacey’s style.

In a recent video, the trendy mom shows off her outfit for the Las Vegas National Finals Rodeo, and viewers thought she looked great.

Lacey’s seen standing in front of her daughter Soph.

The two blondes are both wearing beige cowboy hats and bold belts.

Lacey is in a nude crop top that cuts off well above her belly button.

She pairs the long-sleeve shirt with mid-rise black pants.

The subtle lining of her abdomen is exposed.

Unlike her mom, Soph’s stomach is covered with a brown dress.

Lacey’s caption reads: “Cowboy Christmas, here we come!”

Viewers were obsessed with Lacey’s look and took to the comments to tell her.

“DROP DEAD GORGEOUS,” one excited fan said, while another wrote: “You are so beautiful!!!!!”

Lacey dances with her daughter in a spicy outfit that exposes her abdomen
She steps out in a fire-red dress and matching boots

In a different video, the daring fashion guru steps out in a ruby-red dress and matching booties.

The tight mini hikes up between her legs and has a single train on one hip.

Again, Lacey’s followers were mesmerized.

“O M G,” a commenter said.

Another enamored viewer exclaimed: “You are so freaking gorgeous.”

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I’m 27 and my mom’s 61 – we wore the same going-out outfits and both looked amazing

A MOTHER-daughter duo has shared an inclusive message that supports women wearing whatever they want at any age.

The two women took to TikTok to share the body-positive message showing the mother and the daughter wearing similar gowns and looking equally stunning.

Digital creator India Batson, 27, is joined by her mom, 61, in an Instagram reel
They wore similar party outfits and both looked amazing at their respective ages

Digital creator India Batson, 27, is known for being an uplifting, body-positive self-love advocate on social media.

According to her Instagram bio on her page @indiabatson, much of her social content consists of posts relating to embracing your curls, acne, and everything in between.

In an Instagram reel, she is joined by her mother, 61, to share an important message pertaining to how people should feel comfortable wearing whatever they feel, no matter their age.

Batson and her mother both wore similar looks that show their unique beauty and style.



I wore the same Shein outfit for 10 days – it was see-through but so popular


My bestie’s an XS & I’m a 4X – we wore the same Shein outfits

The blonde content creator starts the video standing in front of the camera with her mother dressed in matching updo hairstyles and bathrobes.

Both look equally as elegant and almost identical as their respective ages are written above each woman in the video.

They remove their bathrobes and let them fall to the floor to reveal almost identical fashionable black gowns that show off their body shapes and natural curves.

The words “NO MATTER YOUR AGE: DRESS FOR YOU” are written in the center of the screen, as the pair pose and hold hands before walking closer to the camera.

They further address the meaning behind their video in the caption.

It reads: “whether you are 27 or 61! if you are in your 60s but want to wear polka dots and a slinky black dress DO IT. If you are in your 20s and want to wear a blazer with heels to college DO IT!”

Their family-oriented video resonated with many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

“You’re adorable and your momma is a true inspiration. Does momma batson have an account I can follow?” one user inquired.

“Wow…! You both are amazing! True beauty doesn’t depend on any age!” a commenter added.

“Mama Batson’s dress is giving Princess Diana vibes and I’m in love with it (y’all both look stunning),” another noted.

Batson and her mother want followers to dress however you feel, no matter your age
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I wear crop tops and ripped jeans to work – I know my outfits are inappropriate but I don’t care

A FASHIONISTA has shared that she follows her heart’s desires when it comes to choosing her work wardrobe.

While she’s aware her crop top and ripped jeans ensembles aren’t the most appropriate, Marion Aunor doesn’t let that curb her self-expression.

A woman has shared that she likes wearing inappropriate outfits to work

She pairs crop tops with ripped jeans[/caption]

“Today’s look is brought to you by inappropriate work outfits, but I don’t care cause me likely,” Aunor wrote in a TikTok video.

She paired a white crop top with blue skinny jeans that featured holes in each knee – an oversized white blazer was thrown on top.

Sporty white sneakers completed the business casual look.

Aunor appeared super confident as she modeled the outfit for viewers.

Read More on The US Sun


I’m a teacher, people say my dress is too short, some say it’s because I’m curvy

Previously, a woman said she wears tiny dresses all year round despite the weather, and likes dressing inappropriately.

“The tension between me and wearing weather-inappropriate clothing,” Carr wrote in a TikTok video uploaded to her thousands of followers.

The wavy-haired beauty moved the camera around to give viewers a good look at her in her outfit.

She had on a cream-colored, long-sleeved mini dress that featured green and blue flowers all throughout.

The winter weather didn’t stop her from sporting her ideal look.

“I want to be in little tiny dresses year-round, LEAVE ME ALONE,” she added in her caption.

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I’m a size 16 – I won’t wait until I’m skinny to wear corsets and miniskirts, I don’t care what people think

ONE woman who refuses to squeeze into society’s beauty standards is dressing how she wants to in the body that she has.

Fashion influencer Grace Goris shares outfit inspiration and getting ready videos, offering insight into how she dresses as a plus-size woman.

Grace Goris isn’t waiting until she’s skinny to wear the trendy outfits that she wants to

Grace shifts in between wearing sizes 14 and 16, and is very positive about her body shape.

In one TikTok video, Grace wore a matching fitted brown crop top and leggings as she shared where her head was at about her body.

Text on the screen read: “Me telling everyone I’m gonna work out and eat healthy.

“But then I decide I’m fine being a beautiful plus size girly and I’m still hot and happy so YOLO,” she added.

Content with her body, Grace shares fashion inspiration and outfits that show off her curves and skin. She puts her style first, and doesn’t care what other people think.

In another TikTok video, she wrote a prompt suggesting a thought that she previously had, and a mindset that many self-conscious people have.

“I’ll never be able to dress like that because I’m not skinny,” the text read.

The video then transitioned into a montage of trendy, revealing, and form-fitting outfits that Grace has confidently worn despite not being skinny.

First, she shared a photo of herself smiling in a strapless black leather corset and high-waisted ripped jeans.

Then Grace added a mirror selfie of her wearing a black cropped turtleneck and a plaid miniskirt, which her stomach peeked out of.

Next, she posted a photo of her sitting in a car wearing a white cropped tank top and a matching blue sweatsuit.

She also shared a more vibrant look. She wore a satin sea foam green midi dress with a low-cut neckline and leg slit.

Grace wears form-fitting and skin-baring looks
Her casual outfits are also stylish and trendy

For her final look, Grace looked cozy and festive in a red fitted onesie pajama.

People were enamoured by her beauty, body, style, and confidence.

“STUNNING,” one person commented, as another wrote: “I love your sense of style so much.”

“You are so beautiful. Omg! Wear whatever u want queen,” someone else wrote, and another added: “Those outfits suit you so well.”

People particularly shared their love of the corset and miniskirt looks.

“You’re literally perfection and yes I’m stealing these outfits from you,” one person wrote.


Grace used to want to be skinny but now she embraces her plus-size body
She wears corset tops that accentuate her curves
Grace also puts together pieces that play with proportions and show off some skin
She particularly likes wearing fitted outfits
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I was told to ‘put a shirt on or leave’ my gym – I joined a new place and now wear even less clothes with no complaints

A WOMAN has shared how she was dress coded at her local gym and told to “put a shirt on or leave.”

Since the encounter, she found a better gym where she feels more comfortable wearing fewer clothes and received zero complaints.

TikTok creator Kirsten was dress coded at the gym and told to “put a shirt on or leave”
TikTok/ wellness_worker

Wellness enthusiast Kirsten Victoria, known as @wellness_worker on TikTok, enjoys posting fitness-related content.

Ranging from workouts and athletic product reviews that show that living a healthy lifestyle is important to her.

In a TikTok video, the content creator explains her disappointment at being dress coded at her gym for a supposedly inappropriate outfit and told to “put a shirt on or leave” the establishment.

Thankfully, her woes didn’t last long and the experience may have been a blessing in disguise.

The video begins with Victoria standing in front of her camera and she turns and poses.

Supported by the subtitle that reads: “What I was wearing to the gym when I was told to put a shirt on or leave,” she shows off the black athletic crop top and black and gray leopard print patterned leggings she was dress coded in.

Victoria looks incredibly confident as she shows off her toned and muscular body shape.

Towards the end of the video, the visual changes to show her in a new outfit that is shorter and tighter.

With a subtitle that reads: “What I wear to my new gym,” she dons a white sports bra that comes just under her bust and fashionable lavender gym shorts.

It’s apparent that she can express her style more and feels more comfortable in her new gym environment.

Many viewers took to the comments to share their viewpoints on the situation and offer support.

“Same!!! And guys are in cutoffs…I was not happy,” one TikTok user wrote.

“Glad you found a new gym that is much better!” another commented.

“Yesssss!!! I was wearing a crop top with high-waisted pants and they said to leave. I never asked for a refund so fast in my life,” another added.

“Wait.. isn’t it common to wear that? They want u to wear baggy clothes or something,” one user inquired.

Kirsten joined a new gym and now wears even less clothes and feels more comfortable
TikTok/ wellness_worker
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I’m a size M/L and did a Christmas-themed Amazon try-on haul – a men’s shirt was a winner

A TIKTOKER, who wears a size medium to large, showed off her Christmas-themed Amazon try-on haul in a recent video.

The user, Ang Tillson, tried on lots of velvet pants, but the real winner was a men’s t-shirt.


Ang was a big fan of the headband and graphic tee[/caption]


The pants came in three different colors[/caption]

Ang is a teacher who posts fashion and educational content for her 71,000 TikTok followers.

She kicked off the video by explaining she is 5’8, 155 pounds, and has a 28-inch waist.

Ang usually wears a size medium or large, she said.

Her first outfit was a forest green velvet headband with faux pearls, corduroy green velvet pants, and a men’s shirt which reads “All I Want For Christmas Is More Coffee.”

The shirt has three adorable latte cups drawn on, complete with holly and Christmas lights.

For starters, Ang loved the headband, which “came in a pack of three.”

The pants were what was throwing the teacher off.

“These pants, I got in a size large and I have these pants in black too and I love them,” she said.

“And I really want to like the green ones, like I really want to like them.

“But like, I don’t know if they’re the most flattering.”

She loved the graphic tee, but thought the actual graphic was “a little bit too large.”

The teacher wore the shirt in a men’s medium.

Ang noted she likes to tie her graphic shirts in the front, but in this case, it cut off the design.

“If I did that you wouldn’t be able to see the ‘is more coffee’ part,” she said.

She settled on the fact that she could indeed tie it in the front because the “little Christmas image of the cups” is “still cute.”

Jumping back to the pants, which she got in a large, she was still unsure if they were a win.

“I would say that the pants run on the smaller side,” she said.

“I would say that they fit pretty good.

“I don’t know like if they’re the most flattering on me. What do we think? I don’t know.

“I really want to like them but I don’t know if I do.”

Next, she swapped out the t-shirt for a sweatshirt, that read “Christmas Tree Farm.”

While the sweatshirt was not from Amazon, she tried it on because she wanted to try it on with the pants.

Then, she switched outfits completely.

Ang sported a graphic tee in a men’s medium with the same pants as before, just in black.

She also wore a pink headband and white heels.

Ang loved how comfortable the shoes were, and how the pants fit the length of her legs.

Next up, she switched her outfit, wearing the same pants yet again, but in red.

“I thought that they were going to be more like ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ red if you know what I mean, but they’re like really not,” she said.

“They’re still cute and festive and I would wear them with the shirt.”

Another star of the night was the headband Ang had mentioned.

“I am obsessed with this headband. It’s so cute,” she said.

“And it’s like not tight on my head at all. So I don’t feel like it’s gonna give me a headache at the end of the day. “

Finally, she tried on a Christmas vibe shirt, also in a men’s medium.

She liked it but ran into the same issue as before when tying it in the front and the design getting cut off.

In the comments, fans raved about Ang’s finds.

“I love those green pants!!” one said.

“Omg these are all so cute,” another gushed.

“Sold on the headbands!!” a third concluded.

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I’m a nurse – people can never tell what I’m wearing under my scrubs

A NURSE revealed the thing that people can never tell she’s wearing under her scrubs.

Jessica Birden, who goes by @jboss7691 on the app, told fans in a recent video that she wears a corset waist trainer while on the job, without being noticed.

TikTok/ jboss7691

The nurse has a secret weapon under her scrubs[/caption]

TikTok/ jboss7691

The corset stays on all-day[/caption]

Birden said she is able to stand the corset for eight hours.

“I wear my corset waist trainer under my scrubs and you CANNOT TELL,” she captioned the TikTok.

She kicked off her video by showing how she puts the stunning black corset under her scrubs before work.

Birden twirled around the bathroom in her blue scrubs, showing fans the gorgeous hourglass figure it gives her.

Then, holding up her top to see her figure, Birden slipped off the corset.

She showed the camera her killer figure, without the corset, to give fans an idea of the wonders it has done for her.

The corset looks like it’s laced in the front and back.

The nurse also made it clear that none of her colleagues or patients can tell she has it on, as seen in the shots with and without it.

Birden played the TikTok sound “how would they know” from Bad Girls Club.

The lyrics “Nobody’s gonna know. They’re gonna know. How would they know?” blasted through the video to show how discerning the corset really is.

Birden appears to make lifestyle content about parenting, travel, fashion and beauty on the app.

She has 5,600 followers and over 19,000 likes.

Fans had nothing but praise for her in the comments.

“You’re very pretty,” one said.

“Keep striving,” another said.

“All day every day magnificent breathtaking stunning beauty,” said a third.

The U.S. Sun has previously reported on a nurse who wears tight scrubs, and said that patients thank her.

Also, another nurse said her boss gave an ultimatum about her style.

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I work at Hooters & there are so many uniform rules we have to follow – I showed my exact getting-ready routine

BETWEEN upset customers and uniform requirements, working at Hooters isn’t always so easy breezy.

One franchise employee demonstrated how she prepares for a shift in her recent “get ready with me” video.

Hooters employee Desiree Williams shows viewers how she gets ready for work
TikTok/ desireewilliams432
Hooters is known to have strict uniform requirements that include mandatory tights and makeup
TikTok/ desireewilliams432

Some restaurants have one uniform they require servers to wear, while others have more options.

Hooters has multiple variations of their employee merchandise, but the staff doesn’t necessarily get to choose.

The famed franchise requires every server to wear certain outfits, which include mandatory pantyhose and makeup minimums.

Desiree Williams is an employee at one of the Texas locations.

She posted a video showing viewers her pre-shift routine.

Desiree holds up her orange uniform shorts and white jersey top.

“Hair must be styled,” she proclaims as she runs a three-barrel crimper through her hair.

Next, she begins working on her makeup.

Desiree already has false eyelashes on and pink eye shadow.

She places a few dots of concealer under her eyes and says: “Makeup must be done.”

The white V-neck jersey gets put on before anything else.

“Tights, shorts, and pouch must fit properly,” she explains.

Desiree has to make sure she’s all set before stepping out onto the floor
TikTok/ desireewilliams432
Some people can’t believe the Hooters wear what they do
TikTok/ desireewilliams432

On her chest, she pins her name tag onto the jersey.

Holding up a pair of crew socks and white sneakers, Desiree says: “Sock and these dusty shoes.”

People were shocked by how much effort it took her to get ready.

“Oh no, I wouldn’t work there,” one skeptical individual admitted.

Another baffled person added: “Bruh am i the only one that thinks this is weird to wear stuff like that at work.”

“I swear the making them shorts shorter and shorter,” an observationalist pointed out.