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TOWIE axe two stars in huge shock cast shake-up

TOWIE has axed two stars from the show in a huge cast shake-up.

The Sun can exclusively reveal that the long-running ITVBe favourite has ditched two newcomers, Mia Sully and Hannah Voyen after just one series.


Mia will not be returning to the show after getting axed[/caption]


Hannah will also not be returning[/caption]

The duo only began filming for Towie in the spring and made their debut in the recent series, which began airing in August.

But bosses have decided not to ask them back next year as they didn’t feel they made the impact they were hoping for.

A source revealed: “Producers had high hopes for Mia and Hannah when they signed them and hoped they would shake up the show, but ultimately, they didn’t feel they were the right fit in the end and viewers didn’t connect with them either.

“It happens quite a lot with Towie where newcomers come in and it just doesn’t work out. Bosses decided to cut their losses and start fresh next series.”

Hannah and Mia’s Towie tenure was bumpy from the start.

They originally joined the show with their pal Pia Grace Smith, but Pia was axed from the series after vaping on a plane back from filming scenes in the Dominican Republic.

Pia was never shown on screen and Hannah and Mia’s scenes that were filmed in the Caribbean were also scrapped.

Hannah also attracted controversy off-screen when her lover Kirk Holdrick, 40, went on the run after an altercation with her ex.

Last month, the Essex gangster, who was previously jailed for armed robbery, breached the terms of his license following the supposed altercation with his love rival.

Police appealed to the public for information about his whereabouts but warned the public not to approach him.

It all comes after The Sun revealed Towie would not air a Christmas special this year.

The series has broadcast a Christmas special for eleven out of the last twelve years, only skipping 2018, and it is usually a staple of the ITVBe festive schedule.

A show insider said: “The cast were floored by the news as Towie’s Christmas specials are something of a tradition, so none of them were expecting to not be filming this time around.”

But bosses have confirmed there is no need to worry about the show’s future, with two series airing next year to coincide with the series’ 12th anniversary.

Lime Pictures’ Rebecca Kenny-Smith said “We are so excited to bring The Only Way Is Essex back in 2023.

“Towie is truly an iconic British TV show, which has been embedded into viewers’ screens for over 30 series.

“We look forward to bringing more entertainment from the gossip and glamour capital of the UK next year.”

Instagram/@ hannahvoyan

Hannah, Mia and Pia (left-right) joined the show together but Pia was sacked before the show aired[/caption]

Mia and Hannah enjoy a glam day out
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Emmerdale star admits ‘hated’ storyline leaves them ‘absolutely terrified’ for character’s future

TIME is running out for Chas Dingle and her affair with the late Al Chapman could be exposed at any minute.

Emmerdale actress Lucy Pargeter admitted to Digital Spy that she is “absolutely terrified” for her character’s future.


Chas Dingle has managed to keep her affair a secret[/caption]


But Al’s death could make it come to light[/caption]


Lucy Pargeter admitted she was terrified for her character’s future[/caption]

ITV viewers have held nothing back since they’ve seen the Woolpack bar manager embark on an affair with the businessman.

But much like any other secret in the eponymous village, the illicit romance is bound to come to light as spoilers have teased.

Speaking about the future of Chas and Paddy Kirk’s marriage, the long-standing soap star has shared how she feels.

“I’m absolutely terrified”, Lucy said before underlining that she doesn’t always agree with her on-screen alter ego’s choices.

And while she “would never condone or agree with Chas’ behaviour”, the 45-year-old believes she has an “interesting” role to play on the Yorkshire-based drama.

However, Lucy also recognises she has never had to deal with so much backlash from fans.

“They are absolutely furious with her. In fact with all the storylines I’ve ever played I have never had a response like this”, she continued.

“They are furious and the vigour and the anger they have is strong.”

She then added: “They are cross – she has betrayed her marriage. But I do understand their reaction.”

Lucy has already reacted to the criticism her misunderstood character received from viewers but has remained committed to the storyline all along despite it all.

Chas began her affair earlier in 2022 after finding out her mother Faith was battling cancer.

Although Al once fought with Chas over the fate of The Woolpack, he surprisingly showed her support throughout the ordeal, and this led them to harbour mutual romantic feelings.

The pair snuck around the Dales until Belle Dingle found them but she agreed to stay quiet on the condition they put an end to their romance.


Everything you need to know about Emmerdale

As viewers know, Chas and Al actually carried on with their affair, using burner phones to cover their tracks.

Al had to keep a straight face when his own partner Kerry Wyatt proposed to him and he agreed but he was adamant on leaving the village with Chas.

The love affair ended abruptly once Cain found out about it, shortly after Chas’ son Aaron angrily left Emmerdale, disgusted with his mother’s behaviour.

Cain confronted his long-term foe in a barn but things took a turn when his son Kyle Winchester got involved and shot Al.

The Emmerdale tough man was thrown in prison, accused of murdering the businessman, and pled guilty to protect Kyle.

Could it all come crashing down?

Tune in to ITV to find out.


Chas began her affair with Al after finding out her mother battled cancer[/caption]


Belle caught them red-handed and could be the one to expose them[/caption]

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Carol Kirkwood concerns BBC Breakfast viewers as she reveals painful injury

BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood left fans worried after she revealed a painful looking injury on her arm.

The weather reporter, 60, appeared on Tuesday’s instalment as she gave her usual forecast for the week.

Carol Kirkwood showed off her painful looking burn on Tuesday’s episode
The dark patch was visible on her right arm

Carol wore a purple patterned three quarter sleeve dress as she delivered the weather update.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot a nasty burn on her right forearm.

Viewers leaped on Twitter to share their concern, with one writing: “That looks sore.”

Another posted: “Ouch Carol! Take care.”



BBC Breakfast’s Sally leaves co-star mortified after reaction to dating story


BBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty interrupts guest in awkward moment

A third said: “Omg it looks like a sore one.”

Carol reassured her fans that she was on the mend after spilling boiling water on her arm.

The meteorologist explained: “I accidentally spilt a mug of boiling water over it…it hurt at the time…OUCH!”

Carol usually leaves viewers in stitches with her one-liners and accidental blunders.

Last month, she was left red-faced after her co-stars pointed out a major mishap live on-air.

As Carol concluded her bulletin, presenter Sally Nugent noticed a technical error appearing on the weather screen, as a random T had popped up next to the box reading Tuesday.

“You’ve got a stray T there!” Jon announced said, as Carol tried to ignore it and said: “I know, I saw that.”

“T-T-Tuesday!” Jon giggled, as Carol replied: “Trying to hide it… nobody saw it!” and covered the extra letter with her hand.

Unable to avoid a cheeky quip, Sally joked: “Until co-star Jon Kay pointed it out! Sorry Carol, thank you very much!”

Carol quickly fired back: “Yeah, thanks Jon!”

Jon then followed it up with a warning and told Carol: “Don’t drop your Ts.”

However, the trio took it in good humour and were left in hysterics, with Carol laughing: “I’m off for one now, actually!”

“Get one for us as well, see you later!” Jon told her as she disappeared from the screen.

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Towie’s Amy Childs in worrying pregnancy update as she tells fans she feared she’d pass out

AMY Childs was left concerned last night as she felt like she was going to pass out while at dinner.

The star, who is currently pregnant with twins, begged her followers for advice after falling unwell and being forced to leave the restaurant.

Amy Childs feared she was going to pass out while at dinner
The mum-of-two is currently pregnant with twins

Amy, 32, told her fans:  “I was at dinner and all of a sudden I felt like I was going to pass out, room was spinning, felt really dizzy. Has anyone had this in pregnancy?

“I had to leave my food and come straight home. Never in my pregnancies have I felt like this.”

This morning she updated fans and reassured them she was going to seek medical help.

She said: “Thank you for all your messages. I think it’s my bloody pressure, going to get it checked today.”

Last month Amy and boyfriend Billy Delbosq revealed they were expecting a baby boy and girl.

Before popping their gender reveal balloons, Amy mused: Amy saying: “It would be lovely, a boy and a girl, or two girls, my dream!”

Mum-to-be Amy revealed she was pregnant with twins at the end of October.

Amy is already mum to Polly, five, and Ritchie, four, from previous relationships.

The flame-haired star revealed the exciting news to OK! magazine, saying: “I’m still in shock.”

She added: “I promise you now, I didn’t want any more children. When I met Bill I thought, ‘Do you know what, I’ll have one more.’ We are so excited – it’s going to be absolutely amazing.”

Opening up on discovering the shock news, she said: “It was a massive surprise. Even just finding out that I was pregnant and being told the news, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.”


She is expecting a boy and a girl with boyfriend Billy[/caption]

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Strictly legend Russell Grant undergoes five-hour surgery to remove brain tumour

STRICTLY legend Russell Grant has undergone five-hour surgery to have a brain tumour removed – and it has saved his eyesight.

The 71-year-old astrologer went under the knife to have a lump taken out of his pituitary gland, and now he isn’t allowed to blow his nose or sneeze for six months to avoid disturbing the area.

Russell Grant has undergone five hour surgery to remove a tumour
Rex Features
PA:Press Association

The star is well-loved for his time on Strictly[/caption]

He also cannot travel for half a year as part of his post-op recovery.

Russell said: “I am now on the road to recovery. There are a few complications to sort out so the post-op stuff has already started.”

The star admitted next on his operation “to do list” is to get his knee done.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “As you know I saw something pretty major coming when giving my lecture in Blackpool on December 1, 2019, so I was prepared.

“I didn’t shout about the growth as I’d been waiting for a knee operation which was due Easter 2020, so many of you would have presumed I was going in for that.

“COVID ruined that. So it’s next on my list of ‘Things to do’.”

Russell finished eighth on the ninth series of ‘Strictly’ in 2011, but his time on the Latin and ballroom show was hampered by a knee issue.

After rumours that Russell might exit the show early because of the injury, it was confirmed he would postpone any surgery until after the show.

A spokeswoman for Strictly Come Dancing said in November 2011: “Russell has decided he wants to postpone his procedure until Strictly has finished.”

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A Place In The Sun’s Laura Hamilton sends fans wild as she strips to plunging swimsuit in hot tub on TV

A PLACE In The Sun’s Laura Hamilton delighted fans when she popped up in a steaming hot tub in Iceland.

The popular presenter, 40, appeared in a plunging swimsuit on a jaw-dropping break to Iceland on ITV.

Laura Hamilton appeared on Loose Women live from Iceland

She later shared a video of her in the hot tub for her Instagram followers[/caption]

She has been promoting the network’s competition, appearing in the breaks on Monday afternoon’s Loose Women.

The star – who rarely went as far as Iceland to settle sun-loving Brits for Channel 4 – called the country a “bucket list destination”.

Fans were quick to praise the star, with one writing: “Iceland is on my bucket list. You also look amazing in the beautiful swimsuit ✨✨✨.”

Another joked: “Things in Iceland have just got a whole load hotter 🥵.”

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I’m a Strictly body language expert and Hamza is heading into the danger zone – the pressure’s getting to him

STRICTLY Come Dancing’s Hamza Yassin is the favourite to win the contest for many.

However, a body language expert has warned there are signs he could falter the final weeks – and even risk being dumped this weekend.


Hamza Yassin could be in trouble, a body language expert has claimed[/caption]


He and Jowita Przystal face slipping into ‘the danger zone’ says Darren Stanton[/caption]

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, body language expert Darren Stanton warned the star showed flashes of “fear”.

He warned: “My gut instinct is that Hamza might be in the danger zone next week.”

The wildlife presenter and partner Jowita Przystal are now one of just five couples left in the dance contest.

Darren explained: “Hamza wasn’t at his usual level of sparkle this week and there were times when I observed him flash micro-expressions of fear.

“Micro-expressions only last for one fifth of a second and are almost imperceptible to the untrained eye.

“Gestures that display this include when the eye and mouth widen, and the eyebrows go up.

“This can potentially happen when a contestant may not have got a particular move or step correct, which causes an internal shift in emotion that leaks out to be observed.

“I think the pressure may be getting to Hamza – my gut instinct is that Hamza might be in the danger zone next week.” 

Strictly Come Dancing 2022 cast

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The One Show’s Alex Jones reveals she is ready to quit showbiz for whole new career

THE One Show’s Alex Jones was ready to swap her career in TV for a job as a nurse after spending six months as a fertility assistant for a new show. 

The presenter trained at the King’s Fertility Clinic for the programme, Alex Jones: Making Babies, and found the experience so moving she wanted to make a permanent move.


Alex Jones is best known as host of The One Show[/caption]

©UKTV/Vicki Couchman

Alex Jones in uniform as a fertility assistant in Alex Jones: Making Babies[/caption]

Alex, 45, said: “Honestly, after six months, I would swap my job to work with that team.

“I always thought it might be nice to be a nurse when I was growing up.  But, oh my God, just the job satisfaction. 

“God it’s much harder than what we do.

“The level of satisfaction is off the charts, I was just in awe really every time I went through the door.”

Read more on Alex Jones


The One Show’s Ronan Keating can’t resist swipe at I’m A Celeb contestant


Alex Jones flooded with support after posting about ‘challenging patch in life’

Alex is a mum of three, but suffered baby loss and pregnancy difficulties in the past.

She had her first child with husband Charlie when she was 39.

So helping couples achieve their baby dreams was emotional work for Alex.

She said: “I thought I was lucky, I do a job I love. But motherhood is a totally different thing.

“It’s by far the thing I’m most proud of.

“I’m not an amazing mother all the time. I get things wrong. I question myself. 

“But I felt lucky actually to be able to take the emotions home. 

“I went home and they probably thought ‘What are you doing, you’re going to absolutely suffocate me?’  

“I just grabbed them all and I would tell Charlie ‘do you know how lucky we are?’ “

For the series Alex was charged with real jobs on the wards, including taking blood from patients. 

The series will run on UKTV’s W channel in January and, in a first for UKTV Play, it was extended when an extra eleventh episode was commissioned where Alex reunites with some of the patients she met and gets to meet their babies. 

Alex added: “The series is really close to my heart. It’s truly a passion project.

“Everybody could do with a day there to see how humans should interact with other humans.”

©UKTV/Vicki Couchman

Alex Jones on the fertility ward[/caption]

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Pregnant Stacey Dooley says she has been in tears over pregnancy anxiety and reveals partner Kevin Clifton’s advice

PREGNANT Stacey Dooley has opened up on her anxiety as she enters her final trimester.

The TV documentarian, who is expecting her first child with former Strictly pro dancer Kevin Clifton, said at times she has been in tears as she struggles with her emotions.


Stacey Dooley is pregnant with her first child[/caption]

Simon Jones – Commissioned by The Sun

Weeks before announcing the news, Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton enjoyed a day out at Wimbledon[/caption]

Chatting about motherhood, Stacey said: “I was on the sofa the other day and I welled up because I thought, what if it has no mates? I mean, it’s not born. 

“What if it has no pals? What if it has, you know. What if it gets teased? 

“I’m worrying about all of these things. 

“Kev’s like, Stace go and have a cup of tea.”

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hey mama!

Pregnant Strictly champ Stacey Dooley looks amazing in a revealing dress


Stacey Dooley hinted at baby plans MONTHS ago with cryptic comment

Stacey announced she was pregnant in August with a sweet Instagram post where she cradled her growing bump, captioned: “We are having a baby! So bloody delighted. Kev, you’re magic, I love youuuu.  (Was becoming impossible to hide and if one more person asks me if I’ve had my tits done in LA I’m gonna scream).”

The baby is thought to be due in February. 

Stacey continued: “My pal said to me, cos I can’t pretend that I’ve always been kind of massively maternal – I feel so made up and I feel so fortunate. 

“But my pal said to me, Stacey, when you get your baby, it’s like your heart has literally left your body and you are holding it and then over the years, it’s just walking around and you’re in a constant state of anxiety and pride. 

“And I thought, why am I doing this to myself? But I’m assured it’s worth it. It sounds like a special sort of torture!”

Stacey has continued to work throughout her pregnancy and was chatting to Alex Jones about the launch of her new series for W, Alex Jones: Making Babies. 

For the series, The One Show host trained as a fertility assistant at one of the leading clinics in the UK.

It will air on W in January. 

Stacey and Kevin first met when they were paired together on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing in 2018.

She split from boyfriend Sam Tucknott in early 2019 and later confirmed that she and Clifton were dating.

Speaking about the public interest in her relationship Stacey has said: “I did [struggle] initially, I did at the start. I didn’t realise there would be such an interest, particularly with who I fancy and who I’m dating. I thought that was dull for everyone else.”

In a later episode of her series, Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over, she said: “I don’t think I want to get married. I think I’d be more interested in starting a family than getting married.”


Stacey and Kevin lifted the Glitterball trophy in 2018[/caption]

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Strictly Come Dancing fans all have the same complaint about It Takes Two as Rylan interviews Helen Skelton and Gorka

STRICTLY Come Dancing fans all said the same thing when Helen Skelton and Gorka were being interviewed ahead of the semi-finals.

The TV presenter and the pro dancer were grilled by Rylan Clark on It Takes Two when fans flocked to Twitter to complain.

Helen and Gorka’s interview on It Takes Two was thrown into chaos

There were technical issues and a sound delay[/caption]

Strictly fans complained its spin off show on BBC2 had technical issues meaning there was a sound delay during the interview.

Viewers moaned about the lag as Rylan quizzed the duo about their hopes for the semi-finals.

A technical mishap saw a three second delay during a live video call to a barn in Yorkshire where Helen was filming Countryfile.

Rylan explained: “Now before we chat we should let viewers at home know as well that because of some technical issues there is a three second delay so wish us luck – this is television!”

Fans flocked to Twitter to talk about the ‘awkward’ interview.

One said: “I love that technology exists to talk to astronauts in space, but getting a video feed from Helen’s farm without technical issues and a massive delay is impossible.”

A second said: ““Is anyone else finding this interview really awkward with all these silences?”

Helen also addressed it, saying: “Listen the three second delay is the least of your problems you’ve got horses, cows and bulls that could break free at any second.”


Rylan Clark powered through the interview and apologised to fans[/caption]


Helen Skelton and Gorka Marquez are through to the semi-finals[/caption]