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I tried my old cheerleading uniforms from over the years – they showed off a lot of skin

DIGGING through your closet can feel like taking a trip down memory lane.

A former cheerleader modeled her old uniforms, but some were hard to squeeze into.

TikTok user Allison Morgana tried on her old cheerleading uniforms
The former cheerleader revealed that the red and black uniform was difficult to fit into

TikTok user Allison Morgana tried on her cheerleading uniforms from over the years.

For her first look, Allison modeled a sleeveless black and white uniform with red detailing.

While the influencer revealed the uniform “barely fit,” she also said she loved the look and rated it a 9/10.

Next, the influencer tried on a red sleeveless cheer uniform with the “Colts” written on the chest.

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I tried my old cheer uniforms – people were amazed I could squeeze into them

“Love the skirt but hate the top. 6/10,” Allison wrote in the video.

The TikToker also showed her viewers a two piece uniform consisting of a cropped long sleeve top and shorts.

Allison rated the blue, black, and green look a 7/10, saying it was “basic but cute.”

She shared that the old cheerleading uniform was hard to squeeze into in the caption of the video.

She also tried on a similar uniform with rhinestone detailing and the word “intensity” written on the chest.

“Cute but the wording throws it off,” Allison told her followers, rating the look 6/10.

The influencer modeled another long sleeve two piece with the word “intensity” written on it.

The mainly white uniform featured red, blue, and black detailing and mesh sleeves.


Allison wasn’t too fond of her red cheerleading uniform[/caption]

The TikToker shared that she had a hard time putting on the black and green two-piece

“Love the ombré on this one,” Allison said as she rated the look 9/10.

Finally, the former cheerleader showed viewers a two-piece uniform with long sleeves.

The white top had mesh detailing on the shoulders and bright blue sleeves.


Allison rated her white two-piece highest out of her former uniforms[/caption]

Allison concluded: “The proportions feel off but the rhinestones are cute. 7/10.”

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the uniforms.

“You should try mixing the tops and bottoms,” suggested one viewer.

Another follower agreed: “OMG number 5 top and number 6 skirt would be sooo cute!!”

The former cheerleader modeled an old uniform with mesh sleeves and rhinestone detailing

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